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Thinker sätze (in englisch)

  1. A great thinker on this.
  2. Gavroche, who was a thinker.
  3. And the Thinker foretells of.
  4. He is a thinker, not a bruiser.
  5. He was a sophisticated thinker.

  6. Kropp on the other hand is a thinker.
  7. And give the thinker food for thought;.
  8. The Psychic Thinker - All Interest Books.
  9. He was the only original thinker in the.
  10. Andrew is a shrewd thinker and a smart guy.
  11. I have always been an independent thinker.
  12. That had got her branded as a free thinker.
  13. He wants him to look at his food as a thinker.
  14. She already had a reputation as a free thinker.
  15. The Thinker, she had learned, resided within a.

  16. What is it to be an organic thinker in a trans-.
  17. Winston was not a particularly brilliant thinker.
  18. He appeared to be the only clear thinker they had.
  19. He was a true soldier and an even better thinker.
  20. That’s why Digby was sent back by the Thinker.
  21. He is a genius, a philosopher, an abstract thinker.
  22. He often fancied himself a thrifty thinker of sorts.
  23. I knew Stuart as an innovative thinker when I was in.
  24. The great German thinker Goethe may have said it best.
  25. Those five at the very least recognised him as a thinker.

  26. He is a deep thinker and has the foresight to see that.
  27. He was a great thinker, and he was a wealth of knowledge.
  28. The Thinker has laid out his masterwork Adam’s Bible.
  29. The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher lev-.
  30. The line made its way past a cast of Rodin’s The Thinker.
  31. There is no thinker who has not at times contemplated the.
  32. Nearby, stands a life-size copy of Rodin’s "The Thinker,".
  33. He was full of life and excitement! He was a thinker and a.
  34. He was a good thinker but not always a truly honest thinker.
  35. Like where is the thinker I within the human brain matter?
  36. How do we know this Thinker is even somewhere inside the.
  37. There was, they say, here on earth a thinker and philosopher.
  38. Dante told me that when we find the Thinker, all the answers.
  39. I didn’t get the impression he’s that much of a thinker.
  40. A BELLHANGER: A classic face! He has the forehead of a thinker.
  41. A moment later he was the cold and practical thinker once more.
  42. It is the ablest and most scholarly writing of a great thinker.
  43. The greatest thinker of our time thought it might be possible.
  44. But the most impressive thinker, at least in continental Europe.
  45. But like all great men he was on top of everything else a thinker.
  46. Crags add beauty to the hil side in the mind of the positive thinker.
  47. The visible I in nowise authorizes the thinker to deny the latent I.
  48. But first and foremost he is a thinker who provokes others to think.
  49. He was a quick thinker and a fast learner, very much like her youngest.
  50. But new ideas, new plans mature in the Self-Consciousness of the thinker.
  51. Donald, you need to learn to become an independent thinker, Samara.
  52. The Master Thinker is an artist and is careful to paint only the divine.
  53. The thought that there is a thinker having thoughts is just another thought.
  54. But here—wherein I am pure thought—a thinker is the thought one thinks.
  55. Samantha knew that only the infinite power of the Thinker would be capable.
  56. She was quieter in her ways than Sarah and was the deep thinker of the family.
  57. Yet as an observational thinker, Democritus noticed that our world, although.
  58. For the abstract thinker and Les Miserables fans: A river’s just a river.
  59. Jekyll, the calm, rational thinker who forms and implements a controlled plan.
  60. The article clearly established his position as a politically correct thinker.
  61. French government installed his superb work The Thinker in a place of honor in.
  62. In this imbalance, which created not only thought and the thinker of the thought.
  63. He was a logical thinker; he was the acid test of Jesus and his fellow apostles.
  64. In reality, he had a penetrating mind and was more of a thinker than appeared to view.
  65. If not for those 2 little pieces of bio-mimetic circuitry you’d just be a fast thinker.
  66. If a person follows this method, creation will lead this thinker to know the Great Creator.
  67. You’re the most efficient killer in the world and now I’m the most efficient thinker.
  68. A strongcreative artist and thinker, Vicente is the greatest dramatistof Portugal and one.
  69. Our thinker forum has made an important analysis after long discussions and deliberation.
  70. He was the sort of thinker who has to move out the furniture before he can bring in the cows.
  71. And--most important--nine times out of ten they have more humility than the unscholarly thinker.
  72. And therefore suffering and self-sacrifice will always be the lot of the thinker and the artist.
  73. She was man, the thinker, alone with her universe, content of one vision, the future to my past.
  74. His top mind looked at him—a scientist, a thinker trained, conditioned to method, to exactness.
  75. Edward Carpenter, a noted contemporary English thinker, some of whose works Tolstoi valued highly.
  76. Lewis had always been a fairly deep thinker, according to his friends and Alva, his wife of twenty years.
  77. Men who had only known the quiet thinker and logician of Baker Street would have failed to recognise him.
  78. Where do we come from is still a big question, but no serious thinker believes Adam's rib was a prime factor.
  79. Still, thoughts alone are in the mind of the thinker and do not bother or hurt the objects of those sentiments.
  80. He or she is a deep thinker, canny like a fox, inspirational, and in many cases the toughest person in the boat.
  81. Those pauses are the ways to make you a more clear thinker and for you to be more focused on what’s important.
  82. Paul Macrae Montgomery is the most innovative thinker the world of contrary opinion has seen in the past 40 years.
  83. Just a glimpse of her and a line of adjectives filled my head; smart, sophisticated, intelligent, a deep thinker.
  84. Oh, that's excellent! A thinker like you can, and indeed ought to, take the widest view of every social question.
  85. He wasn’t much of a thinker – Chas had been the brains of the operation – I don’t think he knew what to do.
  86. Eastern teachings have tried to explain this by discriminating between the thought, and the thinker of the thought.
  87. The al-mahdi will use the sword as virtue any free thinker considered guilty of zandaqa against the dogma of Islam.
  88. The thinker or the artist should suffer in company with the people, in order that he may find salvation or consolation.
  89. Selfdenying and suffering are the lot and portion of a thinker and an artist, because their object is the welfare of men.
  90. Besides, he may not be much of a thinker, but he’s a hard worker … once you get him pointed in the right direction.
  91. It was unclean, despised, repulsive, and superb, ugly in the eyes of the bourgeois, melancholy in the eyes of the thinker.
  92. Indeed it was just this image that drew Babeuf to the philosophy of Morelly (a little-known thinker whose book La Code de.
  93. She could become the thinker and the tinkerer in the family, and then a baby brother could become the dancer like his mother.
  94. Communism was based on the ideas of the nineteenth-century German thinker Karl Marx (Chapter 4 has an outline of his thoughts).
  95. Truly, it was a great plan which came out from a true believer and thinker with insight-eyed, so what will they answer him now?
  96. The thinker or the artist will never sit calmly on Olympian heights, as we have become accustomed to represent them to ourselves.
  97. From what Emma has told me over the years, the vicar is something of an eccentric … well, free thinker is probably more accurate.
  98. The highly creative thinker can count power and prosperity by willingness to have a go and above all, flexible and adaptable.
  99. Cross wasn’t in his class as a thinker, but the psychologist and detective wasn’t without crude instincts in certain specialized areas.
  100. We hurry and push and hustle, for the good of humanity! ‘The world is becoming too noisy, too commercial!’ groans some solitary thinker.

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