upthrust sätze

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Upthrust sätze (in englisch)

  1. The initial upthrust exhausts itself, the market rolls over, and a pullback begins.
  2. This pattern is the opposite of the Wyckoff spring, and is usually called an upthrust.
  3. An aborted breakout of accumulation into an uptrend may well be an upthrust, which is a sign of potential distribution.
  4. An upthrust is a push above resistance, followed by an immediate failure as the market meets sufficient supply to push it back down.
  5. Matt was having a field day combing over the remnants of the long bygone past that were upthrust here and there along the forest floor.

  6. Coming out of my reflections of the past, I eased Flin towards a small brook up ahead of us that ran along the base of an upthrust of rock.
  7. Sam sprang in, inside the arches of her legs, and with a quick upthrust of his other hand stabbed at the clustered eyes upon her lowered head.
  8. The failure test pattern is the classic Wyckoff spring and upthrust; the only adaptation is the addition of a firm stop level and a concrete trading plan.
  9. The next day, marked b, VRSN opened below the orange line, showing that the previous day was a false upside breakout (some would call it an upthrust).
  10. If this does not happen, it is more likely that the breakout will fail, perhaps painting a spring or upthrust outside the previous support or resistance level.
  11. After consolidating again for nearly a quarter, another upthrust back above the level decisively ended any hopes for another easy trend leg up and the market gapped open lower the next day.
  12. Since one of the cleanest trades in a range is the test beyond the confines of the range that immediately reverses, as in the classic Wyckoff spring or upthrust, we can trade reactions off those higher time frame ranges with some degree of confidence.
  13. The actual last gasp pattern is nothing more than a Wyckoff upthrust, but the key is that it is preceded by sufficient consolidation to set up the potential for another trend leg up; the pattern draws its power from the failure of that potential.

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