wane sätze

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Wane sätze (in englisch)

  1. But he did not wane.
  2. Isabel’s headache began to wane.
  3. But her affection for Varenka did not wane.
  4. That's past the full, into the wane he goes.
  5. Smitty’s unruffled demeanor started to wane.

  6. As light began to wane, that no longer worked.
  7. The hushed chorus of threats would wax and wane.
  8. He knew his star was on the wane, I began.
  9. Schnottweiper’s patience was beginning to wane.
  10. Besides, this problem would wane with experience.
  11. The short winter day began to wane, as if the cold and.
  12. Employees are stressed and customer service begins to wane.
  13. Romanticist writing when Romanticismwas already on the wane.
  14. The strength of the earth grew wane because the extraction was vast!.
  15. Even when he resumed his scan of the crowd, her discomfort did not wane.

  16. The super-human’s resolve was beginning to wane, his strong stature wavering.
  17. She will wax and wane, and will receive and give positive and negative aspects.
  18. It was the first time that day that his enjoyment of the occasion began to wane.
  19. At the shutting of the door, Mother Yagga’s magic in this world began to wane.
  20. Just when some of my anger was starting to wane, the new girl I’d recently hired.
  21. Sensual intimacy through kindness, love, hugs, smiles, and gentle touches would wane.
  22. That the moment it ceases, they would be less happy, and the glory of God would wane.
  23. It would be like six o’clock in the afternoon and the external light began to wane.
  24. And thus Ilyás's estate grew less, and he fell lower and lower, and his strength began to wane.
  25. The reason he stayed on with us so long was out of loyalty, but that too seemed to be on the wane.

  26. Glancing between the nearby buildings I could see the trees beginning to wax and wane more violently.
  27. Now, with the subordinate phantoms, what wonder remained soon waned away; for in a whaler wonders soon wane.
  28. Around 500 BC their authority began to wane and it was finally overthrown by another northwestern state, the Qin.
  29. Your Candidacy will strengthen or wane with further events and changes of circumstance, and with your own development.
  30. About thirty minutes into the drive, however, and soon after he’d finished his coffee, Damon’s energy began to wane.
  31. The degree of market efficiency and the attractiveness of trading strategies can wax and wane depending on the environment.
  32. They did not do that, they finished their cups and set off toward the east and the Kimoneea well before the light started to wane.
  33. And possibly into the eternity for platonic love, unlike its sexual cousin, could never wane, he said as his eyes turned moist.
  34. You start to see how blessed you already are in the Lord, and your desire for wanting bigger and better things seems to want to wane.
  35. Godwyn had always assumed that Kingsbridge would be his springboard to higher things but, he realized now, he had let his ambition wane.
  36. As the world advances and science develops and solves the mysteries of our world, Christianity will wane and atrophy whereas Islam will bloom.
  37. Although appearing to be slightly on the wane, MySpace is still an incredibly popular website, ranked approximately the eighth most popular website in the.
  38. The natural energy that she’d absorbed from the sunlit fields on the way to the caverns had started to wane, slowly affecting her usually spritely demeanor.
  39. Sighing deeply, he looked up at me with his faded blue eyes, but he didn't say anything, just gave me a wane smile, while a single large tear rolled down his cheek.
  40. When we regard unconscious material as generated by a process, how-ever, we recognize that it will wax and wane depending upon how we handle and observe the present.
  41. Back in 2003 when the CN story started to wane the tabloid newspapers tried for a while to keep it alive with suggestions of cover ups and conspiracies by the authorities.
  42. He was relieved to have the opportunity to leave when he saw Blackthorn's body start to droop and the talk that had flowed non-stop since his arrival began to waver and wane.
  43. On the third night, the moon was on the wane, and had begun to rise later; at one o'clock in the morning, possibly, she heard a loud burst of laughter and her father's voice calling her:—.
  44. Hopkins might behold it with ineffable joy and see his own glory diminish if the suffering of the lost should wane, but that type of heart has never been mellowed by the softening influences of the gospel.
  45. My life had been too flat, too long, and her memory fired me because those five days of Tellys absence, those utterly mad five days, were still-glowing embers that would not wane in my psyche with the passage of time.
  46. By a chance, which added yet more to the intensity of the darkness, the moon, which was on the wane, did not rise until eleven o'clock, and the streets which the young man traversed were plunged in the deepest obscurity.
  47. They rise, wax, wane; are new, old and eclipsed; pass by progressive phases of the familiar to the lean crescent of contempt, with a constancy in decrepitude—speaking amorously—which cannot only be followed, but—foretold.
  48. Don't all you gang bangers covet this China white? Hey man, it's there for the taking, so go for it! Slicky's demeanor started to wane, he studied the remaining fourteen lines Mitchell created, almost devastated by his demands.
  49. Although there is a slight increase in beef demand in late spring and early summer, demand for beef tends to wane during the hot summer months because families favor quick meals and are eating on the run, with summer activities (e.
  50. The two weeks just before the week of the late-stage-base-failure it moved up straight from the bottom of the stock’s chart base on below-average volume, with the second week occurring on extremely light volume, a sign that buying demand was beginning to wane.
  51. What with the kshatriya power too on the wane, the traditional Aryan leadership was dispirited and disjointed under the Mohammedan rule in India, and the Hindus, as though to seek a mass escape from life’s hardships had turned to spirituality, which distanced them even farther from the social realities.
  52. He would say, alluding to Aunt Kate and Aunt Julia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the generation which is now on the wane among us may have had its faults but for my part I think it had certain qualities of hospitality, of humour, of humanity, which the new and very serious and hypereducated generation that is growing up around us seems to me to lack.
  53. The warm, natural light, whose presence had been sorely missed by the tall windows that flanked the grand lobby and now robbed the chandeliers of their monopoly, combined with the liveliness of the guests, filled him with an optimism and confidence that had started to wane given the dramatic turn of events, which made the prospect of solving the case seem hopeless.
  54. The essential question is this: if the Female Spirit driving early preliterate cultures was considered a superior one for becoming more Godlike, why did the female spirit wane and the male spirit wax? It seems to me this is one of those times when earth moved heaven and heaven moved earth, and in this case, earth moving heaven meant we sensed we were not fulfilling our deepest instinct of becoming more Godlike.
  55. And the first quarter is called the east because it is the first and the second the south because the Most High will descend there yes there in quite a special sense will He who is blessed forever descend; And the west quarter is named the diminished because there all the luminaries of the Heaven wane and go down; And the fourth quarter named the north is divided into three parts: the first of them is for the dwelling of men and the second contains seas of water and the abysses and forests and rivers and darkness and clouds; and the third part contains the garden of righteousness.
  56. And the first quarter is called the east, because it is the first, and the second, the south, because the Most High will descend there, yes, there in quite a special sense will He who is blessed forever descend; And the west quarter is named the diminished, because there all the luminaries of the Heaven wane and go down; And the fourth quarter, named the north, is divided into three parts: the first of them is for the dwelling of men, and the second contains seas of water, and the abysses and forests and rivers, and darkness and clouds; and the third part contains the garden of righteousness.
  57. Why, luckily for men, the hard nuts to crack for the final favor are few and far between! But then, the harder the struggle to win women over, the sweeter would be the pleasure in having them, wouldn’t it be? Oh, what else draws a man to a woman than his desire to access her persona specifics? Won’t woman bare her veiled assets for her fancied man to dabble with her private accounts? But after a few jaunts of his to her favored joint, what would be left in her for her lover to explore, and for her to show him more? And thereafter, how could she cater to his innate need for variety and what else she could conjure up to sustain his enticement? Oh, the poor thing, seeing his interest in her wane in time, won’t she turn more so eager to keep him in good humor? Of course, the more she gives her man; even more she satiates him, doesn’t she? And it’s only time before she finds her paramour bypass her favors for lesser flavors.
  58. Although we are separated for a while, our lasting love would never wane,.
  1. Now that appeared to be waning.
  2. It’s called waxing and waning.
  3. Moon, Full Moon, and Waning Moon.
  4. The hour is waning, precious moments.
  5. Section 9 - The Waxing And Waning of Fear.
  6. As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted.
  7. The waning sun was sinking into the last.
  8. Moses stared deeply into the waning flames.
  9. Section 8 - The Waxing & Waning of Motivation.
  10. His half of the year to waning winter darkness.
  11. Daylight was waning, and it would soon be dark.
  12. I saw tears in his, reflected in the waning light.
  13. The waning gibbous moon rose behind her on the patio.
  14. He sneered in spite of his waning vestige of confidence.
  15. Democracy? the Waning Washington Press Corps and How It.
  16. Saruman was shown that the power of his voice was waning.
  17. Now and then at midnight when the moon is waning low.
  18. The golden sunset was waning and the air had grown sharp.
  19. Bruce surveyed the camp quickly and doused the waning fire.
  20. The night was old, and westward the waning moon was setting.
  21. But interest appears to be waning and we need to be vigilant.
  22. In the waning light, I noticed she wore the wrinkles of many years.
  23. Heed not in due time the first waning of a sigh, that of the first.
  24. Oblivion of you will not prevail, for without waning over me you reign.
  25. Alex felt her resolve waning as she meekly said, Alex, we’ve both.
  26. The pneumonia gripped the young man, tearing from him his waning health.
  27. My strength was waning, and I felt myself crash to the ground once more.
  28. The lovers sank into exquisite oblivion by the waning light of the moon.
  29. His strength was waning and his flesh melting like ice in a spring thaw.
  30. Her strength was quickly waning and an icy wind cut into her face, but she.
  31. His usefulness to the cause was quickly waning and he was becoming a liability.
  32. This might have been a welcome development, as her own interest was waning again.
  33. We could characterize these as reluctant highs, to indicate waning momentum.
  34. It takes time, though once aware of the waxing and waning, then like a storm cloud.
  35. Mohammed, his strength waning as the cancer ate him away, still felt strong and alert.
  36. The moon was waning but still nearly full, and the stars were brilliant in a cloudless sky.
  37. As he would start calling him Monk or Monku, it was sure sign of his inhibitions waning away.
  38. And sparks, barely visible in the waning daylight, begin to ignite the pile of dry material.
  39. Stratos, on the other hand, in his early sixties, was experiencing a waning of his sexual drive.
  40. I grieve that my waning strength prevents rejoicing in the sight of your most gracious presence.
  41. The moon will rise at 11:35 PM and be waning gibbous, showing about seventy percent of its disk.
  42. My dad was more of an outsider—except for his waning financial responsibility, he had moved on.
  43. King Calas? Why do you ask? Concern took over his features and the friendly smile was waning.
  44. Even in the waning light, Hermann had little difficulty locating the house for which he was looking.
  45. With her waning strength, she gripped the wooden stake and pulled it out, falling back from the pain.
  46. Conservative influence within the Republican Party, despite liberal protestations, is clearly waning.
  47. It was a dynamic network of living family and friends with connection waxing and waning through time.
  48. The afternoon would finish waning soon, and the fading sun would at last be overcome by the bleakness.
  49. The waning demand has been driven by faltering industrial demand, lower power demand, and normal weather.
  50. He could see the white town of Salinas far out in the flat and the flash of its windows under the waning sun.
  51. They fully embrace periods of waxing and waning, resting and balance, and they accept the flux of the universe.
  52. The candle pattern and the ease-of-movement indicator both gave hints that downward selling pressure was waning.
  53. Heed not in due time the first waning of a sigh that of the first whispering sound of a newborn infant’s cry.
  54. Initially, they start off full of self-motivation, then, as time goes by, a waxing and waning of de-motivation sets in.
  55. His sexual needs and drive were waning and, it seemed to him, Leas, far from remaining constant, were indeed increasing.
  56. Back in February, in Interest in VIX Waning? I spoke about how the new trend seemed to favor QID options over VIX options.
  57. Finally it was their first night in their completed home, the three lovers sat out in the waning evening sun beside the pool.
  58. And as they push deeper into America, even Nicky seems to sense his ability to hold together the PHP through sheer will waning.
  59. The inability of the second reaction high to reach the upper band shows waning momentum, which can foreshadow a trend reversal.
  60. The sun had finally begun to warm them when they came in view of the town, the bright rays touching them in the waning afternoon.
  61. He floated by them, and slowly his boat departed, waning to a dark spot against the golden light; and then suddenly it vanished.
  62. The less forceful the waning personality of the deceased becomes in the eyes of the courts, the easier it is to establish the 60.
  63. And with a panting cry that was half curse, half gasp of straining agony, he lunged toward it, thrusting with all his waning power.
  64. That is, and as mentioned before, consciousness itself is always in a sate of flux, going through the same stages of waxing and waning.
  65. Yet the scene in the dining-room of the Abbey Grange was sufficiently strange to arrest his attention and to recall his waning interest.
  66. Werewolves could change whenever they wanted, but were at the mercy of the phases of the moon, their strength waxing and waning with it.
  67. In the final analysis, the crisis ultimately lies in a waning of spiritual attitudes that correctly underscore the meaning of Existence.
  68. Helen Thomas – Watchdogs of Democracy: the Waning Washington Press Corps and How it Has Failed the Public (2006: Scribner – New York).
  69. It is also our understanding that all fears are a human dynamic of duality which are subject to the general principles of waxing and waning.
  70. A person shouldn’t keep chocolate in hands reach if they have a weakness for it, especially when will power is on the lower end of waning.
  71. More troubling, perhaps, is the negative impact this incident will have on the war effort at a time when public support appears to be waning.
  72. You have some good financial days when the Moon is waning too, but they won’t be as good as the good financial days when the Moon is waxing.
  73. So making up is mind Morgan went to search out the others, stopping for a moment he stepped out of the shadows and into the waning light of the sun.
  74. Demand for bacon and other high-fat, high-cholesterol foods appears to be waning as a result of the health-conscious eating trends sweeping the nation.
  75. Tunka-tunka-tunka, this tiny sound seemed lost among the giant trees and yet grew louder; closer, waxing, waning, here, there… tunka-tunka-tunka-tunka.
  76. We all have some imbalances, even if they are just the result of the waxing and waning of the five elements within and around us throughout the day and night.
  77. Then, one morning as that first moon-cycle was waning, Ralph had risen early, taken the emeralds he kept close to his bed and left his chamber, his intent clear.
  78. The light in the guard-house, half derived from the waning oil-lamps of the night, and half from the overcast day, was in a correspondingly uncertain condition.
  79. She had to free the band around her left wrist before the Mayor attacked her again, but her strength was waning, her nails were broken and blood oozed from the tips.
  80. For example take the pre-eminent comedian of America, the late George Carlin, who outlasted all the other comedians in the waning days of the Age of Comedy in America.
  81. He recalled that awful night with the breaking ice, the fog, and especially that waning, upturned moon which rose in the morning and lit up something dark and terrible.
  82. All these passions constantly waning or growing more ardent, did not prevent her from keeping up the most extended and complicated relations with the court and fashionable society.
  83. An awe that cannot be named would steal over you as you sat by the side of this waning savage, and saw as strange things in his face, as any beheld who were bystanders when Zoroaster died.
  84. Luckily, despite all the interviews today, we all slept soundly until morning, blissfully unaware of the rain that pitter-pattered on the roof and the waning moon that slid behind the clouds.
  85. The waning beams glinted on the thick golden chain which Dion of Attalus twisted continually in his pudgy hand as he sat in the flaming riot of blossoms and flowering trees which was his garden.
  86. At last as the afternoon was waning they came to the eaves of the forest, and in an open glade among the first trees they found the place of the great burning: the ashes were still hot and smoking.
  87. Can you see that when fear is grouped collectively, it weaves through, waxing and waning? In other words, and in the case of the roller coaster, fear does not dominate, but neither does excitement.
  88. Greenburg‘s column, as I recall, underscored the Penn State-Indiana game that saw the Nitany Lions surrender two fourth quarter touchdowns in the waning moments of a game whose outcome was never.
  89. Gambelli had a small crate of German parabellum 9-millimeter ammunition that had been captured sometime in the waning days of the war, and each of the Americans had brought at least one German pistol.
  90. In these waning days of the big studio musical, Fox’s decision makers knew it lacked the one ingredient that would send moviegoers stampeding through the nation’s theater turnstiles: Marilyn Monroe.
  91. Al-Husseini had tried to block the building of this Jewish shrine on what was Muslim sacred ground, using all of his quickly waning influence to convince others to act against the Overseer, but to no avail.
  92. Meanwhile the short winter day was waning! And when at even the last sunbeam gilded the frozen window-pane of the little room, the soul of the sufferer fled in pursuit of it out of the emaciated body that had kept it prisoner.
  93. The waning light darkens the land and increases the contrast between it and the sky, with the result that all the landscape towards the west is reduced to practically one dark tone, cutting sharply against the wide light of the sky.
  94. I remembered the month of August in our country house: a dry bright day but rather cold and windy; summer was waning and soon we should have to go to Moscow to be bored all the winter over French lessons, and I was so sorry to leave the country.
  95. They gradually came to talking more frequently of matters outside their love, and in the letters that Emma wrote him she spoke of flowers, verses, the moon and the stars, naive resources of a waning passion striving to keep itself alive by all external aids.
  96. And as he read in a voice that was genuinely impressive those words that no voice could make unimpressive, I watched her, saw her paleness blanch into pallor, saw the dusk creep round her eyes until they were like stars waning somberly before the gray face of dawn.
  97. It had been next to impossible to dart these drugged-harpoons, were it not that as we advanced into the herd, our whale's way greatly diminished; moreover, that as we went still further and further from the circumference of commotion, the direful disorders seemed waning.
  98. This resolution of mine was not due to any lack of material, since I have notes of many hundreds of cases to which I have never alluded, nor was it caused by any waning interest on the part of my readers in the singular personality and unique methods of this remarkable man.
  99. Oh, how guilty he felt towards Rogojin! And, for a few warm, hasty words spoken in Moscow, Parfen had called him brother, while he—but no, this was delirium! It would all come right! That gloomy Parfen had implied that his faith was waning; he must suffer dreadfully.
  100. It was as if she’d been afraid her life might otherwise fly away, and knowing the fear was justified—wanting to reach in somehow and warn her—was surely part of the compulsion Richard Groskoph felt in the waning days of January, sinking deeper into Land of a Thousand Dances.
  1. The activity had waned by 2 AM.
  2. Gradually, his confidence waned, though.
  3. A low confused moan waned from his mouth.
  4. One waxed and the other waned to a crescent.
  5. Public interest in space exploration has waned.
  6. TUESDAY afternoon came, and waned to the twilight.
  7. Billy’s anger has gradually waned and his voice.
  8. Vronsky noticed that Betsy’s enthusiasm waned when.
  9. As daylight waned, the noises from outside stopped.
  10. As the trailing notes of the howls waned off I smiled.
  11. This interest hasn’t waned, even to the present day.
  12. Her vision waned, as Abanir carried her up, in his arms.
  13. With nothing to sustain him Torbin’s consciousness waned.
  14. Express arrived at Godhra station,' the official said as his voice waned.
  15. Once he was old enough and her usefulness had waned, Russo dismissed her.
  16. His sunken eye-pits were of morbid hue, and the light in his eyes had waned.
  17. And in time, when desire had waned, time would soften our disappointment as it.
  18. They were excited about the state dinner, but their interest in Will had waned.
  19. Even though the search was not as intense as it once was, my interest never waned.
  20. The confidence of having the druids’ spells enhancing her combat abilities waned.
  21. Demand for beef had not waned after the BSE scare, but the borders were still closed.
  22. Under the battering of his arguments the power of Ysobel waned and slowly disappeared.
  23. Summer had passed him by and the mellow cool of autumn had waned into the edge of winter.
  24. The fall waned and another Christmas approached, and Phil’s family received none of them.
  25. The excitement waned slightly the moment Cap’n entered the room, along with Reverend Keller.
  26. The family’s fortunes waned in the 1940’s, and Blake Hall was abandoned and become dilapidated.
  27. Her surface beauty quickly waned, seemed sullied by a sooty cloud that came upon Her like a plague.
  28. Once inside his loft, she cried out as her strength waned, nearly collapsing as he laid her on the floor.
  29. Annelle was born 9 months after Joshua and Madeliane were married, but his love for my mother never waned.
  30. Now, with the subordinate phantoms, what wonder remained soon waned away; for in a whaler wonders soon wane.
  31. It has not waned in the 30-plus years since that day (and my weight has never returned to that level either).
  32. Impact Alert had waned, and shields were being repaired for another possible round and there were some deaths.
  33. But as the stars retreated and the moon waned the sounds of the jungle were interrupted by a course: Get up.
  34. The daylight filtering through the windows waned, and the property lines grew squiggly before Amaranthe’s eyes.
  35. Their conversation waned once night had fallen, and Colling slept fitfully as the train rattled on towards Krakow.
  36. In fact, once he depended upon their support, his attention weakened and his ability waned and, he did almost sink.
  37. Over the last few years, however, he had developed other interests, primarily his work, and his enthusiasm had waned.
  38. His enthusiasm for the story waned as he stretched back and wallowed in the warm memories of the moments in Winnipeg.
  39. Suddenly, in the space of a mere couple of days, his political moon had severely waned, shedding its former brightness.
  40. The power of the Pope and the Cardinals of Rome waned while the power of Secular Kings, Lords and barons and Emperors rose.
  41. A fourth thing she knew was that the tree had once been greater, but it had waned as all things, even the trees, someday must.
  42. A few remained behind, determined to keep the issues alive, but the fires became embers and on the whole public interest waned.
  43. With each mile that feeling waned, as I imagined him getting farther and farther ahead of me, hiking at his customary blazing pace.
  44. A continuous hint of rotting vegetation waxed and waned in the faint wisps of air, a fitting reminder of what happens to idle life.
  45. The tableau all waned at last with the pallidness aloft; and once more the Pequod and every soul on her decks were wrapped in a pall.
  46. Is it true!? Her confrontational tone waned into astonishment at the youth, who was the recipient of her primate feces flinging.
  47. It actually became pretty cordial as the afterlunch waned, to the point where she wondered if he was trying to be the bait boy playing her.
  48. Church attendance although impressive compared to ours, had nevertheless waned, and most Greeks saw the CoG as backwards, outdated and indulged.
  49. The silent line of old cars stood against the road, and in the road itself a clump of sparks waxed and waned, cigarettes of the watchful deputies.
  50. He wanted to escape that very night, for the nights were dark then; the moon had waned, but as luck would have it, the Tartars returned that evening.
  51. His auditory awareness of his immediate surroundings waned as if he had just plunged into the deep end of the pool and was descending to the bottom, bubbles.
  52. Yet the story received national attention, demonstrating if nothing else that the public’s hunger for interesting stories about Marilyn Monroe has never waned.
  53. Out of the black shadows there glimmered little red circles of light, now bright, now faint, as the burning poison waxed or waned in the bowls of the metal pipes.
  54. They were both surprised and for an instant Adu’s attention waned as he shot a reflexive look behind him, where the bartender should have been holding the shotgun.
  55. Passing through the solid, seamless wall made the children instantly nauseous; the colors warped, waned, and distended even as the coral itself seemed to stand still.
  56. The planet moved through space and the flowers of the fields grew up and fell away, and still the city waited; and the rivers of the planet rose and waned and turned to dust.
  57. The grins waned, and Eric could almost see what went through the pranksters' minds: first a sense of dread, then thoughts scrambling for a witty retort, and finally submission.
  58. Strangely enough, this time it proved to be quite easy for me to dodge the thick azure beams as his marksmanship seemed to have waned a little -maybe because he was still dizzy.
  59. The volume and excitement over the ETF and the wind power sector in general has waned, but I believe this is the time you need to begin building a position in the out of favor sector.
  60. When affordable computers started catching up to and surpassing the graphics of consoles in the late 1980s, the games' popularity waned in favor of graphic adventures and other genres.
  61. The profitability of such arbitrage (really: relative value trading) strategies waned significantly in the past decade as the technologies to exploit them became widely available.
  62. The adrenaline that had rushed through her body earlier when she had heard the gods warning her of McAdams’s pursuit had waned somewhat when she saw him, bloody and limping and trembling.
  63. Doyle’s suspicions that Adam’s memory held the answer to the big question never waned and he played him like a fish, taking his time to reel him in, being careful not to lose him in the process.
  64. Barfoot had been indoors for weeks; or the Captain says things look bad, politics that is, for as Jacob knew, the Captain would sometimes talk, as the evening waned, about Ireland or India; and then Mrs.
  65. He knew without a doubt that he still loved her, but would her passion for him have waned? He had worried about this, but as he stood before her now, her eyes filling with tears, he knew she still felt the same.
  66. Finally the unremitting, almost desolate, sameness of the basin floor was interrupted by a small farming village and as Afternoonday of Iyosaign waned, on the anniversary of boarding Vyinga's ship, the ordeal was over.
  67. Ruby grew paler as the summer waned; the White Sands school was given up—"her father thought it better that she shouldn't teach till New Year's"—and the fancy work she loved oftener and oftener fell from hands grown too weary for it.
  68. As the last ice age waned, a two-thousand-foot-high ice dam holding back a vast lake in Montana—later dubbed Lake Missoula by geologists—gave way not once but several times, unleashing a series of floods of unimaginable scope and ferocity.
  69. Did the screaming Populi of Rome understand why they were conquered and sacked, and killed for hundreds of years… after their city had stopped butchering and raping other lands and peoples for a thousand years? After Rome’s power waned? Do humans ever try to achieve a wider-greater perspective and understanding of their own lives beyond their own noses?
  70. This eagerness waned as he read the message,.
  71. As the third stage of their day's march drew on and afternoon waned,.
  72. After the school day is over, when interest has waned and the mind has tired of exercise,.
  1. Their power wanes by and by.
  2. His happiness neither grows nor wanes.
  3. The full moon wanes and returns again.
  4. If interest wanes, possibly too much time is.
  5. Love? It waxes and wanes Hearts break Wives outlive Husbands.
  6. As the embodied soul waxes from childhood to youth, then wanes to.
  7. Every month, she waxes and wanes and will receive some positive or negative aspects.
  8. The energy market often suffers another low during midsummer as demand for crude oil wanes.
  9. Confidence in the Six DiCarlo Daughters Wanes as the Opening Date of the Latest Resort Approaches.
  10. Think of its effects on the sea and its waves, and how it causes the sea to rise and fall as it waxes and wanes!.
  11. Will power waxes and wanes, leaving us weak at some moments, and strong at others, and that makes us victims to.
  12. We might have to wait till his celebrity status wanes a little before we put the squeeze on him, but we got him.
  13. Sure, there will be fewer non-salary inducements to seek elected office as the special interest group grip on politics wanes.
  14. But for those who can wait out the eruption of enthusiasm-those with patience and job security-opportunities will abound when the excitement wanes and fear reappears.
  15. As the energy moves around the loop, it naturally waxes and wanes, passing through each form, that is de-motivation, a point of balance, self-motivation, resting, and so forth.
  16. Who makes it appear as a small arched crescent in its first days, then turns it into a full moon at the middle of the month? Who causes it to pass back through its phases until it wanes and becomes out of sight?
  17. Money might blind for a time, might hold back and delay problems for a while, but sooner or later its brightness wanes, sooner or later it is not enough, and sooner or later you come up against someone who has more.
  18. Though their mutual liking during the sojourn might enthuse the hearts of the infatuated co-travelers, once they separate, unsupported by the habit that sustains a relationship, their enthusiasm for each other insensibly wanes, pushing the nascent ardor on to the back burner.
  19. How strong is the trend? Are there any warning signs that suggest it could turn? How far might it go? What should our expectations be when it does turn? How can we monitor the strength of the trend as it waxes and wanes, and gain some more insight into the relative buying and selling pressure behind the trend? These are all important questions, and they all can be addressed by some very simple analyses.
  20. On the edges from where the light of the moon comes out there again she wanes till all the light vanishes and all the days of the month are at an end and her circumference is empty void of light; And three months she makes of thirty days and at her time she makes three months of twenty-nine days each in which she accomplishes her waning in the first period of time and in the first portal for one hundred and seventy-seven days; And in the time of her going out she appears for three months of thirty days each and for three months she appears of twenty-nine each.
  21. On the edges from where the light of the moon comes out, there again she wanes till all the light vanishes and all the days of the month are at an end, and her circumference is empty, void of light; And three months she makes of thirty days, and at her time she makes three months of twenty-nine days each, in which she accomplishes her waning in the first period of time, and in the first portal for one hundred and seventy-seven days; And in the time of her going out she appears for three months of thirty days each, and for three months she appears of twenty-nine each.
  22. And as your morning yearning slowly wanes,.

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