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    1. A bath big enough for him to completely submerge between her legs and demonstrate how long he could hold his breath

    2. To dream that you have gills implies that you are ready to confront your true feelings and submerge yourself in your emotions

    3. In my estimation, that is certainly the most appropriate place to submerge at the same time into a humiliating and endearing past, and a vibrant and remunerating present

    4. ’ He pointed out the animal was about five and half feet long, and that beavers submerge by slapping their tail

    5. They submerge the same way whenever they’re startled or even just in a hurry

    6. But I just couldn’t submerge myself in it

    7. That crowd of fresh air that inhaled was dropping me the conviction of the achievement of impossible things; made me submerge in that divine stage of the creation and the renascence then I grew with the determination to face Zoroastro no matter what the circumstances were

    8. A splash alerts you and you submerge

    9. Dip each piece of bread into the batter and submerge it so that both sides and edges are coated

    10. tried to submerge him

    11. Archan walks into Lynn’s mouth, which closes, they all submerge

    12. Then they all submerge

    13. “We are easing free now and will have to stand off quite a way, so we can submerge

    14. You must submerge yourself in personal development on a daily basis to build your belief in yourself and that little seed in your heart

    15. split it in half and then submerge the fruit in water to get at the seeds!

    16. The hatch slammed shut and immediately the boat began to submerge

    17. submerge a bird in the ocean’s depth where the fish live

    18. But if you wish someone to listen – to invite you into their nurturing consideration – submerge yourself in the waters of language

    19. "When you submerge under water, hold your breath, and your body will do the rest, okay?"

    20. I fully submerge after adding some hot water to the mix, when I hear banging on the bathroom door

    21. “What! You doubt my leadership? Was not I the one who came up with the idea of the scroll and thus the means by which we preserved ourselves? Did I not submerge the city so that it would still be here for us? Cities can be rebuilt and our numbers can be increased, but what is happening right now is priceless! Do you not see it? You accursed idiots look! The forces of this sunken world are impaling themselves on our energy bolts

    22. submerge his personality and behave inappropriately in order to achieve attention and was

    23. counter for 15 minutes or submerge it (in the shel ) in a bowl of lukewarm

    24. They make ocean water less open to evaporation and prevent winds from carrying off excessive amounts of steam, which, when condensing, would submerge the temperate zones

    25. Remember my experiments with the RTG and having a hot bath? Same principle, but I came up with an improvement: submerge the RTG

    26. Charles Halloway felt his soul submerge

    27. Unless there is a strongly-built underground shelter nearby, the only chance of survival is to submerge underwater and hold your breath for the half-minute or so it will take to pass

    28. But this same movement of subsidence will tend to submerge the area whence the sediment is derived, and thus diminish the supply, whilst the downward movement continues

    29. Changes of level in the land must also have been highly influential: a narrow isthmus now separates two marine faunas; submerge it, or let it formerly have been submerged, and the two faunas will now blend together, or may formerly have blended

    30. For this purpose only the conning-tower hatch was opened so as to be ready to submerge, if necessity arose, with the minimum of delay

    31. It was a German submarine, and as our foremost gun barked out we saw the white sails submerge

    32. Several houses were buried in consequence of it, and strong fears are entertained by the inhabitants, that the same cause will yet submerge in the Mississippi, the whole of the present landing-place

    1. mouth submerged into the quicksand

    2. submerged up to his eyes

    3. Once submerged, I relax

    4. Anyway, I paddled out into the Tahoe and one by one, making trip after trip, I submerged my treasures in the lake

    5. A vigorous fire crackled in the grate, the table was submerged beneath a satisfying quantity of cold meats and cheeses, and the aforesaid gentleman, Mr Martin Pinscher, had his legs firmly beneath it, sucking the meat off a chicken drumstick

    6. They were now submerged within a light, breathable yellow liquid

    7. Fallingwater was submerged in heavy snow

    8. As they got nearer they could make out that it was mostly submerged in its own trough-shaped crater

    9. The fryer hissed as the chicken was submerged

    10. Helpless and in the dark, drowning in the chaos that now submerged him, he stood there,

    11. The water eased through my body as I slowly submerged myself in the tub

    12. Then they submerged, to rest, to wait, and to sleep until tomorrow

    13. In the bathroom, she lifted the toilet tank cover and there, half submerged in water, a large wad of bills clung to the mechanism

    14. Odin submerged without causing a ripple; his large frame emerged from the water with ease

    15. They had somehow managed to come this far without meeting any other Russian patrols, and Colling did not want such good fortune to be dashed by their tearing the bottom of the Syrena out on the carcass of some submerged ship

    16. the water, but I was always careful wading out, so I didn’t stub my toe on a submerged rock I couldn’t see

    17. He paused for a moment, submerged inside her heat and said, “This is better than the vision

    18. I was enveloped in darkness, I could tell that there was something like a sea, in which I was submerged, and all around me there was a huge mess, as if everything were mixed

    19. I feel calm, though I can’t hear anything, like my head is submerged in water

    20. My mother submerged me in water when I was a baby, to give me to God

    21. His body slipped the final few inches, and submerged, billowing with the

    22. He looked towards Ravi’s face, which was submerged in darkness except for a streak of light that went from his right ear to his left temple

    23. Mackeller looked back to where the submerged breakwater wall was, and his

    24. Sachie didn’t say anything and just stared out at where the submerged building

    25. thickening snowfall was the top of the hospital; everything else was submerged beneath

    26. The control room was vast in size, submerged in an unnatural

    27. and those waves submerged that forest, and suddenly they rooted out the greater part of that forest, and overthrew all the mountains

    28. was too thirsty to care whether he was about to taste the salty alien contents and spit it out and dived in, with his head half submerged in the liquid

    29. The chilly touch of the droplets felt cold against my skin, my neck and face as they wound their way towards gravity’s force and I blinked in a hopeless attempt to rid my long, black, thick eyelashes submerged in the water that threatened to rob me of my sight completely

    30. From dawn till sunset they shall kill one another; and the horse shall walk up to the breast in the blood of sinners, and the chariot shall be submerged to its height

    31. dipped and withdrew, until he was submerged deep within my folds

    32. the very top so that all but her head was submerged

    33. under Yellowstone and that it was the submerged volcano that was

    34. It combined the hull structure of both a non-angled deck CV (conventionally powered aircraft carrier) and the wet well, submerged stern of amphibious assault ships

    35. submerged in water—when the object and its relations are considered in whole, the concept of

    36. From dawn till sunset they shall kill one another; and the horse shall walk up to the breast in the blood of sinners and the chariot shall be submerged to its height

    37. release after hours of listening to the world as though submerged in

    38. “I have reliable information that Madeleine was kidnapped, beaten, raped, and murdered, and that her body was thrown into the lake near Arade Dam, where it is now submerged

    39. submerged, the calm and cool and muffled sound of

    40. Cold water completely submerged me

    41. 4 Now that fountain came to the forest and was stirred into great waves and those waves submerged that forest and suddenly they rooted out the greater part of that forest and overthrew all the mountains which were round about it

    42. He lay half submerged in the water with the tip of his snout just above the surface at the edge of the pond, and bore many horrible wounds

    43. aground on a submerged elevation of the flood plain was to stay in the middle of the current

    44. on the far side until the barge is as close to those submerged palms as will be safe! Yigal and

    45. the water sift around me, and then submerged bodies pushing

    46. submerged in the black water within seconds

    47. Crunch! The far end of the barge hit a submerged boulder near the head of the falls with a jarring lurch

    48. other half was still submerged inside, the rotting entrails of

    49. the towering trees submerged him entirely

    50. Avion submerged deep within the urban forest

    1. submerges in ‘I am all’

    2. The “Virgin Queen” slowly dips as a sudden wave submerges the “bow” and forces a dozen barrels of “salt cod fish” to float off the stack

    3. My Andy makes short work of launching the boat; he reverses the trailer into the water, which bubbles and gurgles as the trailer submerges

    4. How does a ship that floats and submerges under water make it from one world to another? Well it’s quite simple to state actually, but far more complex in the actual mechanics of it

    5. As he gracefully submerges his body beneath the water, he’s careful not to touch me

    1. It also symbolizes emotions and thoughts that are emerging out of and submerging into your subconscious

    2. Most recently he stirred up endless controversy by stating that the well-known Super-8 Kodak color film of British Colombia’s ‘Ogopogo’ monster was merely a beaver submerging, and most emphatically not a sea-serpent

    3. There are bound to be more of the Divergent in this building, but will they know what they are? Will they know to hide? And what do I expect to gain from submerging myself in an army of Dauntless traitors?

    4. submerging him within the inferno

    5. water poured into the emergency generator buildings, submerging the generators instantly

    6. We ran to it, submerging our feet into the muddy and watery soil

    7. The project also caused the submerging of archaeological sites and the need for 100,000 people to relocate

    8. There are earthquakes, the submerging of continental

    9. " Nathan glanced at Mitchell with his virgin blue paper apron before submerging his hand into the chest cavity

    10. submerging her in contented purring and the grumble of hungry stomachs

    11. ” Erotica summoned the VALcam with her smile, submerging it into EvEx's waters, she stared 951

    12. Looking back she could see that the cruiser and several parts of the city were already submerging beneath the waves

    13. Later after we were in the strange air boats and headed for the shore I looked back at the shape of our ship that was already submerging and for a moment I wished to be back on it

    14. “You could apologize a million more times and it wouldn’t matter to me!” she snapped, turning her back on him and submerging her body to shoulder level

    15. Further submerging herself in the basin, she closed her eyes slowly and enjoyed the feeling

    16. Fortunately this submerging movement stopped

    17. The order "Diving stations" was given and, hastily scuttling down the conning-tower, the crew rapidly had the boat submerging, to leave only the periscope visible

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