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    1. all the lack of faith in this world my soul had drawn sustenance from what

    2. river was always there to bring sustenance to them in their time

    3. Most of the tables were full of people sitting down and eating and there were still long queues at the chow line as people waited patiently, bowls in hand, to get some sustenance

    4. Perfect awareness—having passed the swell of time, I remain in history—looked at as an ass for assuming To communicate what I might—repressing some saving Grace from myself, not knowing if I deserve it—“I would Have it as it is, rather than not have it at all?”—Should A saving grace be given to thieves, tress-passers, Law-breakers—a solution is pain reduction, and life sustenance, Not pride games and social repression—the endorphins Replete of all respect find endurance through pompous Wanderings of the ego in control—the ego who would Take the blame and ends up being the only one to know Its great reward—to hide this scar, to pretend it did not 68

    5. And she could not stop grinning as the younger Imperial took it upon himself to rustle up some sustenance, for the pair of them

    6. She shook her head impassively and as her belly gave a great rumble - one that actually slightly embarrassed her - the physician was confident that sustenance would make her bounce back in relatively short order

    7. And who would deny him sustenance, either of body or mind? Being both the first and final arbiter of whom should receive financial assistance from the state, was a responsibility that was not without its stresses and strains, and Mr Rudolph Snickerty's contribution to society had not escaped recognition

    8. Sustenance comes from the energy of the Source or Creator

    9. The verses brought in little money, but I kept it and only used what I needed for sustenance

    10. “I and my companion hunger for sustenance

    11. “I have brought some cognac I thought it might be appropriate and provide us with some sustenance

    12. His stomach growled and gurgled, demanding sustenance

    13. Startled by this terrible news, Bosco replied, “Let us adjourn for some sustenance and come up with a plan

    14. He turned towards to Sea Dog tavern for his sustenance, but never made it that far

    15. oftentimes distorts a child‘s (emotional) sense of proportion; conditioned as many of them are by undisciplined, emotionally challenged environments that fail to provide spiritual sustenance and practical guidance to that child

    16. Such distinctions, until quite recently, where common among certain cultures (or groups) who, for centuries, acquired cultural and intellectual sustenance from homogenous gene pools

    17. The Soviet Empire‘s pre-meditated attempt (and subsequent failure) at eliminating all vestiges of God from the hearts and minds of its oppressed subjects offers some glimmer of hope in America‘s own internal struggles with anti-religious forces who, in a similar manner, are avidly seeking to promote a Secularist Agenda by advancing legislation aimed at removing religious symbols and displays from public forums and driving them underground where it is hoped such forms will one day be lost on future generations otherwise lacking the necessary (spiritual) predicates and values formerly derived by enlightened examples that, for centuries, provided structure and moral sustenance and meaning to religious thought

    18. Polite conversations, in whatever manner subject to opposing viewpoints, should never soften its principle assumptions that otherwise provide sustenance and meaning to one‘s convictions; that is to say, that lays the moral and intellectual foundation(s) that (otherwise) strengthen an opinion

    19. Nevertheless, this self-serving has-been/know-nothing is considered competent enough to instruct impressionable young women on the ―deleterious‖ effects of food products that have traditionally provided nutritional sustenance for millions of people but whose nutritional value is suddenly being called into question by Animal Rights fanatics; many of whom would otherwise consider a rodent the moral equivalent of a child!

    20. Complete or unqualified compatibility with another individual; that is to say, a relationship mutually committed to achieving the highest levels of esteem without bias or prejudice (however unlikely from the standpoint of our respective natures and conditioning) would require a severing of the subject (individual) of our interest from the thematic elements that typically structure the character of (that) subject/individual thereby separating (that) ―Individual‖ from the ―Ideas‖ that properly qualify and provide moral and intellectual sustenance to (that) Individual

    21. Perhaps the man had saved their lives, with his uncanny ability to find sustenance in such a forlorn and inhospitable place

    22. His system had been in need of real sustenance for some time, and man does not live by bread alone

    23. But soon they would have to worry about sustenance, purely in a practical sense

    24. The Bible, seen as a kind of history, tells of Adam, being driven out of Eden for not having resisted the serpent’s temptation, going east into a harsh world where sustenance was gained only by the sweat of his brow

    25. Let’s begin with food, the basic sustenance of the body

    26. This represents the Mouth as the Organ of Nourishment and Sustenance

    27. protection and constant sustenance of the devotee

    28. “All we have is the sustenance gained form the hunt

    29. " In fact, we should not overlook His intention that sustenance should be vegetarian, as the hagiographer remarks: "Look, to you I give all the seed-bearing plants everywhere on the surface of the earth, and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit; this will be your food

    30. 32 Now Barzillai was a very aged man, even fourscore years old, and he had provided the king of sustenance while he lay at

    31. Candor does not provide us with protection, sustenance, or technological innovation

    32. Perry offered up devout thanks for the food which a kind and beneficent Providence had provided for sustenance and temperate pleasure

    33. All my life I have taken my sustenance from the sea

    34. 21 For your sustenance declared your sweetness to your children, and serving to the appetite of the eater, tempered itself to every

    35. struggle between contents for the privilege of protection and sustenance where a loser is rejected

    36. where compatibility is the presence of mutual forces of sustenance that underlie the existence of every object around us

    37. decree, but who could indicate their need for sustenance of some sort

    38. sustenance again, and the fulfilling effects of the new information

    39. 9 You farmers sow not again; And O Earth how give you your harvest fruits? Keep within you the sweets of your sustenance

    40. “As guests in my home, I should offer you sustenance, but there is none

    41. Not that the fruits of the season were rich in shape or abundance, but they were sustenance and must be dealt with

    42. and incessantly gorge themselves on, they seek sustenance

    43. sustenance, a morsel of fish, the skin of it, the head, even the

    44. take care of, because out of it comes the sustenance we need to

    45. Having been deprived of food beyond basic sustenance for some thirteen years, first on account of the war and its repercussions and then due to general lack of money, now that every wage earner was becoming a bit more affluent, people dove into the ever increasing availability of prestigious delicacies

    46. Her hands, anxious delicacy; my sweet and sour sustenance; that she avenges in soft lamentation and I could touch her,oh, moon of so many nights, infallible partner

    47. In his exhaustion the once-prince falls into a deep trance, having eaten a mango he picked in the Anupiya grove, the first real sustenance he’s had in days

    48. to ambush and interfere with whatever sustenance she shoved in there

    49. have ever tasted and that was my lunchtime sustenance for eleven years

    50. As the earthly onams began to gain in size, they would have needed extra secretions for sustenance that the system was unaccustomed to generate

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    maintenance sustainment sustenance sustentation upkeep aliment alimentation nourishment nutriment nutrition victuals bread and butter keep livelihood living support work subsistence vocation business bread