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    1. Lo, the sweat of My brow shall inundate the cities and the towns,

    2. Roger does not wish to abuse the readers’ patience using his professorial vocation to inundate them with names and dates to prove this point

    3. Spammers look for every possible avenue they can to inundate you with spam, and this includes your twitter feed

    4. By the end of the first week, the ship’s sensors reported that the snow melt due to the fires at the edge of the ice sheets was starting to inundate the mountain rivers and streams

    5. Her walk had been quite productive and extremely relaxing as she allowed the thunderous sound of waves crashing against the beach to inundate her mind and wash those worries that weighed heavy upon her mind back to the depths of the sea

    6. that by the millions inundate,

    7. Take the same subject and block their vision with advertisements, bill boards, traffic, smog, and inundate them with noise pollution, and you will see completely opposite results

    8. I am not going to inundate you with supplements that claim steroid-like gains or the addition of a new

    9. “This would be more than enough to inundate any Terran city

    10. and inundate the low-lying coastal zones

    11. flood will inundate most of Earth’s surface

    12. All the poor need to do is organize themselves well enough to put in poor candidates that refuse to be bought, and spread the word at grassroots level enough to neutralize the expensive ads rich candidates inundate the public with

    13. � When the child matures, she/he might build a wall around the structure to preserve it, and it might well do that for a while, but the sea will still come in and inundate the object of the child's sense of form and control

    14. The shades, those sombre hatchers of primitive Christianity, only awaited an opportunity to bring about an explosion under the Caesars and to inundate the human race with light

    15. Feelings of anger and betrayal and confusion—and lost, lost sorrow—engulfed her as though a star-strike in the Channel had caused a vast wave to inundate the palace

    16. The figures terrified and frightened him, they were immense, they towered! They threatened to inundate him with size

    17. Any other man would have fainted away, but no temperature is too high for him; he engages the services of a rubber for a kopeck, but after a few moments the latter is unable to continue, throws away his bunch of twigs, and runs to inundate himself with cold water

    18. The sun, which had not ceased to inundate the court-yard all the day, hid itself at last

    19. "If with the aid of the power we with difficulty eddy away from the non-Christian elements, which are ever ready to inundate us and destroy all the progress of the Christian civilization, is there, in the first place, a probability that public opinion can take the part of this force and make us secure, and, in the second, how are we to find that moment when public opinion has become so strong that it can take the place of the power? To remove the power and to depend for our self-defence on nothing but public opinion means to act as senselessly as would a man who in a menagerie would throw away his weapons and let out all the lions and tigers from their cages, depending on the fact that the animals in the cages and in the presence of heated rods appeared tame

    20. Patriotism could have some sense in the ancient world, when every nation, more or less homogeneous in its structure, professing one and the same state religion, and submitting to the same unlimited power of its supreme, deified ruler, appeared to itself as an island in the ocean of the barbarians, which ever threatened to inundate it

    21. I can but smile at the patriotism of honorable gentlemen, who affect to starve the English by refusing to buy their manufactures, whilst they inundate the army, the navy, the colonies of that nation, with a profusion of all the necessaries and luxuries of life—they will starve a few miserable manufacturers, whilst they industriously feed their armed men

    1. The seamstress and tailor were astonished at the simplicity of the gown and asked if they might use her design as they were sure that after her court appearance they would be inundated with requests for gowns of a similar design

    2. Altera was soon inundated with requests to be part of the detail she would take with her; the Queen’s Light Brigade did not care for the inhabitants of Miner’s Hold, especially Matai

    3. inundated by hawkers and beggars

    4. inundated with about a thousand school kids

    5. either side of the river, crops and fields lay inundated,

    6. They were inundated into the teachings and trappings of the Law and were taught how to best interpret Law according to need

    7. He felt inundated with honor and love, but he was wary of such sudden rushes of strong feelings, and breathed slowly, carefully rearranging his thoughts and feelings to protect him from the sins of pride and arrogance

    8. Krakatoa, in the area of the island of Java in Indonesia, exploded in the early twentieth century creating a tsunami 120 feet high that inundated the neighboring island of Sumatra

    9. Both she and the well-intentioned dermatologist were about to be inundated by her son

    10. Bloom she had been inundated with sales calls

    11. Though the majority of Boston residents were intelligent enough to stay indoors on this ice cold evening, there were some that inundated the pockets of the back alleyways that signalled to those faint of heart that they were leaving civilization, leading to what most would term my barbaric destination

    12. Inundated by thoughts of a heavenly ball and chain, and hounded by a cock in

    13. The Email Notifications settings allow you to manage which Twitter notifications are sent to your email account so that you are not unnecessarily inundated with emails from Twitter

    14. Many of us are inundated with the information that flows into our everyday

    15. Hence, they inundated my office with as many as

    16. Personally, besides being inundated by the 11-month backlog of

    17. To the west, north, and north-east, they dissipated some of their massive height and power as they inundated all of the nearby islands

    18. The inexorable movement of these waters into an even narrower southern extremity rapidly inundated the small amount of tidal lands along its mountain-lined shores

    19. dissipated some of their massive height and power as they inundated all of the nearby islands

    20. You’ve been inundated with grays who came here for your protection as well as mine

    21. southern extremity rapidly inundated the small amount of tidal lands along its mountain-lined

    22. Whether it is a politician trying to convince his electorate, or a talking head trying to make their point, we are constantly inundated

    23. Likewise, the receding river waters would have salvaged some of its onams from the riverbanks that the floods inundated

    24. “Okay Dad! Sheesh! How’s this?” A wave of strings supported by a full orchestra inundated the cabin

    25. It wouldn’t be long before this tiny group of nutcases is inundated with young recruits, all ready to die for the cause

    26. new product but is inundated with

    27. Subscribers are content to pay for the service and not be inundated with commercial advertising

    28. inundated with baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, tennis and wrestling, which the great sports writer Frank Deford calls the only true sport

    29. corporations insist that we need the newest version of the PC or word processing software, even if it is inundated with bugs and problems

    30. The ones that don’t last wind up in the trash and as a result our landfills continue to be inundated with more and more

    31. From a psychological point of view, if you use this approach you won’t be inundated with work

    32. Vast areas in the Delta are inundated with people having the minimum of amenities

    33. Some of the work we really don’t want as we are inundated with processes and features that we neither desire nor need

    34. This did the trick, along with the fact that my soil is inundated with rocks, which would help discourage those cute critters

    35. operation was in town, and I was forever inundated with all sorts of interesting and potentially

    36. hurt anyone else, I remained inundated with a rage that was destroying

    37. their newly discovered wealth inundated the city

    38. Hospitals were inundated with narcotics users in withdrawal, they were now prepared to take anything that would dull the craving, even if it meant entering a rehab program

    39. planet was inundated, or merely all the local area that

    40. which leaves me with the feeling I am about to be inundated

    41. And just like that a myriad of smells inundated Ben's perception

    42. easily be inundated, day and night, non-stop with this psychic

    43. could easily be inundated, day and night, non-stop with this psychic

    44. coincidence that your birth mother was inundated with twentieth century trivia from

    45. unstable, as if intoxicated, or inundated by all the neural information they were

    46. Born - indoctrinated - conditioned - educated - programmed - inundated with ads - consume, consume - get married or go to college, can’t afford it? Join the army

    47. inundated her with twentieth century media trying to create a certain mind set in her that they believed would influence me along a certain sociological tangent, instilling a

    48. currently being inundated with options, tangents, and queries,” Garcia said, measuring her pulse

    49. It was a symphony, a cascade of sound that inundated the room

    50. trees that had been inundated by the river

    1. Suddenly, I'm distracted by a voice, wake up!" Immediately, the sensation of Apollo standing over me inundates my senses

    2. This is when the taste for the object inundates the personality wholly

    3. Sometimes a rivulet suddenly bursts through a vault that has been begun, and inundates the laborers; or a layer of marl is laid bare, and rolls down with the fury of a cataract, breaking the stoutest supporting beams like glass

    1. Unable to cope with the muddle of questions inundating her, Karla decided to go to bed and sleep on it before it drove her crazy

    2. A tidal bore, fed by this massively increasing surge, rushed over the fresh water lake surface inundating the habitat of the culture that the lake had sheltered since time immemorial

    3. But, if the surface area increased faster than the volume as it filled, inundating low-lying areas that lay to the north and west of it, the increase in its surface height might have been negligible

    4. The earthquake was caused by subduction and triggered a series of devastating tsunamis along the coasts of most landmasses bordering the Indian Ocean, killing over 230,000 people in fourteen countries, and inundating coastal communities with waves up to 30 meters (98 ft

    5. I’d changed napkins about ten thousand times—the moisture off the glass inundating the old napkin—when a girl next to me asked what I was doing

    6. Rather than inundating a prospect with all of your information at once, break that information into distinct pieces that answer a prospect’s key questions at a specific stage in the process

    7. But I fail in my attempt, similar to how Docbot falters in its attempt to be relevant by inundating me with facts, analysis and projections of my health, wealth and social well-being

    8. levels rose over 150 meters, inundating much of the

    9. The populace does not care to wash with soap and water, it prefers stewing in a horrible manner, and then inundating itself with cold water

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