tax sätze

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Tax sätze (in englisch)

  1. A flat tax of 3.
  2. With a tax rate of 35.
  3. Income tax (st & fed) 2.
  4. She didn't tax him on it.
  5. Both tax rates are 35 %.
  6. Tax season is here again.
  7. In a downturn, high tax.
  8. For more, see Advanced Tax.
  9. Just like child tax credit.
  10. One of these is a tax audit.
  11. Tax the new drug businesses.
  12. The History of Property Tax.
  13. This 1942 tax, proposed by A.
  14. We should adopt the Flat Tax.
  15. Even after tax his personal.
  16. In Europe their tax is about.
  17. There are no tax consequences.
  18. In 1775, the old tax produced.
  19. In l774, the old tax produced.
  20. In 1775, the old tax protluced.
  21. Beware Of The Tax Department.
  22. Furthermore, the tax codes of.
  23. Without this tax benefit, the.
  24. There is a new income tax form.
  25. And how much is the tax?
  26. How is the tax credit claimed?
  27. Their tax payments rose only 9.
  28. Reducing the tax burden of the.
  29. How is the tax credit computed?
  30. Signs and other tax deductions.
  31. That's why sales tax might be 7.
  32. Tax treatment is also favorable.
  33. For every hand adds its tax –.
  34. Tax refunds and interest thereon.
  35. A Tithe, a Tax, a Pox, and a Pax.
  36. Thus, at a total tax rate of +50.
  37. I have also arranged for the tax.
  38. First the state tax was abolished.
  39. Child Tax Credit – Reducing the.
  40. In fact, the tax savings are the.
  41. We earn more; we pay more tax we.
  42. In 1772, the old malt tax produced.
  43. What is the result? Well, the tax.
  44. This includes the home office tax.
  45. That is the X in Xmas: Tax the mass.
  46. To which adding the average malt tax.
  47. The initial tax rate not to exceed.
  48. Fourthly, the tax rate is a constant.
  49. The object of that tax was unpopular.
  50. How this Tax Deduction Can Help You?
  51. Thus, there is a poll tax for speech.
  52. What is the tax treatment of an FIA?
  53. Even total tax revenue of more than.
  54. They can zero-out your tax liability.
  55. That’s why the Man Tax is so hated.
  56. Doberman was a German tax collector.
  57. The aspect can show a nice tax refund.
  58. Also, your account grows tax deferred.
  59. If nothing else, it's a tax write-off.
  60. It was at first a tax of ten per cent.
  61. T February 17, 2009 increases the tax.
  62. To regulate finances, tax the Chinese.
  63. While more debt will create more tax.
  64. Not to mention tax breaks with the IRS.
  65. Son was charged a tax at the gate and.
  66. The tax man will know nothing about it.
  67. Inflation is a kind of tax in this world.
  68. For example, when the tax liability is.
  69. If the credit is greater than your tax.
  70. How An S-Corporation Can Save You Tax.
  71. Since the advent of the Income Tax, and.
  72. Houses not inhabited ought to pay no tax.
  73. Good News For Parents: Child Tax Credit.
  74. Otherwise, your tax refund will increase.
  75. ETFs also offer tax benefits to investors.
  76. What About Simply Paying the Penalty Tax?
  77. This odious visit rendered the tax odious.
  78. The child tax credit starts to phase out.
  79. It has to do with navigating the tax code.
  80. It becomes a tax haven for teen pop stars.
  81. And the tax advantages can be outstanding.
  82. Eventually the tax revenues will evaporate.
  83. Make sure to consult with your tax advisor.
  84. A tax collector asked if he could be saved.
  85. He had made a mistake in computing the tax.
  86. It's a tax paid with the click of a finger.
  87. The remaining amount would be the tax levy.
  88. Comben had noticed that it had no tax disc.
  89. I didn’t think poultry had a tax exemption.
  90. You could tax them, though, Ralph said.
  91. Some tax credits, though, are non-refundable.
  92. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
  93. Investors from Tax havens control the prices.
  94. He was a chief tax collector and he was rich.
  95. And the sales tax is - wait for it - only 4%.
  96. Tax Season is Bringing Out Identity Thieves.
  97. This can amount to a significant tax savings.
  98. Then the tax refund incentive is working?
  99. The Undistributed Profits Tax (Buehler), 392n.
  100. These enjoy exemption from Federal income tax.
  1. This latest cycle was taxing.
  2. The process could indeed be taxing.
  3. It’s been a long, physically taxing day.
  4. The job at the middle school was very taxing.
  5. He imposed in this way a taxing according with.
  6. It had been one hell of a taxing day and night.
  7. For example, taxing dividends at the same rate as.
  8. As it was, it was now taxing even his ability to keep up.
  9. Levi was a tax collector who earned a very good living taxing the.
  10. By taxing them, and systematically sucking their wealth out of them.
  11. He found cracks and crevasses galore, so the climb wasn't that taxing.
  12. Once in Delhi, Sandhya found the winter severe and the rehearsals taxing.
  13. This shared, I pray to ply thy head with far less taxing thoughts to think.
  14. It will be less taxing on the sexual organs, which are vulnerable this year.
  15. Their expense is taxed, by taxing the consumable commodities upon which it is laid out.
  16. The Lord Aten, closing out a most taxing day for those who were merely human, peered back.
  17. Raising himself up to a sitting position was fully as taxing as he had expected it would be.
  18. Herod was coming in, and taxing things on top of things, on top of things, on top of things.
  19. The Devil knew how many bad news this barely started war had already brought to him, taxing his old heart.
  20. The chaos that ensued when Mary took the throne proved to be far more taxing than my petty witchcraft case.
  21. World Health Organization is not the brainchild of taxing junk foods to encourage healthier choices of food.
  22. Three of them, including the lass, seem harmless enough, but the other two can be quite taxing on the nerves.
  23. One of the important considerations in taxing unhealthy foods is how to delineate what is taxable and what is not.
  24. It was more taxing than she had expected, and her wet dress was a drag on progress, but she reached the far shore.
  25. First, find out which city the manager lives in and then determine the name of the county and the taxing jurisdiction.
  26. In the mean time, still persisting in the principle of taxing our exports, a right denied even to us by the constitution.
  27. They instantly began taxing each Other trying to grow rich as quickly as possible, and fighting amongst each other over money.
  28. The afternoon was one to look forward to; nothing taxing, just the tail end of the integration details on the Statistics package.
  29. Domestic commerce also is controlled on the national level, which prevents the states from taxing one another in an unfair manner.
  30. The deadly aerial dance went on for a good ten minutes, taxing Ingrid’s skills as a fighter pilot to the limit and exhausting her.
  31. The more peasants you had: the richer you were, the more wealth you could accumulate by taxing them and robbing them and cheating them.
  32. When someone points out that taxing one citizen more than you tax another is not equal protection under the law, the Leftists does not get it.
  33. Painful is the minute which precedes such a punishment; so painful, that perhaps I am wrong in taxing with cowardice those convicts who fear it.
  34. For the local G-men, the taxing week had become even more taxing, what with the spate of reports and follow-up reports and non-stop phone calls.
  35. For example, experts say that taxing saturated fat would possibly encourage consumers to increase salt intake as suggested by consumer patterns.
  36. Prior to the 2007 passage of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, the IRS included certain exceptions to their rules on taxing forgiven debt.
  37. The parliament of Great Britain insists upon taxing the colonies ; and they refuse to be taxed by a parliament in which they are not represented.
  38. The middleclass he bamboozled with his born-again family-values crap, while destroying the middle class by taxing them and reducing their job markets.
  39. Two of the three who’ve entered are on her list but each will be a difficult kill, taxing her many skills, and to attempt it with both present would be suicide.
  40. The only redeeming aspect of money tending are the ill-fated, but nobel, attempts at the domestication of the herded packs it tends to wild into by taxing them, i.
  41. I cannot accept or receive any foreign bank wire transfers in this personal bank account without gaining undue attention from the DHS, IRS and state taxing authorities.
  42. Fortunately, they are elected every other year, which means that the people have an opportunity to monitor their taxing activities and reelect or reject them accordingly.
  43. The impossibility of taxing the people, in proportion to their revenue, by any capitation, seems to have given occasion to the invention of taxes upon consumable commodities.
  44. In the disorderly state of Europe, during the prevalence of the feudal government, the sovereign was obliged to content himself with taxing those who were too weak to refuse to pay taxes.
  45. The Lord Aten, closing out a most taxing day for those who were merely human, peered back as he slipped below his western rampart, upon a much fuller and happier group than he had risen upon.
  46. The diet on board agreed with us perfectly, and for my part, I could easily have gone without those changes of pace that Ned Land, in a spirit of protest, kept taxing his ingenuity to supply us.
  47. Some of the people of the chateau, and some of those of the posting-house, and all the taxing authorities, were armed more or less, and were crowded on the other side of the little street in a.
  48. The decision forbade the state of Maryland from taxing the Bank of the United States, thereby prohibiting any state from taxing a federal entity, for „The power to tax is the power to destroy.
  49. Remember that the Romans were ruling the world at this time, and collecting 80% taxes! People were losing family land, which had been in their family since the Book of Judges - they were taxing everything.
  50. We know of the world we now exist, the world of consciousness, emotions and thoughts, of behaviours and actions, a world where it is also mentally taxing to conceive of the existence of any another world.
  51. War reinforces the knee-jerk reaction of the brainwashed masses to obey their authority figures, it keeps the traumatized masses from focusing on their true enemies; the ones who are ruling and robbing and taxing them.
  52. By valuing, in the same manner, such rents rather high, and consequently taxing them somewhat higher than common money-rents, a practice which is hurtful to the whole community, might, perhaps, be sufficiently discouraged.
  53. These interesting documents might be divided into--(1) legal agreements, of which some were contracts, others receipts, others again taxing agreements; (2) correspondence, partly of a public and partly of a private character.
  54. Monsieur Gabelle was the Postmaster, and some other taxing functionary united; he had come out with great obsequiousness to assist at this examination, and had held the examined by the drapery of his arm in an official manner.
  55. On some flights, he sprawled behind the cockpit, reading Ellery Queen novels and taxing the nerves of Douglas, who eventually got so annoyed at having to step over Louie’s long legs that he attacked him with a fire extinguisher.
  56. The state not knowing how to tax, directly and proportionably, the revenue of its subjects, endeavours to tax it indirectly by taxing their expense, which, it is supposed, will, in most cases, be nearly in proportion to their revenue.
  57. With what sedulous anxiety did they say, in a negative provision of the constitution, that Congress should not lay an export duty! You are prohibited the minor power of taxing exports, and yet you stop exports altogether for an indefinite term.
  58. Governments encounter challenges when they attempt to raise funds via direct taxation, and printing money to fund government projects is known as taxing by inflation, which is both easier for governments to do and harder for citizens to stop.
  59. Parliament, in attempting to exercise its supposed right, whether well or ill grounded, of taxing the colonies, has never hitherto demanded of them anything which even approached to a just proportion to what was paid by their fellow subjects at home.
  60. Hilderich was seemingly more humorous than before, his words clearly not to be taken for granted, but Amonas had to admit the fact that this strange sun and taxing climate would make their efforts even more strained and difficult than he had calculated.
  61. Early in the day, before that woeful message came, he had counted the minutes he could spend with her, and now he was timing his visit so as to curtail it to the least possible duration, and taxing his ingenuity as to how best to avoid seeing her alone.
  62. Shockingly, while many were near starvation due to inequitable distribution, the federal government was paying farmers not to grow crops, so the supply might be reduced and crop and livestock prices increased, and then taxing food and clothing on top of that.
  63. Filming with only one camera, myself doing all of the editing, and having to boost all of our audio post-production due to our shitty counterfeit Chinese Sony microphone for our camera that we got taken on from ebay, this process was very taxing on time.
  64. Spain by taxing, and Portugal by prohibiting, the exportation of gold and silver, load that exportation with the expense of smuggling, and raise the value of those metals in other countries so much more above what it is in their own, by the whole amount of this expense.
  65. Mrs Worthington creped out of Angel’s room soon after as Angel had fallen asleep again and she was feeling quite drained as it had been a very taxing day emotionally, Mrs Worthington was a mazed at how much she had become attached to Angel in the short time she had been with her.
  66. The systematic stripping of the outer provinces of all their wealth by the robber-governors; whose only reason to govern was to line their pockets as much as possible: stripping the gold from every sacred religious temple on earth to enrich themselves: taxing the masses into starvation.
  67. In other words: The holy stinking shit that is the US Constitution was expressly created so no lower class could never again challenge or threaten the elite laws of the governing class, and its governing bodies from doing their sacred appointed functions of taxing the poor and giving to the rich.
  68. The Orders in Council, which if the gentleman did not justify, he was certainly very tender of, do exercise that very power of taxing our exports, which by the constitution we are prohibited, and that too when they are destined to a government equally sovereign and independent with that of Great Britain.
  69. While I anticipate objections from the legal and accounting professions, that will economically be affected, this should / must not be delayed and should include elimination of the IRS!! Thanks to technology, the taxing transactions could be handled on a daily basis and require virtually ‘no overhead’.
  70. Should the parliament of Great Britain, at the same time, be ever fully established in the right of taxing the colonies, even independent of the consent of their own assemblies, the importance of those assemblies would, from that moment, be at an end, and with it, that of all the leading men of British America.
  71. According to the scheme of taxing by requisition, the parliament of Great Britain would stand nearly in the same situation towards the colony assemblies, as the king of France does towards the states of those provinces which still enjoy the privilege of having states of their own, the provinces of France which are supposed to be the best governed.
  72. Franz Ferdinand was also culpable: instead of calling into question the right of imperial monarchs to rule as literal gods, the archduke chose to turn the corrupt chance of becoming emperor into a show of power, a military show of force to the Serbs that he was oppressing and taxing into starvation, into a private family reunion with his wife and children.
  73. They derided the ruder, unsophisticated Bossonians, and hard feeling grew between them—the Aquilonians despising the Bossonians and the latter resenting the attitude of their masters – who now boldly called themselves such, and treated the Bossonians like conquered subjects, taxing them exorbitantly, and conscripting them for their wars of territorial expansion—wars the profits of which the Bossonians shared little.
  74. In order to put Great Britain upon a footing of equality with her own colonies, which the law has hitherto supposed to be subject and subordinate, it seems necessary, upon the scheme of taxing them by parliamentary requisition, that parliament should have some means of rendering its requisitions immediately effectual, in case the colony assemblies should attempt to evade or reject them; and what those means are, it is not very easy to conceive, and it has not yet been explained.
  75. The object of his scheme was to promote all the different branches of foreign trade, particularly the carrying trade, by taking away all duties upon importation and exportation, and thereby enabling the merchant to employ his whole capital and credit in the purchase of goods and the freight of ships, no part of either being diverted towards the advancing of taxes, The project, however, of taxing, in this manner, goods of immediate or speedy consumption, seems liable to the four following very important objections.
  76. Was the push an all-out effort to get the carbon fines and sanctions going by the time the sun-earth cycle began its cooling phase in order to be in a position to take credit for the drop in temperature? Said another way, without a global taxing body in operation, when the cooling started, this political movement would suffer and possibly die, bringing about some other income redistribution scheme,.
  1. It has never been taxed.
  2. Cash that could be taxed.
  3. He believed he had taxed the.
  4. This money is taxed only up to 5%.
  5. They taxed people into starvation.
  6. The rise in the price of the taxed.
  7. Of course, any type of income is taxed.
  8. If he was taxed directly, therefore, in.
  9. Her good humor was genuine, but audibly taxed.
  10. It cannot easily, therefore, be taxed directly.
  11. Incomes over 42,000 Euros will be taxed at 40%.
  12. The distinction here is that loans are not taxed.
  13. This money is taxed at a rate between 15 and 20%.
  14. Stocks are taxed more favourably, but still taxed.
  15. Assume they are both taxed at the same rate of 30%.
  16. I forgot about sleep and taxed myself to the limit.
  17. While the smaller businesses are taxed to the hilt.
  18. Such transactions, therefore, may be taxed directly.
  19. In others, they are taxed more lightly than other lands.
  20. And the rich taxed them even more, and got even richer.
  21. The cash value of an IUL policy grows without being taxed.
  22. Her patience taxed, the nurse tried again, adding gesture.
  23. Today his years of training were being taxed to the extreme.
  24. If gratuity is part of the taxed bill, the cost will be more.
  25. When you buy goods and services, they are taxed, but not loans.
  26. He suddenly felt Coach Ryan examine his perspiring, taxed face.
  27. Also in that moment Judah's horse, now suddenly taxed with the.
  28. In Silesia, lands held by a noble tenure are taxed three per cent.
  29. Each class, each Guild was taxed equally according to their station.
  30. The life support systems, especially, had been taxed during the trip.
  31. They exist only because they are granted monopolies and are not taxed.
  32. This comes in the form of a paycheck and is taxed at the highest rate.
  33. She taxed me with the offence at once, and my confusion may be guessed.
  34. Let me show to what extent we have taxed that class of people in 1888:.
  35. Pension income is taxed as income at the owner’s highest marginal rate.
  36. Our people will not submit to be taxed for this war of conquest and dominion.
  37. Man has been taxed by his undervalued love but still not alienated from God.
  38. Goods into England that were supposed to be taxed or were forbidden outright.
  39. The land sold could then be taxed by the states and generate income for them.
  40. In the usual case, such receipts of cash are taxed only on a capital gains basis.
  41. Feeling terrible about being taxed is the responsibility of the person being taxed.
  42. But reconcile yourself with the thought that at least you have profits to be taxed.
  43. The emoluments of offices, therefore, can, in most cases, very well bear to be taxed.
  44. It might be taxed, once for all, before it comes out of the hands of the coach-maker.
  45. Either way, she is taxed in a manner that leaves her no real income whatsoever.
  46. It is for the most worthless of all purposes, too, that they are taxed in this manner.
  47. Their expense is taxed, by taxing the consumable commodities upon which it is laid out.
  48. If the new tax bill did become law it meant that corporate profits would be taxed at 26%.
  49. When taxed with losing Kharkov, Manstein said: I'd rather lose a city than an Army.
  50. Thus the states have weighing stations for trucks where the loads are assessed and taxed.
  51. If any goods are imported, not mentioned in the book of rates, they are taxed at 4s:9¾d.
  52. You are getting taxed more and more and more so that Augustus can rule more of the world.
  53. Yes, you probably paid tax on the car when you bought it but the loan itself was not taxed.
  54. It was taxed among the Romans, and it is so at present in, I believe, every part of Europe.
  55. So wealthy burghers could not complain that they were being taxed more than their neighbors.
  56. The instrumental ending taxed her playing to the utmost, especially when she was this baked.
  57. Specifically, that lesson is that the less the people are taxed, the more the economy grows.
  58. This officer was obviously taxed further than his mental capabilities were able to carry him.
  59. Since such money has never been taxed, income taxes are owed on the entire conversion amount.
  60. The colonies may be taxed either by their own assemblies, or by the parliament of Great Britain.
  61. The corporations that have left the country need to be highly taxed rather than given tax credits.
  62. It seemed that they were there to make sure everyone was searched and all trade goods were taxed.
  63. The wisdom of our statesmen has been taxed to the utmost to avert calamities continually impending.
  64. Since this is a short-term profit, it will be taxed at a personal level, say at a 30 percent tax rate.
  65. Even the trade in the commodities taxed, would be carried on with much more advantage than at present.
  66. Taxes upon luxuries are finally paid by the consumers of the commodities taxed, without any retribution.
  67. What is the state of trade between us and France? Your cotton, in France, is taxed with enormous duties.
  68. Remember when you borrowed money to buy your last car? Was the loan that you got from the bank taxed? No.
  69. One of the biggest advantages of MLPs is that, as a unit holder, you are taxed at only the individual level.
  70. According to that valuation, the lands belonging to the bishop of Breslaw are taxed at twenty-five per cent.
  71. But in reality, if we first pay tax on the seed, that’s when the value of what’s being taxed is smallest.
  72. If you choose to withdraw funds above the total premiums paid, the withdrawal of the gain is taxed as income.
  73. In several countries, however, commodities of an immediate or very speedy consumption are taxed in this manner.
  74. The interest of money seems, at first sight, a subject equally capable of being taxed directly as the rent of land.
  75. Since the 1972 corporate rate is 48%, this means that $100 received as preferred-stock dividends is taxed only $7.
  76. A family which exercised great hospitality, would be taxed much more lightly than one who entertained fewer guests.
  77. Their enemy was the roman Empire that had colonized them, and oppressed them, and taxed them for hundreds of years.
  78. In the dominions of the king of Prussia, the revenue of the church is taxed much higher than that of lay proprietors.
  79. In the Venetian territory, all the arable lands which are given in lease to farmers are taxed at a tenth of the rent.
  80. Taxes upon luxuries have no tendency to raise the price of any other commodities, except that of the commodities taxed.
  81. A tax is sometimes not only farmed for a certain rent, but the farmer has, besides, the monopoly of the commodity taxed.
  82. At first sight, therefore, the interest of money seems to be a subject as fit to be taxed directly as the rent of land.
  83. It is in England taxed at three shillings and fourpence a bushel; about three times the original price of the commodity.
  84. By what is called the land tax in England, it was intended that the stock should be taxed in the same proportion as land.
  85. Every hundred pounds stock, accordingly, was supposed to be taxed at twenty-four shillings, the fifth part of six pounds.
  86. In the above example of a $10,000 gain, if you sold it after one year and were taxed at 15 percent, you’d pocket $8,500.
  87. Once upon a time, when a homeowner had his mortgage debt forgiven in a short sale, the IRS taxed him on the amount forgiven.
  88. Of this, 60 percent of the money is treated as long-term gains (lower tax rate), and 40 percent is taxed at the short-term rate.
  89. When Barnwell began to go wrong, I declare that I felt positively apologetic, Pumblechook's indignant stare so taxed me with it.
  90. With our earnings power (adjusted EBIT fully taxed) and discount rate in hand, we are almost ready to calculate an EPV for Intel.
  91. One of the reasons I like MLPs so much for commodities investing is that, unlike regular corporations, they’re taxed only once.
  92. Your contributions were already taxed beforehand, and your earnings escape taxation altogether by virtue of the Roth’s design.
  93. Nobody will lend his money for less interest to those who exercise the taxed, than to those who exercise the untaxed employments.
  94. Some business owners of companies that hire people feel they will be taxed help pay off some of the formation of this law as well.
  95. Most of us breakers had taxed and stressed looks on our faces when we were breakin’, but not Isaac; he was as cool as a cucumber.
  96. The Nighthawk had spent a lot of fuel and taxed its engines heavily; as a result, they couldn't do as deep of a jump as Calvin wanted.
  97. The statement that you won’t be taxed below subsistence is reassuring to the humans in this category that their lives mean something.
  98. Only how millions of human lives were manipulated, killed, starved, oppressed, ruled, taxed, and robbed, by a small cast of manipulators.
  99. In Great Britain the rent of houses is supposed to be taxed in the same proportion as the rent of land, by what is called the annual land tax.
  100. Plus on average our incomes according to studies is taxed at higher rates,so this can cut into disposable incomes that we would use for trips.
  1. Taxes are 30 % in.
  2. Save in fees and taxes.
  3. Indians and to pay taxes.
  4. And taxes! I think Mr.
  5. Income Taxes at 35% $700.
  6. Taxes For Buckets A and B.
  7. No taxes had been deducted.
  8. Fifth, we can't escape taxes.
  9. Everyone has to pay taxes.
  10. Even with those taxes being.
  11. Taxes upon the Rent of Houses.
  12. Thus taxes are to be laid, &c.
  13. It’s because of war taxes.
  14. Both in terms of men and taxes.
  15. Record profits, losses and taxes.
  16. That’s after taxes, of course.
  17. Find a way to reduce your taxes.
  18. Taxes above a certain level—.
  19. Interest and taxes are real costs.
  20. Like they say, Death and taxes.
  21. They always complained about taxes.
  22. Not all because of taxes, Mary.
  23. He cut taxes for the very wealthy.
  24. The employee pays $30,000 in taxes.
  25. The next reason for working is taxes.
  26. As Provisional Taxes had to be paid.
  27. Taxes are a form of costs or slippage.
  28. But we're not done with the taxes yet.
  29. Other issues with taxes would include:.
  30. Taxes should be based on spending only.
  31. The business owner pays $18,000 in taxes.
  32. Are you planning to raise the taxes?
  33. Angry at taxes and thirsting for liberty.
  34. EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes).
  35. Taxes And Inflation Are Wealth Destroyers.
  36. My taxes were paying for this shit.
  37. Medicare is partially funded through taxes.
  38. Congress jump at any excuse to raise taxes.
  39. City and county taxes, said Wide Ida.
  40. He needs prosperous towns to pay his taxes.
  41. A caveat about small-cap indexing and taxes.
  42. Fail to pay the taxes and it wil be taken.
  43. The lower that number, the lower the taxes.
  44. No taxes, no trouble, and a safe investment.
  45. This paid the taxes and satisfied the owner.
  46. Have they paid their taxes? Kirk asked.
  47. I hadn’t paid all my taxes the year before.
  48. Eliminate federal income and corporate taxes.
  49. The party that is best for lowering my taxes.
  50. Rehaboam oppressed the people with high taxes.
  51. He has no rent, and scarce any taxes, to pay.
  52. After all duties and taxes and sundry grabs.
  53. For Social Security taxes see the next figure.
  54. Less income taxes of course, Mattie said.
  55. The idea that rich men pay the taxes has its.
  56. It’s all clean and the taxes have been paid.
  57. Kings like boroughs, which pay lots of taxes.
  58. Note that taxes behave like propensity to spend.
  59. No allusion is made to the collection of taxes.
  60. The taxes upon both commodities are exorbitant.
  61. She finished filing all of the girls' taxes.
  62. That’s why we pay our taxes, isn’t it?
  63. Either that, or make payment of taxes voluntary.
  64. Reduce fees and taxes and invest the difference.
  65. Their taxes are about the same, however, maybe.
  66. These taxes are raised whenever the Romans wish.
  67. An individual cannot do it because of the taxes.
  68. The chancellor was denying that taxes would rise.
  70. Their disruptions cause taxes and hyperinflation.
  71. No shop, no employees, no taxes and no headaches.
  72. But what’s that got to do with our taxes?
  73. Census takers can determine taxes more accurately.
  74. I have paid my taxes to the council, when I could.
  75. I am proud to be paying taxes in the United States.
  76. This is where our taxes went, I considered as we.
  77. Each year you would get about $37,000 after taxes.
  78. Individuals are subject to indirect taxes as well.
  79. The shop was closed today; he was doing his taxes.
  80. Net Monthly Income: Your take-home pay after taxes.
  81. Presently all of us knew well that our taxes were.
  82. If taxes were collected without force, that would.
  84. It's not the taxes, her blended guardian lied.
  85. How are they going to pay it back? By raising taxes.
  86. Real estate taxes were so low that the main bother.
  87. What do you want it for? To pay taxes on Tara.
  88. There are some ways on how you can reduce your taxes.
  89. Higher taxes are generally related to higher income.
  90. You said a few minutes ago that taxes were torture.
  91. Does the company pay a bonus for taxes on options?
  92. And taxes tacked on everything, even the air and Sun.
  93. All the subjects of a state are obliged to pay taxes.
  94. It was probably taxes – always the king’ s worry.
  95. Name of God, Will! We’ve already paid the taxes.
  96. He hadn’t been able to pay the taxes on her estate.
  97. Five months to first half taxes meant fifteen hundred.
  98. Never mind how all businesses manage to not pay taxes.
  99. The taxes would have to be paid--a substantial amount.
  100. Rome’s authority, levied their own taxes, and waged.

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