tizzy sätze

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Tizzy sätze (in englisch)

  1. My head was in a tizzy as I was walking towards the saint.
  2. Lawmakers all across the country flew into a tizzy, desperately seeking a solution to the insidious attacks on their character.
  3. Thinking of the past few months puts you in a tizzy, making you slightly dizzy like an unending spiral staircase that’s laced with acid rain.
  4. The magic involved put the station’s cat in a happy tizzy, but he’s sure the humans are oblivious to the reasons for the cat’s joyful frolics.
  5. On he screamed, "Noooo! Noooo!", as he scrambled around the room, running himself into a tizzy, trying to prevent the calamity of me getting out of bed.

  6. Before she could enquire about how the elf had managed to fell a mighty havtrol, the nuathreen stomped up to the elf in a tizzy, waving his tall staff in her face.

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