wear sätze

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Wear sätze (in englisch)

1. I need to wear it.
2. When to wear a tie.
3. Wear a cap at night.
4. POTION X to wear off.
5. I had to wear a brace.
6. You should wear a bell.
7. He has nothing to wear.

8. Nothing I wear can be.
9. Let the shock wear off.
10. No need to wear it up.
11. Wear this dress, and I.
12. Wear a sunhat in the sun.
13. You can wear it a while.
14. I tended to wear cotton.
15. I can wear nothing else.
16. Youll need to wear it.
17. It began to wear on him.
18. She had little to wear.
19. She had nothing to wear.
20. She had wanted to wear.
21. Wear a belt that’s new.
22. She didn't have to wear.
23. When to wear black suits.
24. I can wear my red outfit.
25. That wear our lives away?
26. Wear old or tired clothes.
27. I didn’t wear a suit.
28. Chapter 10: What To Wear?
29. I hope you didn’t wear.
30. He continued to wear the.
31. Going to wear his ass out.
32. To wear out the obsession.
33. Wear yer gray jersey then.
34. The day began to wear away.
35. I haven't a thing to wear.
36. These pots we have to wear.
37. They too wear animal skins.
38. Hours wear out and fall away.
39. Wear this, don’t wear that.
40. And had to wear his sister's.
1. Is wearing on the mind.
2. I was wearing a white.
3. He was wearing a grey.
4. He is wearing his Rolex.
5. He was wearing a pair.
6. He was wearing only a.
7. He was wearing a white.
8. One day he was wearing.
9. I settled on wearing it.
10. He was wearing a $2,000.
11. He was wearing camo and.
12. I was wearing at the time.
13. Benny was wearing a dark.
14. But this was wearing thin.
15. She is still wearing her.
16. He was still wearing his.
17. She was wearing a yellow.
18. She was wearing a t shirt.
19. She wasn’t wearing a bra.
20. He stopped wearing a watch.
21. MY Patience is wearing down.
22. I'd been wearing a purple.
23. They were all wearing gear.
24. Still wearing his one glove.
25. She was wearing a loop of.
26. And a sparrow still wearing.
27. Billy Graham was wearing out.
28. Today he was wearing a suit.
29. They were wearing ski masks.
30. Ashley was wearing an over.
31. He was wearing a city shirt.
32. He was wearing clothes that.
33. The heavy nurse was wearing.
34. She's wearing a chef’s hat.
35. He hated wearing dirty socks.
36. I’m still not wearing it.
37. The one couple were wearing.
38. She is wearing a pink lehnga.
39. He should have quit wearing.
40. They were wearing dark blue.
1. Was by the Son worn.
2. He shoved a worn red.
3. I had worn a blue T-.
4. We are quite worn out.
5. Your boots are worn out.
6. The main gates are worn.
7. I see the cover is worn.
8. A worn path crossed here.
9. A worn dirt road emerged.
10. She looked so old, so worn.
11. But she is worn to nothing.
12. Tom should have worn spores.
13. She hadn’t worn it before.
14. When our father died, worn.
15. I am worn out with watching.
16. There was a small worn path.
17. My heart was heavy and worn.
18. When I was really worn out.
19. Or even worn a bathing suit.
20. In Denmark's crown have worn.
21. Relief Jon had worn a condom.
22. One that was humble and worn.
23. The girls looked rather worn.
24. Worn it since I started high.
25. She could see it was well worn.
26. The gold had worn off the back.
27. Worn and unhandsome as he had.
28. The shirts are worn as armor.
29. The entrance had a long, worn.
30. It was late, everyone worn out.
31. His main car had worn out, and.
32. I should have worn something.
33. Earring: A jewel worn in the ear.
34. Time and use had worn away the.
35. Worn out by anxious watching, Mr.
36. He felt puffy, worn out and bald.
37. All the others were worn and old.
38. It and I have worn away together.
39. Everything I have is worn out.
40. Such a pity you have not worn it.
1. He wears a pink suit.
2. It wears off as they.
3. Often He wears a dark.
4. She wears a smug smile.
5. Upon his head he wears.
6. No one wears ski masks.
7. He even wears shorts and.
8. Yes, and it wears you out.
9. She wears a red robe and a.
10. Wears shoes of plaited bast.
11. She wears a sleeveless shirt.
12. He wears white tie and tails.
13. The Spaniard usually wears his.
14. His horse wears the royal crest.
15. But still the face wears a smile.
16. Sometimes, the assailant wears a.
17. Her cap of tulle still ever wears:.
18. He wears his blonde hair shoulder.
19. Frequent change wears a person out.
20. She wears a backpack and starts to.
21. He always wears long sleeved shirts.
22. The death of one, Who wears the mask.
23. That’s the shirts maintenance wears.
24. These are the clothes my faction wears.
25. He only wears long sleeves and overalls.
26. He sometimes wears his pants inside out.
27. Audrey wears her black Victoria’s.
28. John’s wife wears a bathrobe and hair.
29. He wears a coat that’s too big for him.
30. She wears a loose beige full-body dress.
31. He is tall, thin, and wears a dark suit.
32. Ok no one around here wears ski masks.
33. And Genius, led by Study, wears the crown.
34. The pain he still wears, you see it’s.
35. I see that by the slave collar he wears.
36. He wears his same old black-framed glasses.
37. She wears green too and her hands are soft.
38. Eg the old machine wears out, new quality.
39. To him who wears the strong offence's cross.
40. I loved that she never wears make-up a lot.
1. He wore a pair of.
2. I wore a gold chain.
3. He wore a gold chain.
4. He wore a black suit.
5. He wore no body armor.
6. He wore a ring on his.
7. She wore a linen mask.
8. She wore a modest but.
9. He wore his hair in a.
10. The stress wore on him.
11. She wore a blue mini-.
12. His hands, that wore a.
13. It’s all wore out now.
14. It’s what my mom wore.
15. The thick walls wore a.
16. They wore red to treat.
17. He had a beard and wore.
18. Then the novelty wore off.
19. They both wore side arms.
20. On each pinky he wore a.
21. She wore a lot of makeup.
22. Jinkai Podo wore dark red.
23. The "blessed day" wore on.
24. He wore full battle armor.
25. He wore no shoes or socks.
26. He wore a dingy tee-shirt.
27. She wore a pair of tight.
28. He wore a hat and glasses.
29. I wore and got a new look.
30. She wore a red and white.
31. Her grief wore itself out.
32. She sat up and wore her top.
33. Look how she’s wore down.
34. She wore trainers, I think.
35. He only wore finer clothes.
36. He wore a charming summer.
37. He also wore black loafers.
38. She wore it until she died.
39. He wore a tall pointed cap.
40. She wore a black veil.

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