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    1. Safe and sound on the outside and aided by the proceeds from Danny’s own bank account, together with funds received from an unwitting, Canadian ice hockey player, Annie and her great-aunt employed the services of a very expensive legal practice in the heart of Manchester’s business district

    2. He was an unwitting dupe, challenging her in a way she could not resist even if she wanted to

    3. Softly she walked to the edge of the dell, silently so not to disturb any unwitting visitors

    4. How the soldiers of both sides tried to cajole the unwitting by way of clever and flattering appeal was both amusing and tiresome – and all too often successful if attempted by a particularly silver tongue

    5. The White-Gold Tower stood as an unwitting perch for the scaly beast, and she stared in horror as it rained down brilliant flames of orange, red and white

    6. Melanie was waiting for him upstairs as the unwitting fly staggered

    7. True, she claimed that Beth was an unwitting accomplice

    8. There are magical forces playing out and I must be the unwitting subject of alien abductions

    9. In the public sector, the student and his family were the unwitting subjects of state indoctrination

    10. unwitting young mother trying to survive being married to a

    11. Ralph? The Lammas Lord was kneeling half-on half-off the bed, his hand continuing to grasp Simon’s shoulder, but his thoughts scattering away to the stars and beyond, if that were possible, as he ran in his mind from Simon’s unwitting attack

    12. He had unwitting allies among these enemies

    13. The grand conspiracy that we’re an integral and unwitting part of is a never-ending story

    14. According to him the Victorians were even more dissolute than the Romans and, to make matters worse, this depravity stemmed from royalty! He had an Irishman’s distrust of the English monarchy and with mordant relish informed me that Queen Victoria’s Prince Albert had been an enthusiastic participant in orgies, starting a fashion for nipple piercing and ball and cock rings! I decided not to inflame his ire by revealing that I’d recently been an unwitting disciple of Albert

    15. unwitting pun) but it was the first

    16. And that made Sneha an unwitting procuress

    17. Bonnie’s path included being the unwitting perpetrator of misapplied love, in order for her to understand how most of us are conformed to manipulate others under the guise of our daily negotiations through life: everything is political, and honesty is habitually framed by self-interest

    18. Bonnie’s path included being the unwitting perpetrator of misapplied love, in order for her to understand how most of us are conformed to manipulate others, under the guise of our daily negotiations through life: everything is political, and honesty is habitually framed by self-interest

    19. His unwitting participation in leading edge research (as a guinea pig) should be of enormous benefit to The Organization

    20. had been tracing the text that the unwitting coven had been using

    21. So, even as his heart responded to her love, as his mind remained cold to her ardency, he failed to warm up to her; how the inhibitions of cultures come to influence our lives, and what a double jeopardy it was for her as she had to contend with her wretched fate as well as her man’s predicament for which she was the unwitting cause

    22. Unwitting, she started to worry for them but still, she did not say her fears

    23. He unwitting sighed and

    24. coldness but the upright and righteous Nangong Ping after he had fallen in love, he unwitting became selfish too

    25. Priest Zi Bo was even more startled as he took one step back unwitting as he

    26. He unwitting walked into a cave while he was thinking

    27. organizers, their unwitting prey within the Muslim community, and

    28. unwitting pawn in a science experiment the U

    29. Kim had told her father about Ca’s involvement and informed Thran that if Ca hadn’t been there, she probably wouldn’t have survived, and how he’d also been an unwitting participant of Grimes plan

    30. Until humans wake up, and realize this: they will continue to be the unwitting pawns and dupes of an alien intelligence that delights in destroying the humanity of every baby, every child, every living person born on Earth

    31. Needing him to react, it was a tool used to overcome any unwitting

    32. When you are asleep: when you are unconscious: you become an unconscious, unwitting, unwilling vessel for their dream plays

    33. We the living have been their fucking unwitting puppets ever since we were born into this world as a new species that is designed to teach all other species how to live without killing, without hating and without fear, without envy, without arrogance, without pride

    34. [33] Children learn that form of attention from our, often unwitting, conduct as parental figures

    35. Abraham are merely unwitting dupes deceived by the religious and political leaders they follow

    36. The scent of his warm body was unwitting me, and a part of me believed it was a real

    37. Jacob was the first to articulate a question in a coherent way and he asked, “With all due respect and, quite frankly, that’s all of my respect, are you telling us that you, the creator of everything, are somehow an unwitting part of whatever is happening in this city?”

    38. When we understand the workings and the dangers of apophenia we need no longer be the unwitting victims of its workings

    39. It to eventuate in thee--the essence of the by-gone time contain'd in thee, Its poems, churches, arts, unwitting to themselves, destined with

    40. The events, locales and conversations are based on the author’s memories of them, and any unwitting errors that may appear in the book are the author’s own

    41. CONCUBINE: (originally human, now Fae, see also Aoibheal, Seelie Queen, Unseelie King, Cruce) The Unseelie King’s mortal lover and unwitting cause of endless war and suffering

    42. I cannot think of another song that so catches the pain of the parent at the unwitting selfishness of the child

    43. The initial range is likely to be small, and may be expanded through a series of excursions above and below the confines of the range, each of which could tempt unwitting traders into attempting breakout trades at these spots

    44. Those traders who are purchasing high priced, overvalued, out-of-the-money options that we love to sell to them are the unwitting participants in the “tulipmania” markets

    45. I had been the entitled half, the society-approved, legitimate half, the unwitting embodiment of Baba's guilt

    46. My friends might give me grief if I was simply being lazy, or lame, but because I had a concrete goal—and one that they could identify with—they became supporters of my cause rather than unwitting detractors

    47. With the proper cunning and the unwitting help of Carl Ferris, there was no limit to the damage Taj could do to the Americans

    48. Can Marilyn Monroe be considered Arthur Miller’s muse? Or was she more like a wounded, unwitting victim of the playwright’s exploitation? An examination of two of Miller’s literary creations—a play and a movie script—would seem to point to his former wife as having been a bit of both

    49. Each of these interconnected tales is devoted to a family living in a fertile valley on the outskirts of Monterey, California, and the effects, either intentional or unwitting, that one family has on all of them

    50. The greater fool had arrived to throw money at the company; but, unfortunately, the fools were the unwitting retail clients

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    unwitting ignorant unknowing unknowledgeable unintentional unplanned unaware unfamiliar oblivious incognizant unacquainted