television sätze

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Television sätze (in englisch)

  1. No television in my home.
  2. I got rid of my television.
  3. I see this on television.
  4. We turned on the television.
  5. He turned on the television.

  6. I no longer watch television.
  7. I hated hated hated television.
  8. Niki shouted at the television.
  9. In fact, the television news.
  10. He switched the television on.
  11. I saw her watching television.
  12. Television had to come calling.
  13. She was watching on television.
  14. She went back to the television.
  15. The television drains out his.

  16. He’d turn the television on.
  17. He had shut off the television.
  18. Soraya had muted the television.
  19. Cut down on your television time.
  20. Excited voices on the television.
  21. We had a giant screen television.
  22. Every second television show is.
  23. Look at advertising on television.
  24. She heard the television playing.
  25. In front of the bed: a television.

  26. Turn the television, radio, and.
  27. He stared at the television, again.
  28. Stir in television and newspaper.
  29. Television: The Price of Watching.
  30. It was beside a television screen.
  31. Television would be too expensive.
  32. I reluctantly shut the television.
  33. Have you ever watched a television.
  34. We should have a television show.
  35. Millions now watched on television.
  36. I went and turned the television on.
  37. WITHOUT a television (and/or cable).
  38. I heard a story once, on television.
  39. Cynthia entered the television room.
  40. I looked for the game on television.
  41. But television also has its downside.
  42. Allowing us to show it on television.
  43. Time for the main television news.
  44. Katrina victims) without a television.
  45. Of the famous Doctor Who television.
  46. Another is an aversion to television.
  47. And so it did, on television no less.
  48. My inner child destroyed my television.
  49. Director of Television: Rob Molloy.
  50. Wisdom looked at his television screen.
  51. Hollywood movie stars; and television.
  52. Sam Westland turned the television off.
  53. She could tolerate daytime television.
  54. The television has probably been more.
  55. I sighed and turned off the television.
  56. In fact, television is so popular in.
  57. Pon and Dao where watching television.
  58. Harold sat glued to the television set.
  59. Television hadn't yet been introduced.
  60. She turned on the television, nothing.
  61. Everyone who watched television in its.
  62. I saw a composite of you on television.
  63. I read the papers and watch television.
  64. He nodded and flipped on the television.
  65. It was better than television to watch.
  66. Well, maybe he was watching television.
  67. We can watch television, surf the net.
  68. Report flashed on the television screen.
  69. The television talk show host hadn‘t.
  70. The world of television gardening was.
  71. State Television to the entire Iranian.
  72. On the television, as far back as from.
  73. I was the guest on one other television.
  74. As the television holiday broadcasting.
  75. Television can be another great resource.
  76. It was even shown on British television.
  77. You will be seeing it on the television.
  78. There was no television in the sparsely.
  79. Dan is a television commercial producer.
  80. My look now spots the television screens.
  81. A bullet shattered the television casing.
  82. The offices of Channel Five television.
  83. Sit in the chair nearest the television.
  84. There's a television in the family room.
  85. Both TV and television are correct words.
  86. I only watched the majors on television.
  87. The television was on in the family room.
  88. The other one switched off the television.
  89. They've both been on national television.
  90. The television in the kitchen was silent.
  91. And then there are the television pundits.
  92. Television has also delivered some other.
  93. There is no reality in reality television.
  94. I watch television through shop windows.
  95. Turn your television and laptop off too.
  96. It was on the television in a news flash.
  97. Her face has been all over the television.
  98. She asked if I had seen her on television.
  99. A video appeared on television, but this.
  100. This is evident in television programming.

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