vaporize sätze

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Vaporize sätze (in englisch)

1. But I'm glad I didn't vaporize her.
2. Scout, is that true? Did you guys just vaporize another student?
3. Large pieces that do not vaporize completely and reach the surface of.
4. All Earth’s water will vaporize and our atmosphere will no longer exist.
5. Instead, I looked down at my hands and wished that I could vaporize into thin air.
6. This time you’ll vaporize a much larger section of the surface skin and send in a probe with an antimatter warhead.
7. Those same three seconds in turn allowed the firing from 7,000 Morg ships to vaporize 346 of Vice-Admiral Yonan’s ships.

8. The wielders had made huge pyres to vaporize as much demon flesh as they could, though miles of dark congealed flesh remained.
9. Pink torpedoes destroy or vaporize unshielded offensive weapons; mostly used for Earth-type weapons or primitive weapons systems.
10. The materials used were designed to vaporize and release the colorless, odorless gas without causing any contamination to the environment.
11. What you just saw was one of the six battleships in our fleet, the JEAN LANNE, on its way to go vaporize the Vikings approaching Toulouse.
12. They don’t need to turn over and burn us with drivewash, all they have to do is drop a screw when they cross our path and our point will vaporize.
13. D was going to vaporize Chiron right out of his wheelchair, but he just sighed through his nose, as if he were used to being beaten by the Latin teacher.
14. Apart from having enough firepower to vaporize half of the major cities on Earth, it can probably withstand about anything short of a direct hit by a nuclear weapon.
15. As long as your drone had even a tiny bit of power remaining, you could detonate its reactor core in an explosion that could vaporize everything within a tenth of a kilometer.
16. Sharing the rover’s mast with its MastCam, the ChemCam contains a 1,067-nanometre infrared laser that can vaporize small amounts of rock as far as 7 m (23 ft) from the rover.
17. When faced with creatures up to ten times your size and strength, who carried weapons of a sort you’d never even imagined, that could vaporize anything they chose, what choice remained to an intelligent race such as homo sapiens sapiens? What they were, would become a subject for much discussion and wrangling amongst our world’s greatest minds.
1. I felt like that the hot steams were vaporizing from my body.
2. Sniggering, they circled Zac, their breath vaporizing in the chilled night air.
3. He concentrates on the dog’s landmines and sends a small torpedo towards it, vaporizing it.
4. Think of its effects on vaporizing the seawaters and on causing the rain falling, then in making the plants grow!.
5. Raising and pointing quickly his disintegrator rifle, Dempster fired once, vaporizing the head and upper torso of Humfrid.
6. This time, they were continuous beams, instead of short bolts, and danced around the street, vaporizing both vehicles and soldiers.
7. The energy bolt easily burned through the Viking chieftain’s chain mail armor, vaporizing half of the internal organs in the torso and killing Hastein instantly.
8. He nearly threw away the weapon after a disintegrator bolt shot out with a sharp crack, vaporizing half of a decorative vase, along with a large patch of the wooden floor.
9. Very few people realized what was going to happen to them before the rock impacted its intended target, utterly vaporizing it all, hill, mine and chemical agent stocks alike.
10. Since the glow and the heat of the sun which spreads its rays into the seas are the reason of vaporizing their water and of making the clouds; therefore God mentioned the verse:.
11. A 28-meter-wide hole opened in the planet releasing an extraordinarily bright beam of monochromatic radiation, like a laser except not collimated, vaporizing the asteroid-like probe.
12. Tammy couldn’t help jump back in stunned surprise when a blue ball of energy shot out of Nancy’s extended right hand with a loud crack, vaporizing the steel collar and vitrifying the sand around it.
13. Those laser beams, entering the fusion chamber at carefully calculated angles, hit a tiny pill of deuterium-tritium, vaporizing it while at the same time compressing the gasses under tremendous pressure and temperature.
14. The same massive, invisible laser beam that had vaporized the woman’s arm then moved across Bogdanovich’s lap, vaporizing both of his legs just under the knees while also burning through the deck in a spectacular geyser of incandescent sparks.
15. Before another twentieth of a second had passed a massive bolt of bright white destruction had lanced across the sky and instantly devastated the enemy force, obliterating their Shields like paper and vaporizing their bodies, while the young giant boy they held was Sent to safety, and three of their number were rendered unconscious and Sent to The Hall of The Assembly.
16. Obama, dour, deadpan, and soulless, with an arrogant tilt of the head, a great orator? Is stroking with soothing words those whose wonderful country he intends to drag down into sociofascist poverty quite the same thing? Is a wigwagging mist of rhetoric, soaring from alternate TelePrompTers, if seemingly enticing upon emission, but vaporizing when pursued for substance, great oratory? There must be another word for it.
1. His body vaporized.
2. It was like they were vaporized.
3. The pirate ship vaporized within seconds.
4. She saw the flash as the missile vaporized.
5. Without hesitation, he fired and vaporized the Soothian.
6. There was so much water that it was even found in the sky, vaporized.
7. Everything within a hundred miles of the base would be instantly vaporized.
8. Must have vaporized between the lobby and the tenth floor, she concluded.
9. Whoever the other man was that had saved him had also vaporized into thin air.
10. Tim, who had his gun out, vaporized two of them before he was tackled from behind.
11. The usual grey of the morning sky replaced with a thick layer of vaporized blue earth.
12. I remembered the field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, when I’d vaporized Mrs.
13. Half of his chest vaporized away, Yizong fell dead without a word at the warrior’s feet.
14. Then, a few seconds later, the explosion vaporized everything at that end of the Grand Hall.
15. Close to the point of detonation all inflammable materials will be ignited—even vaporized.
16. Water for Injection, vaporized with suitable mist elimination, and distributed under pressure.
17. But he had shot me one of his smoldering Baba looks, and the words had vaporized on my tongue.
18. Apparently, their rat was the one who got vaporized, since Monroe still needed that information.
19. Quick as a whip, he raised an aerosol can and sprayed the boy in the face with vaporized chloroform.
20. In the jar only the metal parts of the floppies are present—the disks themselves had been vaporized.
21. When the vaporized rock slowly cooled and solidified against the inside of the bubble, it formed these crystal formations.
22. With any luck whatever did this won’t notice the fact that, as the probe was vaporized, the colors emitted during the 0.
23. It was a bubble of vaporized rock made by the impact that formed First Valley, trapped hundreds of feet below the surface.
24. It was a bubble of vaporized rock made by the impact that formed First Valley, trapped hundreds of meters below the surface.
25. Its source, the enigmatic Book, exploded forth bright flaming rays that vaporized, fair instantly, the sad remains within the pit.
26. What was not destroyed by impact was roasted out by the hot molten rock lava created as the small asteroid was nearly vaporized in the process.
27. It was as though the anxiety he’d felt his entire life had vanished; the invisible fear that followed him day in and day out had vaporized into thin air.
28. When Ellen would see one of them, she would grab her father’s single shot, twelve-gauge shotgun, and in no time at all, the snake’s head would be vaporized.
29. Several of the tiny ships vaporized when hit by their own missiles, and others were destroyed when they collided with the debris from the ships in front of them.
30. Like anyone really cared how she occupied herself; the whole concept of in loco parentis had been vaporized in some kind of national encounter session circa 1973.
31. Not one of the Vikings was able to advance within five meters from the commandos before they fell on the ground, dead, or were simply vaporized by disintegrator bolts.
32. New investors often ask us, What is the worst-case scenario we could face? Our answer is that an asteroid could hit the earth and we are all vaporized in a millisecond.
33. Of course no interstellar mission is really safe, a snowflake they couldn't dodge could take them out, even if they vaporized it with the point laser ten thousand miles ahead of them.
34. Jumping over the fact that Zembelo had just shown more care about his residence than about the close to 34,000 men and women vaporized in Capetown, Mavutu answered with an impassive face.
35. The container of the catalyst had been secretly filled with a different chemical, and when he poured it out, one of the metals instantly vaporized into fumes he couldn’t avoid inhaling.
36. A Sylvan recognized Mark and Talia and pointed them out as he cried; The Keys! There! Kill them! Relgemit’s violet energy beam vaporized him a second later, but the damage had been done.
37. Jones input the codes for the firing sequence and seconds later a brilliant flash of light streaked out of the northern sky and vaporized the drone flying at 200 miles per hour over the Arctic snow.
38. If looks could kill, then the old television set resting on a small table would have been vaporized under the hateful glares of the five bearded and turbaned men present in the lounge of the large house.
39. Upon impact, it was theorized, huge quantities of earth, vaporized water, and most of the asteroid was hurled into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, some of which, it is thought, may have reached escape velocity.
40. His heart was enlightened with the radiance of Christ; that which was taught from his youth vaporized into the oblivion, and I also began seeing those fumbles of my early immaturity, as now seen, as the path that I had to take and learn from.
41. The same massive, invisible laser beam that had vaporized the woman’s arm then moved across Bogdanovich’s lap, vaporizing both of his legs just under the knees while also burning through the deck in a spectacular geyser of incandescent sparks.
42. Mixed with the soldiers were many man-sized machines that also fired lightning bolts, along with a few, much bigger machines with weapons that fired thick, powerful bolts that vaporized whole sections of walls, along with the Morgs hiding behind them.
43. Hit by a massive, sustained beam of plasma, the headquarters building of the Time Patrol was vaporized, along with the surveillance center located underneath it, while the other buildings of the Time Patrol complex were either melted down or caught fire.
44. The unfortunate crewmembers present in the holed compartments were brutally sucked towards the holes in the hulls, where they were either shred to pieces while their bodies squeezed through the breaches or they were themselves vaporized by the continuous laser beams.
45. The souvenirs of the people she had lost in that fighting then came back to her, bringing tears to her eyes: young Martha Pfalz, killed by a Nazi sniper; Dana Mulano and her team of 17 surveillance technicians, vaporized with the headquarters building in New Lake City; Sandra Billings and Keith Strong, shot down with their scoutship in the battle with the ROYAL SOVEREIGN.
46. Her growing up, however, had been done in the other world, the world of Jenny, with its miles of highways, its drive-ins, beaches, and bougainvillea, chaparral, Tastee Freez, wildfires, stucco, cineplexes, bumper cars, in-ground pools, planned subdivisions up in the foothills with grids of paved streets and manholes and streetlights, as if someone had forgotten to build the houses, or as if some B-movie bomb had vaporized them.
47. Coming down at hypersonic speed while surrounded by a violet halo of high level plasma energy from the friction with the atmosphere and followed by a long tail of fire, the four million ton asteroid missile slammed down on Mafia Island a mere two kilometers away from Mobutu’s palace, its kinetic energy and halo of super hot plasma making it dig deep into the ground before the impact vaporized it, along with the surrounding rock.
48. The cryogenic hydrogen, passing first through thermal exchangers in the inlet ducts of her Marquardt ramjets, nearly instantly cooled down to the freezing point the inlet air that had been superheated by being compressed in the inlet duct through ram effect, increasing its pressure and greatly increasing the efficiency of her ramjet engines, with the now vaporized hydrogen igniting after mixing with gaseous oxygen and producing a total thrust of 240 metric tons.
49. But when Aureliano Segundo opened the windows a familiar light entered that seemed accustomed to lighting the room every day and there was not the slightest trace of dust or cobwebs, with everything swept and clean, better swept and cleaner than on the day of the burial, and the ink had not dried up in the inkwell nor had oxidation diminished the shine of the metals nor had the embers gone out under the water pipe where José Arcadio Buendía had vaporized mercury.
1. The laser vaporizes about four inches too low and to the left.
2. In contact with the fire, it vaporizes, and this vapour displaces the oxygen.
3. I ain't got representation steps up and takes the young girl's hand, saying confidently, Only love vaporizes the military machine.
4. Think of its effects on the seawaters and how it vaporizes them and causes the rain to fall, which in turn causes the plants to grow!.
5. For example, the sun is like a ruler of the water; that is, it fulfills the function with which it was charged by the Almighty Al’lah, according to which He directed it; thereby water vaporizes.
6. For example, the sun is as a ruler over the water, that is, it achieves the function with which the Almighty Al’lah charged it and according to which He directed it, and thereby the water vaporizes.

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