upheaval sätze

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Upheaval sätze (in englisch)

  1. During these intervals of upheaval.
  2. It was a time of great social upheaval.
  3. The upheaval of feelings was tremendous.
  4. Roddy has taken all this upheaval very well.
  5. The Empire is in a time of great upheaval.

  6. With a country in such an upheaval brought.
  7. She didn’t have time for his emotional upheaval.
  8. Her world was once again in an upheaval of change.
  9. The upheaval lost most of its significance for him.
  10. The cabin was a mess from the upheaval of the storm.
  11. However, I concealed my upheaval and played it cool.
  12. Fear keeps us in ceaseless state of upheaval and turmoil.
  13. The whole social circle is undergoing change and upheaval.
  14. My feelings toward her have undergone a complete upheaval.
  15. Our entire world is in upheaval, and billions are affected.

  16. The Canadian's last words caused a sudden upheaval in my brain.
  17. The drawers and their contents were in upheaval on the carpet.
  18. But you’re probably right … it would be a massive upheaval.
  19. This kept most populations in a state of upheaval, greed and fear.
  20. Jean Valjean at that very moment was the prey of a terrible upheaval.
  21. There is an upheaval in the community as it responds to what appears to.
  22. When for quite a long time there has been no serious upheaval in the living.
  23. The meeting’s agenda reveals a growing concern of widespread social upheaval.
  24. What were they up to? My theatrical departure possibly caused a great upheaval.
  25. There is an upheaval - a revolution - which, at times, achieves a limited success.

  26. It was a year before the revolution and the country was in upheaval, what with.
  27. Nevertheless, authors have omitted to mention the effect of the political upheaval.
  28. The strengthening of the Conservatives happens during a period of upheaval that stirs.
  29. Driven to madness, the land was in a constant upheaval of frantic revolt, savagely suppressed.
  30. In turbulent times of upheaval or transition low characters always come to the front everywhere.
  31. Much of the emotional upheaval had been triggered by his relationship with Chantal, he reasoned.
  32. He thought her life would not only now be mediocre it would be a massive upheaval in his life too.
  33. The stress of his job and the exhaustion and upheaval of all that international travel made him snap.
  34. The people of Earth went about their daily lives, totally oblivious of the ultimate upheaval on its way.
  35. With all the upheaval, I hadn’t noticed that not only was I late, I was almost due for a second period.
  36. Vatican to cause and perpetuate poverty and all the suffering, conflict, social upheaval, and other ills.
  37. Thanks to the work of polyps, a slow but steady upheaval will someday connect these islands to each other.
  38. He didn’t drink much, and the amount that spewed forth from his mouth was less and less with each upheaval.
  39. At this single point in the interior there has been, in some far distant age, a great, sudden volcanic upheaval.
  40. Had all this upheaval really turned a complete cycle in less than 24 hours to see me back on this beach with Colt?
  41. Hitler stated beforehand that there was little chance of achieving final victory without the help of such an upheaval.
  42. Make bedwetting less of a family upheaval by making clean-ups easy and by making the child affected help with some clean-up.
  43. First of all we'll make an upheaval, Verhovensky went on in desperate haste, continually clutching at Stavrogin's left sleeve.
  44. The plan was that if we ever needed to bug out, to get out ahead of any massive disaster or upheaval, we would go to New Mexico.
  45. When the disaster occurred, the upheaval and disorder that followed caused the Baron to step back into the town’s picture once more.
  46. First the failure of the cloning operation, then the sudden upheaval caused by your arrival and the shock of how easily you defeated them.
  47. This is to occur after a time of much trouble and upheaval during which the forces of the old age will destroy themselves and ultimately.
  48. It could well be that their experiences had been so traumatic, such a mental upheaval, that sleep had overcome them ahead of the usual schedule.
  49. And the ones who have everything to lose from this very rightly fear it would set off a firestorm of conflict, envy, greed, hatred and upheaval.
  50. The first poem that aroused in me an emotional upheaval which only great literature can evoke was The Charge of the Light Brigade by Tennyson.
  51. Throughout all history, in any process of change or upheaval, it is the lower classes that suffer the most and the upper classes that suffer the least.
  52. In this way, The Tax is a treaty that the State makes amongst its various classes to appease them all and avert social unrest, division, and upheaval.
  53. You, all by yourself in the middle of nowhere in a land that is going through traumatic upheaval, are, may I use your phrase, also an interesting bird.
  54. The first gift of change was HAR1, which seems to have appeared consistent with the upheaval called the mammalian revolution about 310 million years ago.
  55. He never did, of course, until those final days of utter hopelessness when the money was not there, I slashed it radically and this started the upheaval.
  56. It means venturing out in many directions all at the same time, and I wonder if your friend didn’t find himself in the throes of some sort of upheaval.
  57. When he was a representative of the United States in the International Court in Egypt, he read Tolstoi’s On Life, which caused an upheaval in his soul.
  58. We believe a plot has been set in motion to cause upheaval in the political life of Hong Kong and which could seriously affect the future of the territory.
  59. It was great having him in town more often, bringing a young, irreverent voice to Washington culture during a period of generational and political upheaval.
  60. Beth felt that the social upheaval of the sixties was an environment in which her hostess would have flourished and said as much, instantly wishing she hadn’t.
  61. It will take a time of great upheaval before they will render themselves available in physical form and directly available on the steps of any government building.
  62. The levels of inequality and poverty we have here, if left unaddressed or in the hands of the likes of Zuma, mean that we are headed straight towards social upheaval.
  63. Their arguments are likely to interest the average person, however, only when he or she is momentarily thrown off balance by an emotional upheaval of one sort or another.
  64. After nineteen months of upheaval, I had hoped my life would settle down, but near the end of December, Scott informed us that he and his family were moving to New Mexico.
  65. I closed my eyes and relaxed against him as the feel of his physical strength and the knowledge of his spiritual maturity became peace itself in this moment of turbulent upheaval.
  66. They really enjoyed it all the way through, and not being present during the time of quiet visitation about the temple, they escaped much of the anticlimax of the popular upheaval.
  67. My quaking days are done; and after that one thunderous upheaval I am fascinated by the charm of quiet weather, and of a placid basking in sunshine I have made with my very own hands.
  68. In a word Priscilla's mind was in a state of upheaval, and the only ray of light she saw anywhere--and never was ray more watery--was that Tussie, for the moment at least, was content.
  69. On the flip side, with close to 60 percent of China’s total workforce active in farming, large-scale commercialization would mean massive dislocation and upheaval for millions of people.
  70. Released in 1964, The Times They Are a-Changin’, became an anthem for the disaffected, and many felt that it captured the spirit of social and political upheaval that characterized the 1960s.
  71. Earthquake–Social upheaval, but especially of the earth, which represents the status quo, tradition, the establishment, and foundations of human civilizations which are currently based upon money.
  72. A further issue for consideration is that when the attack was launched, German hopes of victory were optimistically built on the prospect that the invasion would produce a political upheaval in Russia.
  73. One cannot, however, keep up such joy, and Ingeborg found that things after this brief upheaval of emotion settled back again into how they were before, except that she felt extraordinarily and persistently ill.
  74. And the great owners, who must lose their land in an upheaval, the great owners with access to history, with eyes to read history and to know the great fact: when property accumulates in too few hands it is taken away.
  75. That is why at the first uprising, at the first upheaval of this unnatural pyramidal social order: the very same peon that meekly bows to his rich landlord may be the first to murder him in his bed and burn down his house.
  76. In times of upheaval and social crisis, the explosion of the daimonic in art vacillates between poiesis ex machina – creation out of the social apparatus, and the phoenix ex apocalypse – creation from the destruction of the old.
  77. It may be imagined what an upheaval it made in the town! One has only to remember that as the fête was divided into two parts every lady needed two costumes for the occasion—a morning one for the matinée and a ball dress for the evening.
  78. When prompted by phone whether this upheaval was a cause for his resignation, the mayor responded by saying there were several other avenues to explore before reaching that extreme situation, and that he was confident in any decision from the governor.
  79. The hot tea along with the sedative Conrad had given her down in the lobby, combined with her pain medication (not to mention all the emotional upheaval she’d undergone during the past few hours), made Kathy feel drowsy, and within moments she was sound asleep.
  80. Oh, Alyosha, I am not blaspheming! I understand, of course, what an upheaval of the universe it will be, when everything in heaven and earth blends in one hymn of praise and everything that lives and has lived cries aloud: ‘Thou art just, O Lord, for Thy ways are revealed.
  81. Drained of blood, buried in one upheaval after another, degraded and autopsied and, minus eulogy, tossed into a mass grave, we men took a minute to stare at that dropped curtain, behind which hid the pickpocket and her victims, behind which a man quickly hoisted his trousers up his spindly legs.
  82. Then this obedient thing, this pliable uncontradicting thing would return, for instance, from an illicit trip abroad, betrothed to an unknown foreigner, and somehow in spite of violent opposition marry him; or, as in this second volcanic upheaval, with no preliminaries whatever, refuse point blank--the final effect on Herr Dremmel's mind of her incoherence was a point blankness--to live with her husband as his wife.
  83. The same story is told still more plainly by faults—those great cracks along which the strata have been upheaved on one side, or thrown down on the other, to the height or depth of thousands of feet; for since the crust cracked, and it makes no great difference whether the upheaval was sudden, or, as most geologists now believe, was slow and effected by many starts, the surface of the land has been so completely planed down that no trace of these vast dislocations is externally visible.
  84. Ingram left Ingeborg sitting temporarily on the edge of the seat clasping her umbrella and coat and little bag, while he walked through the train in search of more space, refusing to believe such a repulsive thing could happen to him as that he should be obliged to travel to Bellinzona with four sleeping Swiss; but the train seemed to be a popular one, else a national festival was preparing or some other upheaval that caused people to move about that night in numbers, and all the compartments were full.
  85. It can neither be proved on the one hand, as the partizans of the State claim, that its destruction would be followed by a general upheaval, by robberies and murders, and by the nullification of all social laws, and the return of man to a condition of barbarism; nor on the other, as the enemies of the State affirm, that man has grown so virtuous and well disposed that, preferring peace to enmity, he will no longer rob and murder his neighbor; that he is quite able, without State assistance, to establish a community, and conduct his own affairs; and that the State itself, while assuming an air of protection, is really exerting a demoralizing influence.
  86. With a social caste system that has refused to change for thousands of years; how else could they give any hope, or meaning to the indentured suffering of hundreds of serfs, slaves, untouchables, and vassals that were still living? What better way to stave off any possibility of social upheaval or rebellion, than to inculcate all its inhabitants into a religion that teaches and glorifies the resignation and acceptance of suffering… by giving them a pie-in-the-sky reason to become resigned to never being able to change their lot in life for better? Teaching the oppressed masses to become resigned to their suffering is basically, what all religions do.
  87. In the case of an extensive and shallow sea, such as that within a large part of the Malay Archipelago, where the depth varies from thirty or forty to sixty fathoms, a widely extended formation might be formed during a period of elevation, and yet not suffer excessively from denudation during its slow upheaval; but the thickness of the formation could not be great, for owing to the elevatory movement it would be less than the depth in which it was formed; nor would the deposit be much consolidated, nor be capped by overlying formations, so that it would run a good chance of being worn away by atmospheric degradation and by the action of the sea during subsequent oscillations of level.

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