flap sätze

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Flap sätze (in englisch)

  1. He closed the flap and.
  2. L on each flap of the bags.
  3. With iridescent wing doth flap.
  4. In fact the flap still had the.
  5. He lifted the flap and looked out.

  6. His chest gaped with a bloody flap.
  7. Slowly it started to flap its wings.
  8. He was already moving towers the flap.
  9. Flap your wings, then jump in the air.
  10. Barclay watched as Max sealed the flap.
  11. She opened the clasp and lifted the flap.
  12. He unbuckled his bag and opened the flap.
  13. He tucked in a flap of his flowered shirt.
  14. They would howl and flap about in the wind.
  15. He tore open the flap and dragged them out.

  16. Captain Atwell was standing near the flap.
  17. The wind made the sail flap along the leech.
  18. Pushing through the tent flap, the smell of.
  19. In the kitchen, my mom is in a complete flap.
  20. Was there a cat flap? The old cat will need.
  21. A young man came in from a flap door in the.
  22. The flap of canvas that acted as a door was.
  23. Is there a flap on? asked Sally, sleepily.
  24. Without answering Heckler slammed the flap shut.
  25. The man seated outside pulled the tent flap wide.

  26. He sighed and rose up with a flap of black wings.
  27. Dakin lifted the flap and stepped into the big tent.
  28. I gather there’s a bit of a flap on, he said.
  29. A thunderous flap of the Pegasuss wings slowed his.
  30. You may notice that the envelope is missing its flap.
  31. It turned and with a quick flap, was rising and lost.
  32. I was early anyway, and I gather there’s a flap on.
  33. Pull the flap up and away from the body and lift it off.
  34. Christina glanced behind her; the tin flap seemed to move.
  35. The door flap fluttered and Calragen stuck his head through.
  36. Actually, I wrote the numbers down on the envelope flap.
  37. Passing the tent flap, Tom caught sight of the mystic within.
  38. Bill slid his finger along the envelope flap to open it and.
  39. A dusky tumult would flap its wings from one house to another.
  40. They quickly flap their wings in an attempt to leave the area.
  41. He grabbed his backpack and then unzipped the flap of the tent.
  42. He could feel his brother's eyes on him as he walked to the flap.
  43. Brihaspati pulled open the tent’s flap and bowed as Yama, god of.
  44. Amelia inched her way behind Hadaen as he stood just inside the flap.
  45. That news made Chardonnay flap even more, and another egg popped out.
  46. The birds of prey still circled, hardly seeming to flap their wings.
  47. I lifted the flap of the envelope and saw a wad of twenty pound notes.
  48. Cautiously, Jon crawled to the back, opened the flap and peered over.
  49. But Eddie was too afraid to flap his wings, so gliding is all he did.
  50. By using the a flap of skin to construct or extend the urethra, your.
  51. He placed the flap back over the bag and then went to join his friends.
  52. Wings flap next to my ear, and the crow’s talons dig into my shoulder.
  53. Seib, The Prouty-Butterfield Flap, Washington Post, July 22, 1975.
  54. I just now had the feeling, as I touched the tent flap, that we should.
  55. The words engraved on the back flap were just as simple: THE WHITE HOUSE.
  56. In front of the tent flap, he hears Becky and Diane mentioning his name.
  57. She flipped up the flap with her thumb, and took out a fifty-dollar bill.
  58. Just an old rawhide flap that was barely protruding from the cavern wall.
  59. It gave one flap of its huge wings and magnificently lifted into the sky.
  60. Rising from its spot, the skull flew around the tent, then exited the flap.
  61. Now that I’d cuffed him—that media flap Cindy had warned Yuki about?
  62. If he swings anywhere near me, I’ll break his flap! whispered Suraj.
  63. One more flap of the massive wings—WHUMP!—before it slammed into Louie.
  64. There is the more complicated technique called flap reconstruction which.
  65. Then she got her fingers through this tear and pulled up, ripping open a flap.
  66. Curtains flap and papers rustle and the two adults have a standoff in the study.
  67. Once the tent flap closed they stopped laughing, enveloped suddenly in darkness.
  68. The flap of the tent opened suddenly and I got up on one elbow to see who it was.
  69. I re-stuck the envelope flap down and took out one of the padded envelopes that.
  70. Pulling back the flap of his tent just when the two figures disappeared behind a.
  71. Breakopen (or pulltabs) - instant-win ticket where the buyer pulls open a flap to.
  72. Edwin continued to flap and squawk, mainly because he wasn’t sure what else to do.
  73. In a breath’s time, the tent flap was lifted again and a small, fat man peered in.
  74. Leaning over as he reached for the tent flap, a momentary dizziness took hold of him.
  75. Chilled air threaded its way pass the flap of his tent and throughout the scant area.
  76. Their probing eyes invariably discovered the missing arm, the empty flap of his coat.
  77. Ray reached behind him to his desk, and pulled over a thick folder with a flap and tie.
  78. Moonlight and murmuring winds flowed into the tent and then out again as the flap fell.
  79. He was unprepared when she pulled back the flap of his tent and let it fall behind her.
  80. She gasped, shutting the letter box flap as quietly as she could with trembling fingers.
  81. Something was terribly wrong, and she quickly got up and began to flap about the place.
  82. They placed one of the stones over the loose flap and then stood up to survey the area.
  83. Moshe swept her off her feet in midfall and as quickly carried her through the tent flap.
  84. I called out and the flap opened to reveal what looked very much like an ancient Mongol.
  85. Panting and wild eyed, the imp's chest was heaving while he struggled to flap his wings.
  86. I feel as if I go about peeling away a flap of my skin to show people the organs beneath.
  87. In a second, he closed the flap and looked back at his comrades, giving them the thumbs up.
  88. When he had a flap about three feet long, he let it go, saw the piece flapping in the wind.
  89. It’s one of those welcome periods where we’re not in the middle of a flap of some sort.
  90. Musafir moved closer to Suraj and whispered, He seems to be a cat flap, swings both ways.
  91. He flicked it onto the first setting and ordered her to stand on one leg and flap her arms.
  92. They fit snugly and had a flap in the front unlike the buttons that went down my long johns.
  93. The night air is colder now, he greeted Hilkea as he stepped through the shelter flap.
  94. He pulled one flap of my coat back to the side and glanced around to my back under the coat.
  95. Sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier Sam, there is a bit of a flap on at the moment.
  96. Or (the image comes with Magritteish lucidity) spread his arms and flap up into another life.
  97. The flap of a butterfly's wings in Central Park could ultimately cause an earthquake in China.
  98. They huddled inside as soon as the shelter was complete and hurriedly sealed the entrance flap.
  99. His name was stitched over his right chest pocket flap, and Command Pilot wings over his left.
  100. Harry slid the point of his pen knife along under the flap and carefully withdrew the contents.
  1. Only flapping in the wind?
  2. Flapping up there in the wind.
  3. Its wings stopped flapping and.
  4. Then he started flapping his wings.
  5. The washing’s flapping on the line.
  6. I soon heard the flapping of their.
  7. Then I heard more flapping to my left.
  8. It went silently flapping up the river.
  9. It was flapping around as I was falling.
  10. That’s me, the flapping jaw this morning.
  11. I stopped flapping and lay very stil on the.
  12. More flapping and struggling proved fruitless.
  13. Then he couldn’t stop clucking and flapping.
  14. The penguins waddled across it, flapping their.
  15. She was flapping, nervous about her finals today.
  16. He heard the bird, its wings flapping in the air.
  17. Charles, with a peach-faced bird flapping around.
  18. Ethereead soared high, the giant wings flapping away.
  19. The fast moving tail and flapping fins work in sync.
  20. The wind blew gently, oh so gently, flapping his coat.
  21. It slowly grew from a small flapping of wings to the.
  22. Thus, this will drive the flapping muscles to vibrate.
  23. Despite flapping as hard as it could, it crashed into.
  24. Still flapping like an old hen, he leaves for the office.
  25. A noise similar to a soft flapping of a bird alerted me.
  26. He was having some sort of clucking and flapping fit….
  27. Flapping his large wings, Kain lifted off from the ground.
  28. With a flurry of flapping wings and feathers, the pigeons.
  29. Its wings stopped flapping and stretched to their full span.
  30. Her wings stopped flapping, and the length of them touched.
  31. She then leapt onto the air as it started flapping her wings.
  32. But I don’t… Edwin started flapping his wings again.
  33. And in the air there were lots of kites flapping and whirling.
  34. Behind, a group of crows made noises and she heard the flapping.
  35. He was frantically flapping his wings, still trying to get loose.
  36. Southward there, I screaming, with wings slow flapping, with the.
  37. The coldness was replaced by butterflies flapping in her stomach.
  38. Despite the flapping of canvas and the slightly rickety appearance.
  39. The canvas tore even further, the tattered material flapping wildly.
  40. The birds lifted up and away with no sound but the flapping of their.
  41. It was echoed as if in mockery by the raven flapping above the trees.
  42. The magician skipped up to the platform, his cape flapping behind him.
  43. Willy-Bob blinked at the flapping hinged doors until they stood still.
  44. The petrel spluttered pathetically to stern and then stopped flapping.
  45. Cliff yelped and swam off with his tail flapping like a broken tiller.
  46. He leaned against the doorframe, his open shirt flapping in the breeze.
  47. The dragonlings dozed, flapping gently in the air above the stone troll.
  48. Through cracks in the flapping tarpaulin I glimpsed the town of Soltau.
  49. For once a wind was rising, and he could hear the flapping of his cloak.
  50. Over it flaunted a Union Jack, flapping cheerfully in the morning breeze.
  51. Flash crashed on the other side of the railing, flapping to keep balance.
  52. Instantly the air was filled with flapping black wings and indignant caws.
  53. Mother entered stage left, twirling and flapping her cape like a giant crow.
  54. With profound tenseness, Abanir hid his wings, flapping it down to the limit.
  55. Ryota stood on Junk Island with the wind flapping his windbreaker and water.
  56. The chairman was on his feet flapping both his hands and bleating excitedly.
  57. Acron hung on for as long as he could; flapping his wings as hard as possible.
  58. He was making very little headway and his arms were flapping about in the water.
  59. There was motion in the trees as well, an almost imperceptible flapping of wings.
  60. A big guy in a flapping red shirt and shiny grey pants strode up to the kneeling.
  61. The victim lolled about on the waves, out of control, its sails flapping noisily.
  62. Waiting in the dark, a sudden flapping noise outside was followed by scratching.
  63. To stand on Hezekiah Pollock's tombstone, flapping and shaking rugs, was real fun.
  64. Gigantic banners flapping in the wind, Cynthia thought, siding on the conservative.
  65. Bilbo tried flapping his hand in front of his nose, but he could not see it at all.
  66. Amaranthe chomped down on her flapping lip and dropped her gaze to the floorboards.
  67. He is returning! Dawes started flapping his arms as though in a state of panic.
  68. A gate is much bigger than a door, isn’t it? she said flapping her arms wildly.
  69. I was soaring above the vampire within seconds, my wings flapping beside me at ease.
  70. She thought she saw its wings flapping before she ran and threw herself into the bed.
  71. The world of nature is intriguing and interdependent that a small butterfly flapping.
  72. The sea gulls come flapping in to sit on the cannery roofs to await the day of refuse.
  73. At the top of the stairs flapping, he heard his mother cry, "Stop, Timothy!" far below.
  74. They came headlong across the open space, cloaks flapping, eyes blazing, knives lifted.
  75. Her loud voice startled the ducks and they quacked once, before flapping their wings in.
  76. Got them one of those sticker books, too, Diane said, flapping it out on the table.
  77. Often the only sound to be heard would be the washing on the line flapping in the breeze.
  78. I ran around the house screaming, with these awful wet things flapping around on my back.
  79. As the woman stared at the silhouette of the flapping, spread-winged bird, they noticed a.
  80. When he had a flap about three feet long, he let it go, saw the piece flapping in the wind.
  81. Pumping his legs faster he lengthened his stride, his grey beard flapping over his shoulder.
  82. Their heads contain helium that enables them to float without needing wings or flapping fins.
  83. With her heavy coat wide open and flapping, she flung open the doors and raced from the house.
  84. Then the dog shook his head, flapping his floppy ears, and terminated our moment with a sneeze.
  85. It looked to be an old green car, with a fender missing, the trunk flapping wildly in the rear.
  86. I flew through the air parallel to the ground with my arms at my sides, not flapping like a bird.
  87. The whirr of flapping leathern bands and hum of dynamos from the powerhouseurged Stephen to be on.
  88. A butterfly in South America can alter the weather in Japan by flapping or not flapping its wings.
  89. He hit Balder twice in the head and the professor collapsed to the floor like a flapping scarecrow.
  90. He looked around and saw the council was gathered around him, their robes flapping in the raw wind.
  91. It still wore the servant's livery but the clothes were ripped, the torn fabric flapping uselessly.
  92. By the time I realized I was hearing hundreds of wings flapping, it was already too late to run away.
  93. The sportscaster was extremely animated, flapping his arms about in his red-stripes-on-black blazer.
  94. That startled the crested flier, which stretched its wings and took off flapping low over the Canal.
  95. The chickens flew at Dawes and Katya, driving them back with a furious frenzy of pecking and flapping.
  96. Concentration became difficult, but something in the back of his mind told him that flapping was bad.
  97. There would be sheets of plastic flapping between the built side and the unbuilt side of their bedroom.
  98. The flock was now circling overhead, and the wind from their flapping caused Cliff's hair to move around.
  99. There were hundreds now, it seemed, a whole confusion of them rising and flapping around Mercer’s head.
  100. Silas screeched pain, flapping around to Flash’s back, stabbing with his beak, tearing with his talons.
  1. He flapped his tie at me.
  2. A bird flapped its wings nearby.
  3. You just flapped around in the.
  4. A bird flapped its wings outside.
  5. I flapped my wings using them as.
  6. Denise flapped her hand in my face.
  7. He flapped his wings until it hurt.
  8. Bao flapped the water in frustration.
  9. Giselle flapped her wings impatiently.
  10. Her pink dress flapped over her head.
  11. It flapped wildly, and the passenger.
  12. His lips flapped as he began to snore.
  13. She flapped her wings faster and was.
  14. Decrying her praise, I flapped my hand.
  15. They flapped about like rubber gloves.
  16. Nothing happened, so he flapped harder.
  17. It landed on Philip’s head, flapped.
  18. Somewhere a wind flapped a canvas awning.
  19. His trappings of scarlet and gold flapped.
  20. The hem of her dress flapped in the breeze.
  21. The edge of the scarf flapped in the breeze.
  22. Achak flapped his wings and shot toward her.
  23. Her gold wyverns flapped above her shoulders.
  24. The two flapped to either side of their brother.
  25. The hem of her ragged dress flapped in the wind.
  26. The tent flapped all night and kept waking me up.
  27. His jaw flapped about at a loose end for a while.
  28. His long cloak flapped behind DRAFTChapter 13 263.
  29. Michael flapped his wings, rising higher in the sky.
  30. The flesh on her bare arms flapped with her effort.
  31. Tails whipped and wings flapped, all in slow motion.
  32. He turned and flapped his wings hard, rising up high.
  33. She dove and then flapped upward, chasing after Thoth.
  34. Hens ran beneath his legs and flapped away screeching.
  35. She flapped it in the air like a patriot waving a flag.
  36. Charlie flapped the reins; the horse stumbled into action.
  37. Blurred wings flapped just over the surface of the water.
  38. Willie shyly flapped the cover of the pad over the drawing.
  39. The man had a cape over his head and it flapped around him.
  40. They flapped and fluttered in the wind outside the window.
  41. They shook the water off their fur and flapped their wings.
  42. Yes, answered Archie briefly, as he flapped the reins.
  43. Samantha took a firm hold of my shoulders and then flapped.
  44. He flapped clumsily down among the firs, silencing the bats.
  45. The tent flapped its wings in a hot wind of ancient applause.
  46. The soft whoosh of his wings could be heard as he flapped them.
  47. Vanessa grabbed a hold of my scruff and then flapped her wings.
  48. In the basket, some of the gold ivy leaves flapped in the heat.
  49. He cut the cord to free the heron and it flapped up onto a stump.
  50. Behind the timber yard a loose bit of metal flapped in the wind.
  51. The helicopter flapped a lot of loud shadows over us and went away.
  52. Their wing-sails flapped with a sound of soft applause on the air.
  53. The blind man held out his hat, that flapped about at the door, as.
  54. My mouth refused to cooperate with my brain and flapped open and shut.
  55. The snow-raven flapped its wings and the cane’s humming grew louder.
  56. He flapped ineffectually at Cherry for a moment or two like a boxing.
  57. His cape was still over his back as it flapped in the wind like a flag.
  58. The dragonfly flapped its wings and hissed a warning: Stay away! Mine!.
  59. Just then the creature spread broad wings and flapped off into the jungle.
  60. The hem of her dress flapped in the breeze like the flag of a taken fort.
  61. The winged creature flapped its great leathery wings in graceful arcs as.
  62. Acron flapped his wings furiously, trying to lift the weight of the flower.
  63. I see! Chardonnay flapped her wings and puffed out her speckled chest.
  64. Swiftly she flapped the reins on the horse’s back and clutched the pistol.
  65. He flapped his arms and waved his hands to try and describe a picture of a.
  66. She flapped her wings towards the Nycarmans and released the sparkling dust.
  67. He flapped and struggled, trying to force his way through the tear in the sack.
  68. Large winged creatures flapped across her vision causing momentary black outs.
  69. The cold wind flapped the ends of her kerchief and her loose locks of gray hair.
  70. Sails flapped and flocks of birds exploded off the water as the wind picked up.
  71. Strapped on his waist was a military-style, flapped holster, attached to a web.
  72. The shoes flapped around on the ground until the wings folded up and disappeared.
  73. The wanderer watched in stupor as Mochni flapped his wings and flew off, gliding.
  74. The braids and cloaks of the Harad Ghul flapped and twirled in the powerful gusts.
  75. What specially struck me was when he flapped his wings, and one saw how he rose!.
  76. Edwin flapped, squawked and struggled for all he was worth, but it was to no avail.
  77. Its wings flapped, and its agitated tail hammered at the glass with audible ticks.
  78. Her new wings flapped for the first time and the warm air lifted her up above Slug.
  79. The sides of the tent flapped violently, and water dripped onto their sleeping bags.
  80. He flapped his arms once, and the shirt fluttered and stuck right back to his skin.
  81. The owl ruffled his feathers and flapped around a bit at the din the dog was making.
  82. Dragons, on the other hand, said 'fuck this' and flapped off to other solar systems.
  83. At the sound of his master's shout the hawk flapped his wings and pulled at his cord.
  84. The daemon flapped his leathery wings and lofted his massive girth above the goblins.
  85. Faster and faster the hawk flapped its wings, dipping and dodging through the clouds.
  86. And yet this note…’ Stephen flapped the piece of paper in the air in bewilderment.
  87. I think I can! I think I can! the butterfly bellowed as he flapped for his life.
  88. Her silver hair was shorn close to her head and her baggy gray robe flapped around her.
  89. Carroll stared at the two American flags that flapped on either fender of the luxury car.
  90. It was at this precise moment that the scarf flapped in the air free from Marilee's neck.
  91. She screeched at them and they spread their wet little wings and flapped about for a bit.
  92. Guardon flapped his wings at a fervent pace and thrust his shoulder into the metal barrier.
  93. A banner with the same colors flapped from a standard affixed to the cantle of his saddle.
  94. She shrugged and flapped her hand towards me as if to show that it was nothing on her part.
  95. The dragon flew from the Throne Room of The Spires and flapped his wings over the red horizon.
  96. I could see the heat signatures of many men surrounding us and flapped my wings in agitation.
  97. As if she was annoyed that we were ignoring her, Sally flapped her wings, splashing both of us.
  98. He flapped into the water and paddled to the bank; Bilbo could see his eyes coming towards him.
  99. Off to the passenger’s side, a piece of paper flapped in the wind, taped to a telephone pole.
  100. The father swan looked at the ruffling hedges, flapped its wings towards the policeman’s arms.
  1. I pull up the flaps.
  2. Jim read the moving flaps.
  3. She flaps her hand to dismiss me.
  4. Flaps suddenly disturbed the stillness.
  5. He lifted one of the velcro flaps and.
  6. London pushed open the flaps and came in.
  7. The tent flaps mouthed out a warm lion air.
  8. With greatest pleasure flaps along the dawn.
  9. Carefully he pulled back the flaps of the.
  10. Werner lifts the flaps of boxes, peering in.
  11. He says his ear flaps are almost superhuman.
  12. He went out and dropped the flaps behind him.
  13. Louie untied the pocket flaps and looked inside.
  14. The hungry famished gull Flaps o'er the waters dull.
  15. He disagrees and claims my ear flaps are just weak.
  16. It was another 19 and its gear and flaps were down.
  17. The flaps were tied back to let in the morning sunshine.
  18. The big, gleaming bird howled as its flaps cut into the.
  19. The tent flaps opened and the slim figure of Sarai entered.
  20. I popped up the flaps to reveal a black, leather-bound book.
  21. The Dwarf stood half enfolded by tent flaps, waiting motionless.
  22. The flaps of his gentleman’s cap covered the tops of his ears.
  23. Thomas pulled on the crisscrossed lid flaps until they popped open.
  24. It wasn't taped, but the flaps had been folded so it wouldn't open.
  25. It didn’t take long for the campers to disappear under the flaps.
  26. A sudden wind caught and whipped his coat flaps, disheveled his hair.
  27. The flaps were up, and inside four wide mattresses lay on the ground.
  28. A sudden wind caught and whipped his coat flaps, dishevelled his hair.
  29. Your holder flaps, the downward rush of air seals your wounds in its brush.
  30. The 727 banked majestically over Missoula, tucking in its wing flaps as it.
  31. Instead she threw the tent flaps back and jerked a thumb back into her tent.
  32. She pulled the flaps of the tent across, giving her somewhat flimsy privacy.
  33. That’s not even a very funny joke, I say, smoothing out the ear flaps.
  34. They tried to leave the tent by the south exit, but discovered that the flaps.
  35. He continued to read over his notes until Adem stepped through the tent flaps.
  36. Look at the wing flaps on that thing: that is probably its normal approach speed.
  37. The bird slowly flaps its wings and circles the ship while making loud bird sounds.
  38. If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and sets off a tornado in Texas in both my.
  39. So everything is connected within a single hologram, and maybe if a butterfly flaps.
  40. It was a bit odd, for despite the afternoon sun it wore a woolly hat with flaps that.
  41. Rob flaps his hands at both of us as if to wash his hands of two such romantic idiots!.
  42. He then marched towards the tent flaps to push them back and step out into the moonlight.
  43. Fold the flaps over, folding counterclockwise and ensuring that the edges are well sealed.
  44. The tent was still, and at last Casy spread the tent flaps with his hands and stepped out.
  45. For example, Victor insists that he has internal ear flaps, which is just ridiculous.
  46. Mike pried the box flaps open, and Casey stepped out, with Thorn and Jack right behind her.
  47. The dressing station consisted of three tents with flaps turned back, pitched at the edge of a birch wood.
  48. For a moment, when the cars came up, a few heads had stuck out between the flaps, and then were withdrawn.
  49. They were golden in color with dog-like faces, little flaps for ears, and long whiskers, white in the sunshine.
  50. Barnes might seem so starched you wonder how he flaps his wings, but let me tell you, Silas, he was a big help.
  51. I pull on my ear flaps and waddle out with my case of beer, nearly tripping on the first step through the door.
  52. Two little flaps of flimsy pale blue nylon, one at the front and one at the back, were joined between the legs.
  53. The top part was pushed in, with large flaps of skin and white edged skull bone sticking out through the splits.
  54. For a moment there was quiet and then the flaps were pushed aside and a bearded man in shirt sleeves stepped out.
  55. Donovan emptied the two drawers that housed the Dominex patient files, and folded the flaps over to seal the box.
  56. Or find it apparent by the nervous vibrating of the filter-feeding intake flaps found in the mouth of his kochlar.
  57. There are no flaps on the Raven’s wings, so I have to rely on the rudder and the elevator at the plane’s tail.
  58. So long as the dog alone barks at it, it is not afraid: it sits on a branch and preens and flaps its wings at the dog.
  59. Then we’ll see what you’re thankful for! He stooped over, entered his tent, closed the flaps and that was that.
  60. They could lower the gear and extend the flaps with hand pumps, but there was no manual alternative to hydraulic brakes.
  61. I slit the tape on box number four, hoped there was anything in it other than financial files, then pulled on the flaps.
  62. When I go underwater I always end up with an ear infection and then Victor blames me because I don’t close my ear flaps.
  63. If Super Man could carry them that far, they would have to land without hydraulic control of the landing gear, flaps, or brakes.
  64. Sarah watched her father push back his shoulder blades, flaring out his lean muscular chest like a proud bird as it flaps its wings.
  65. She then deployed her dive flaps as she pulled out of her own dive and performed a bone-crushing turn in order to face the other Migs.
  66. A large insect with blue and green wings flutters past us and settles on a flower, then flaps away and hops to a different flower instead.
  67. Only: four stories down, a few feet from the sidewalk, the damn thing remembers its wings, and with a few flaps it’s escaped into the sky.
  68. With the gear and flaps down at the slow landing speed, it was not half as respon�sive to the control inputs as when flying fast and clean.
  69. Then I sat on a bench a hundred feet from where the grass-scented breeze puffed out the tent flaps where the Malones’ funeral was in progress.
  70. The priest shrieks and flaps pathetically as his first attacker, Jack Jacobin, jabs him—again and again, harder and harder—with the stock prod.
  71. With these lines broken, Phil would have no hydraulic control of the landing gear or the flaps, which they would need to slow the plane on landing.
  72. Instantly, I was ready, hard and throbbing and she sank her hand through my pants, into the cunningly designed flaps of the underwear and grasped me.
  73. Mademoiselle Baptistine's gown was cut on the patterns of 1806, with a short waist, a narrow, sheath-like skirt, puffed sleeves, with flaps and buttons.
  74. I grabbed my sleeping bag and stretcher bed, then clambered into the tent, carefully avoiding the various ropes and flaps that threatened to trip or catch me.
  75. It has a pressurized fuselage and can also take off and land on short, rough runways, thanks to a combination of elaborate blown flaps and low pressure tires.
  76. The Bien Hoa Control Tower had squeezed them in between a landing A-1E prop job and two F-100s in formation, gear and flaps down, lights shining, on GCA final.
  77. The four Guardians were now standing to attention outside the door flaps, each with the look of a large cat that had been browbeaten by a more ferocious feline.
  78. An airplane would come plunging out of the clouds a half mile away, gear and flaps down, the pilot frantically searching for a glimpse of the runway as he got closer to the ground.
  79. The tent flaps opened and a wizened woman came out—a face wrinkled as a dried leaf and eyes that seemed to flame in her face, black eyes that seemed to look out of a well of horror.
  80. I nodded and he told me to wait so he could go in and turn on the lights and the heat, then he returned a moment later, holding the door flaps of the tent open for me, and I stepped inside.
  81. Both flying slow and nose high, with gear and flaps hanging, looking like two bush turkeys flapping and tossing their heads as they skim the jungle forest looking for a safe place to alight.
  82. Krishnan, who was a child then, played with the urchins and specialized in throwing tiny stones at the dark ‘thing’ that lay open when the flaps of the vesthi of a sleeping old neighbor was carelessly parted.
  83. Her dive flaps nearly gave way, making her P-38 shake violently for a few seconds, but her plane decelerated sharply as a result and she was able to turn inside one of the Migs attempting to come back at the bombers.
  84. And sitting there in the electric chair, trapped by the leather straps, with a wind from the tent flaps playing over her face, evaporating the wetness, staring at him and seeing the dark in his eyes, she gave the only answer it was possible to give.
  85. Has the Curse of the Valley returned? John thinks it has; the bear had probably noticed the smell from the camp earlier, but after we'd opened the flaps of both our tents, and stepped outside simultaneously, the smell must have been too much, too strong for the grizzly.
  86. And me crumpled down and smelling Grandmother's wind-cooled coat and the voices comforting and blanketing me with their solidity and their always-will-be-here sounds that would go on forever, myself always young and us always riding on a summer night in our old Kissel with the side flaps down.
  87. There was nothing to laugh at; he was standing in the entry, in his goloshes and overcoat, and in a cap with flaps over the ears, which he would have hastened to pull off, but he had, all twisted round in a hideous way, a yellow knitted scarf, which, to make things worse, was knotted at the back.
  88. Before returning to the club building, Shapiro conducted his preflight inspection, walking slowly around the airplane, testing the flight controls to ensure that the wing flaps responded correctly to movement of the control stick in the cockpit and that the tail surfaces moved in the correct directions.
  89. Air Force specifications for a crew chief are as follows: The nature of his duties—He flies with multi-engine bombers and transport planes and makes repairs and adjustments during flight; he substitutes for or helps the copilot in operation of flaps, raising and lowering landing gear, and other mechanical operations; he serves as aerial gunner during attack, supervises the ground maintenance of the ship to which he is assigned.
  90. He picks up a cardboard box, and the bottom flaps fall open,.
  91. As his last syllable lifted the tent flaps and squirmed away from us,.

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