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    1. ” Aldous took this as a cue to vanish back into the inner office

    2. Over a long period of a few years some share show a consistent growth, some show ups and downs around a mean value, some show a persistent fall in value and quite a few just vanish out of market or are quoted at a value which is not worth the cost of paper on which the share certificate is printed

    3. are tongues, they will cease; whether there is knowledge, it will vanish away”

    4. the heavens will vanish like smoke,

    5. that things would never be the same, that our round table would vanish into

    6. As he had been commanded; he stood atop the scorched tower of the Archenon, his keen eyes of white watching for the last of the refugees to vanish into the distant bloody aura

    7. "Hah, the Destroyer? Even if you had the man, nothing living has stepped through the Gate in five hundred years," Katrina said, trying to vanish beneath her veil

    8. Entire races could vanish in an instant and for what? When viewed through this perspective, existence itself was a failure

    9. But that object would vanish out of existence in an instant of contact with the wave

    10. Other than Joseph and me, the only movement seemed to be insects as they skittered across the tawny earth to vanish into small patches of dried grass

    11. “Mother,” I placed my hand over hers and gave it a small squeeze, attempting to make her fears vanish

    12. Sebastian looked up in time to see Mars vanish with a final rumble of thunder

    13. Had they witnessed their family, friends vanish? He recognised the curious amorality in his desperate desire to

    14. ' As he held it up for her to see he realized what a fool he was! Why was he doing this? For Chris'sakes why was he showing her the bread knife! He wished it would vanish

    15. Jack would lie in bed, staring at her for ages, enraptured, until the frame and then the wall and finally the whole room would vanish in a halo of light, as if he were staring down a long glowing tunnel, with himself at one end and St

    16. But when she tried to stand her legs seemed to vanish from under her and she fell sprawling on her face

    17. And she wanted to share as long a time with him as possible, even if it was only watching his tail-lights vanish down the road

    18. In an instant, he made the balls of lightning vanish; then he used flows of Air to tie the nearest assassins hands at their sides

    19. The five thousand horsemen followed Carl and the noblemen to vanish into the night

    20. Something appeared for a fleeting few seconds, not matching any known profile, only to vanish as inexplicably as it appeared

    21. So they would all vanish in a few hours

    22. “Lift up your eyes to the , and look upon the beneath: for the heavens shall vanish away like smoke, and the earth shall wax old like a garment, and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner: but my

    23. (notwithstanding a certain willingness to entertain the respective merits of a variety of different viewpoints), will become apparent as a number of (youthful) friendships begin to vanish, superseded by more ―meaningful‖ or customary relationships for convenience sake, 92

    24. “What, Helen? Maybe he can tell me that it is impossible for a grown man to vanish leaving behind a downpour of water?! Helen I know what I saw, and I know it sounds crazy, but one minute I was staring at William only six feet away from me…”

    25. He could accept that William was his son – indeed he’d never met a man so like himself in character – but what if it were to happen again! Was a person’s place in this world so uncertain that he could just vanish in an instant? Thomas feared losing Sarah in the same way

    26. Momentarily startled, Truman failed to react, then a faint smile rippled across his face only to vanish

    27. She had largely lost interest in society life, becoming so deeply involved in several ongoing affairs and the happenings of San José’s nightlife scene, that she felt she couldn’t simply vanish the moment François arrived at the airport

    28. She needed the incident to vanish and for the remaining animal to enter the United States this same day, without indication that there had been any problem at all

    29. Because, if they could, her problem could be made to vanish

    30. Perhaps he HAD known how she felt! Maybe that was why he had chosen this time to vanish from her life

    31. Not that Melchior needed to flee in such a way; for he could simply choose to vanish whenever necessary

    32. And he had seen the Patriarch vanish and reappear, wielding strange instruments of unknown origin that would have been deemed utterly blasphemous

    33. I whirled about to confront her, "I don‘t know, could it be that I got to work late one day, only to find that my entire R&D team had been slaughtered by a deathbot, which had somehow managed to vanish without a trace?"

    34. But men had been known to completely vanish before; men that had attracted the ire and viciousness of the ruling scum that still chose to wear the facade of divinely appointed men of honor

    35. What good will the vanishing tricks do? Will you just vanish when the crowds of free men will be running after you, demanding nothing less than your head? Or will you put on another light show like the one around me, hoping that the people you consider animals will be dazed and so sublimed that they’ll beg you for forgiveness for their sins? Tell me, oh Holy Avatar, why should we capitulate without even a fight?”

    36. Have you ever felt really stressed about something, only to see the stress vanish when you talk the situation through with a friend?

    37. Far below their feet, furious swirls of white hot and molten red rock churned with rage, their incandescent light gracing the thought-defying towers that seemed to vanish into the infernal abyss with an eerie glow

    38. They laughed, sang, and happily let thoughts and emotions vanish

    39. If it were said, it would vanish

    40. Vanish in reality

    41. His voice was gentle and calm, and quietly, her fury began to vanish

    42. Could he not just vanish from Laru's surface and leave her to feel good! Why right now, why right now when everything had been so good and easy!

    43. That she could not just let it vanish as they could

    44. Maybe we will always be angry like that when someone questions it? Maybe the anger will vanish? Who knows? But nuse, it does not matter

    45. It was populated, built up, only to vanish again and to be recreated

    46. She felt that she in any moment would collapse and vanish in the nothingness as if she had used up even the strength that kept her alive

    47. She heard her own voice again; her own screams as she saw the road to Elior vanish

    48. She held on to him suddenly afraid that he would vanish from her again

    49. When you get the click, all of the restrictive effects of the codependency are cleared at once—all the fears, anxieties, lack of self-confidence, looking for external leadership and validation, the feeling of being a kid in the middle of adults—they just vanish like they never existed

    50. All this water would vanish into the sand in a day or two, but I needed to get across now, and avoid getting the engine swamped by plunging the truck into a ford that might turn out to be too deep

    1. The images vanished and

    2. ---> (Sad) Nothing left on this site, love vanished

    3. Audacity and Greenstone's cannon shells sparkled over the rough alien hull for almost a second before it vanished

    4. Whole worlds, maybe more advanced than ours, may have vanished because of unpredictable or inevitable cosmic phenomena

    5. The three squadrons of alien aces vanished from sight, presumably lost somewhere in interstellar space or incinerated when some sizable portion of the energy that went into the transit's opening hurled itself out into the Mizar system in a fountain of high energy particles, microwaves, and infrared

    6. For a moment or two, she twirled in a spasm of incredible intensity; then the sorceress fell silent, wrapped herself in her black mantle and vanished in an ethereal green cloud

    7. there was a blue flash and the Jodechians vanished

    8. The locals appear to have vanished indoors for the siesta; only a couple of birds perched on a roof and a cat sitting on a doorstep watch us as we make our way towards the waterside

    9. “Of course we never had more than a point source signal from it in any frequency, but they have all vanished

    10. vanished, and he began to sink, because the universe

    11. has vanished, and fatigue has been reversed

    12. A quick glance told Chrissie that Andy had vanished

    13. and a small staff, but they had vanished without trace

    14. vanished like the ghosts that occupied it

    15. seemed to have vanished

    16. Loretta threw caution to the wind, and touched the green bollard fence; she then vanished in a flash of light!

    17. her hand on it; she then vanished in a flash of light

    18. There was a white flash, and Theresa vanished

    19. Neither the crew nor the aircraft’s on board communication systems relayed a distress signal, indication of bad weather, or technical problems before the aircraft vanished from radar screens

    20. As if fighting a ghost, the One Elf vanished wherever his blade fell

    21. But the glow vanished, and he dismissed it as a trick of his mind; the hammer most likely catching the light of mage-fire or a distant lighting strike

    22. He walked toward the table, traversing a kaleidoscope of light that vanished harmlessly as it fell on his black robe

    23. The pair of blue eyes and death masks vanished as Alec entered Halabat's cloud of smoke

    24. Wait," The male Guard called out to him, but the elf paid him no mind and soon after vanished altogether, swallowed by the forest

    25. A forked tongue flicked from the creature's mouth, then vanished

    26. After initiating the steady death march of warrior prisoners into the Rift, her husband had suddenly vanished, leaving a fearful and crushed Council of Races to ponder his latest evil machination

    27. Everything near him had evaporated, vanished as though it did not exist and even though he stood at its outskirt it took all his power to survive it, barely

    28. The tarmac which had rolled down from the Misty Plateau all those months ago had vanished

    29. Dipping his head to Alec, the One Elf vanished into the building

    30. There was no sign of the undead, their wounded having vanished in silver-fire while all those who could yet move dragged their bloated forms toward the city's heart

    31. Her nausea had vanished

    32. The psychic attack was far greater than the one that had taken down Prince Adros – but when it met the ball of light, it simply vanished, never even nearing its actual target

    33. It was not real in the way the mud vanished from his skin as he walked back ashore

    34. The theory proved true, the giant’s telepathic hold over them vanished

    35. But then he realized how many were missing, and his smile vanished

    36. He had simply vanished

    37. Whatever he had seen of crimson had vanished, before his very sight

    38. His hopes that the man would leave upon getting his smoke vanished, as he kept standing there next to him, blowing puffs of smoke into the air

    39. The terns had also vanished

    40. The cats' eyes were riveted to them as they soon vanished from view

    41. She had just reached the corridor and vanished into the dull gloom of an alcove when the Quartermaster burst into the hall after her

    42. She touched her cuff and at once the Naud bridges' view screens returned to their own control and her own image vanished from Husim's

    43. So she sat on the ground, barely noticing that the animals previously surrounding her had soundlessly vanished back into the hazy woods

    44. passionate kiss and then vanished

    45. It was as if in a matter of mere days, all of the usual assurances had vanished

    46. soon enough, then he vanished out of their

    47. And as quickly as the amiable soldier had appeared beside young Roscius, he vanished forthwith with a final brilliant smile and warm wink

    48. She raised a finger and the Nephlii with their captives vanished

    49. They vanished before his eyes

    50. vanished back into the mist

    1. The skeletal child vanishes along the beach whispering

    2. vapor that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away

    3. He finished with a series of Productions and Vanishes amongst the audience, the old coin behind the ear stuff, and then, like Cinderella, he left with his meal and beer voucher before last orders when his Dad turned up to give him a lift home

    4. Naturally, as soon as her head hits the pillow, all tendency to sleep vanishes as though by magic

    5. Once your mind kicks into gear and captures your attention, your ability to hold onto the experience of happiness vanishes

    6. "His scent just vanishes

    7. The individual is eliminated and vanishes in unquestioned submission to the will of those who wield state power

    8. On the edges from where the light of the moon comes out, there again she wanes till all the light vanishes and all the days of the month are at an end, and her circumference is empty, void of light; And three months she makes of thirty days, and at her time she makes three months of twenty-nine days each, in which she accomplishes her waning in the first period of time, and in the first portal for one hundred and seventy-seven days; And in the time of her going out she appears for three months of thirty days each, and for three months she appears of twenty-nine each

    9. Seconds later, however, the horde swallows up the priest, and he vanishes within wave after wave of roiling turmoil

    10. All at once, blood vanishes from her cheeks, leaving her face a shocked ashen

    11. I move my hand to hold his, but Zachary vanishes at vampire speed

    12. He vanishes in the blink of an eye, leaving me baffled

    13. question and the unknown vanishes with it

    14. the unknown vanishes, too

    15. On the edges from where the light of the moon comes out there again she wanes till all the light vanishes and all the days of the month are at an end and her circumference is empty void of light; And three months she makes of thirty days and at her time she makes three months of twenty-nine days each in which she accomplishes her waning in the first period of time and in the first portal for one hundred and seventy-seven days; And in the time of her going out she appears for three months of thirty days each and for three months she appears of twenty-nine each

    16. Then the terrible noise vanishes and he is whole again, with a greater knowledge of who it is who has helped him here

    17. It vanishes into the dark

    18. He takes his first step into the emerald sphere, and everything vanishes away

    19. In the twinkling of an eye, the circle vanishes entirely and Ralph feels the tremor of the emeralds in his grasp, as if their power has come home to roost

    20. When this desire vanishes, there remains no further need for the body, and man is free from the vicious circle of births and deaths

    21. Even as her universe is assimilated and everything around her vanishes and transforms itself into an elegant ballet of logic and perfection, she understands your purpose and the terror makes her finally understand

    22. Regina vanishes and the trail is cold

    23. Then without warning it was gone, vanished as a bubble vanishes when burst

    24. vanishes when the lights are turned on

    25. vanishes into thin air

    26. Her powers were sealed and she her memory vanishes

    27. Failure to complete this mission is irrelevant if this installation vanishes

    28. Dropping to the driver's seat, she vanishes into the darkness of the roof hatch as the lid slams shut

    29. The feeling of the cool, grimy bricks on his face vanishes

    30. Some of the founders of religions were astonishing individuals, but all their glory vanishes in my eyes when I cease to think of them as human beings

    31. The positive vanishes for the adopted child who is searching for his or her mysterious biological parents

    32. “Then we should try to find some, before the planet vanishes again

    33. You are used to being in the limelight, because you‘re the main worship leader during youth and Sunday services, then suddenly, everything vanishes before your eyes like a deflated balloon, because you were faced with all those gossip and wrong interpretations about you being friends, and I‘d say, close friends with a guy, who happens to be in the same congregation you are in and a youth leader, just like you

    34. It is also better than the present life in its continuity and eternity, for the bliss of this life is temporal and soon vanishes while the bliss there is unbroken and lasts forever

    35. Lowering the sword, he pulls a knife from his belt and hurls it in the beast’s direction, but the monster vanishes and the knife explodes harmlessly against a tree

    36. The vision of flames in Loki’s eyes vanishes

    37. The life to come is also better than the present life in its continuity and eternity, for the bliss of this life is temporal and soon vanishes, but the bliss to come is unbroken and lasts forever

    38. “Eliminate money and the drive of the human species vanishes?” she asked bombastically

    39. Our interview is over – it didn’t help that Stripehead turned up an hour late for it – and there’s a quick hand shake before Stripehead vanishes into the milling crowds outside the hotel

    40. When winter vanishes spring emerges

    41. I guess what truly makes us all happy is love no matter if it vanishes after death

    42. He paddles up to the weir, gets out, picks up his canoe, carries it round to the other side, gets in, and vanishes in the windings of the water and the folds of the hills, leaving the girls in the tennis-courts--you remember the courts are opposite the weir—uncertain whether to titter or to blush, for he wears I suppose the fewest clothes that it is possible to wear and still be called dressed, and no stockings at all

    43. Then as Anthony drives forward and is about to mow her down, she vanishes into a swirly smoke of blackness

    44. When she turns her face away, she vanishes into her own shadow (the new moon), and when she meets the sun in closest conjunction, she also hides his face - an occultation (eclipse)

    45. The kind expression vanishes

    46. He says we will be safe here until the sun vanishes

    47. The inter-orange space vanishes and the walls (peels) become

    48. selfishness and greed, and the supply vanishes, or man is separated from it

    49. When you take away the context of an overpopulated human society: the factor of social standing vanishes because it only exists in the context of a pyramidally structured accumulation of overpopulated human society where people are fighting each other to get to the top of the shitpile

    50. Take away the Imaginary Linear Line from human awareness: and abstract civilization crumbles, disappears, and vanishes before your eyes

    1. Antonia says one more thing to him before vanishing from the wall, "Well, if you change your mind or need anything, like food or water, just ask for it and it will appear on the table

    2. The tags of the wind wailed high in the atmosphere – a lost soul vanishing as quickly as her realisation of its presence before reappearing again from another, unexpected quarter

    3. “They said that there’s been no evidence of a crash but apparently the radar saw the missing airplane turn back before vanishing!”

    4. Beyond that they were swallowed by a dark khume that ran perfectly straight off to a vanishing point

    5. The walking corpse that had once been a woman was struck down in a field of green, vanishing in silver flames

    6. "Poor Mother Mcready ‘and her now with a broken arm", she picked the arm up and threw it at the vanishing figure as it weaved and ducked across the immaculate lawn toward the gates

    7. He was invigorated by the air and the bracing wind and the sight of the vanishing ball of the sun which was turning the sky a rich shade of orange

    8. Lightning flared on the edges of the camp, first a single blue bolt, followed by fourteen thick posts of light that flared before vanishing

    9. Then suddenly, they ceased their attacks, the Battle Angels returned to their Resting Points, their weapons and minions vanishing with them

    10. The building illuminated, sensing his presence, fluorescent strips extending to a near vanishing point

    11. Turning away from his grisly discovery, Grindel hastily entered the inner chamber, all thoughts of rebellion vanishing once he stood before the bent and twisted old figure dominating the small space

    12. “A spoon of minced scallop with Greek yogurt dressing,” the server explained before vanishing again

    13. With that having being uttered they both broke down in hearty laughter, the strain of their situation and the accumulated fatigue almost vanishing as if washed clear away with one simple joke

    14. What good will the vanishing tricks do? Will you just vanish when the crowds of free men will be running after you, demanding nothing less than your head? Or will you put on another light show like the one around me, hoping that the people you consider animals will be dazed and so sublimed that they’ll beg you for forgiveness for their sins? Tell me, oh Holy Avatar, why should we capitulate without even a fight?”

    15. Ethan smiled with a corner of his lip in a bitter fashion before exhaling, the smoke swiftly vanishing away in little curls and twists

    16. before vanishing as quickly as it had come into a section of

    17. come to a halt before the wall, vanishing completely without

    18. man had done a vanishing act at a bus stop and, to cap it all, a call from the detention facility claiming a Mr

    19. ” Kierkegaard seems to have had a premonition that anticipated the neuroscientists and their vanishing humanity

    20. Levi was persistent, and I exploited more vampire speed and vanishing, creepy hide in the shadow techniques in the last week following that pleasant dinner party at the jock’s home than I ever had combating evil villainous vampires in the last two hundred and fifty years

    21. Where and why, on what and how much are all factors that impact while our money keeps vanishing

    22. Her refusal was instinctive but, even before its echo had died away, she sensed her resolve vanishing

    23. Nor anywhere, Duncan replies, his thoughts chasing after the jewels of words already vanishing

    24. He could see flashes of black, leaping towards him and then vanishing away

    25. Our world has been vanishing quickly

    26. A sense in his thoughts that everything he understood was vanishing and he was being swept away into a world he knew nothing about

    27. Those four were unscathed by the white bolt, though they had been in the midst of it and the three Sylvan had been stripped of Shields, as had three young dragons who floated in frightened shock for a moment in their suddenly emptied airspace before vanishing

    28. He understood that, but the sense of the place he had been in was rapidly vanishing out of his mind-grasp

    29. He would start again, use other words, but the time for it is fast vanishing

    30. “They are vanishing,” he whispered

    31. “The trees are vanishing

    32. Streaks of crimson began to appear in front of Simon’s eyes and he knew the time he had was rapidly vanishing and in the turn of a story’s edge his chance would be gone

    33. The legends, all the stories his mother and the village women had told, the tales Simon had soaked up in childhood, the very few times—again as a child—that he’d seen them, their trade with the peoples he’d come across before their sudden vanishing once more

    34. Then, when he had it all, and aware, more than anything, of the vanishing perspective of the outside world, he reached towards the cut and slipped his mind inside

    35. It spun like a circle of fire around Dolmar where he lay on the ground before coming to a point at his neck, coalescing into a quivering circle of red and vanishing as suddenly as it had arrived

    36. All that was vanishing since the battles began

    37. At the same time, his mother’s words—be strong—drift through his head before vanishing

    38. Annyeke could see mountains and streams and forests, great cities rising and falling, their peoples flourishing for a moment before vanishing to make way for the next

    39. Eastwards, the man pushed on; heading in a direction opposite to that of the slowly moving, merciless sun; shinning down through the dead-empty skies with all its might, and vanishing every trace of life from the ground

    40. Later, as the last charred oak slat of the main door fell into the room, Tress whispered the magical enchantment and wrapped the cloak tightly about her, vanishing into the surroundings

    41. steps and crawled onto the roof, vanishing into the veil of

    42. Winded by the force of the bolt, Tress had managed to pull her cloak around herself as she fell backwards, instantly vanishing from sight and smothering her face in the rough fibres of her cloak

    43. here in Clarendon, so he had to pull off his vanishing act a couple of times a week

    44. The Polarian ship bolted after it, it too vanishing into alteredspace

    45. Then once again the water poured through the top of his head and he told me that I missed a spot before vanishing, as Krazy liked to do

    46. Our initial searches for others, the fears, the vanishing hopes,

    47. You want to swim, you sink to the depths of the ocean, fish eyes bubble their lenses, their bodies going belly up, back stroking to vanishing point

    48. Astray trotted after, vanishing into a jagged, knee-high split in the coral

    49. When Jehungir came upon the cliffs they were just vanishing among the reeds beyond ear-shot

    50. There was a sensation as of all sanity and stability crumbling and vanishing

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