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Television in a sentence

No television in my home.
I got rid of my television.
I see this on television.
We turned on the television.
He turned on the television.
I no longer watch television.
I hated hated hated television.

He switched the television on.
I saw her watching television.
Television had to come calling.
Niki shouted at the television.
In fact, the television news.
Soraya had muted the television.
She was watching on television.
He’d turn the television on.
The television drains out his.
He had shut off the television.
She went back to the television.
Cut down on your television time.
Excited voices on the television.
Every second television show is.
In front of the bed: a television.
She heard the television playing.
Look at advertising on television.
Turn the television, radio, and.
We had a giant screen television.
I reluctantly shut the television.
Television would be too expensive.
Television: The Price of Watching.
Stir in television and newspaper.
He stared at the television, again.
It was beside a television screen.
I went and turned the television on.
We should have a television show.
Cynthia entered the television room.
Millions now watched on television.
I heard a story once, on television.
WITHOUT a television (and/or cable).
Have you ever watched a television.
But television also has its downside.

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