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    1. It is an aberration in medical terms, but proving to

    2. Any so-called student of history who portrays the Soviet State as it became under Stalin as an aberration, just goes to show what a liberal can never admit to: being wrong

    3. The repetition was so effective that even the president of the United States started to repeat it! The aberration at the Abu Ghraib Prison, instead of a footnote would become a chapter, because of the deliberate exaggerations by the CMM

    4. One man, an aberration that should not be there or here, hair

    5. body only is the aberration of the body-mind

    6. taste of reality or another aberration

    7. illusions may be, like stellar aberrations, they are physically relative to one’s referential center

    8. That mission was due to an aberrational but last-chance request by a marine ground FAG (Forward Air Guide) who, later, would be severely chewed by his battalion commander for calling in USAF air support

    9. Finally, he put the compass away and returned his attention to the aberration in the river

    10. “He’d think you an aberration

    11. “I’ve never met a woman who knew what ‘aberration’ meant before, either

    12. But, his hope that they would put the aberrations of her life in proper perspective gave a go-by to his qualms

    13. Xin and Dave stopped at the base of the stairs, while Xin scanned and analyzed this only aberration of form on the entire world

    14. Seconds later, her focus returned her to a world in which she no longer belonged, but she did not remember why… yet: The outrage and shame from having unwittingly lived the textbook life of aberrations born of horrific abuse—not just as a child, but as an infant—was locked in a different position of awareness, awaiting permission to enter her First Attention and eventually set her free

    15. If global warming isn’t occurring, how do you explain all these aberrations? I prefer the two words in the last sentence in italics to climate change, which is too foggy

    16. a dysfunctional aberration of our soul's directive which was and is the

    17. I’ve been going over the records and uncovered an interesting statistical aberration

    18. The up-stretched wires were now shockingly visible, an aberration of line

    19. Harris's campaign was an aberration

    20. But after the Roman Empire declined, another aberration of Judaism came to challenge

    21. What sort of human aberration are you?”

    22. guessing he witnessed the death of his parents and it was violent? But the most intriguing mental aberration deals with something pre-natal, which I don’t understand

    23. Julian Jaynes suggests schizophrenics suffer from a neurological aberration that allows some part of our long-buried primal consciousness to reappear and compete with our modern, self-reflective consciousness

    24. To him the ’incident’ was an aberration best forgotten together with the well-publicised rapes that had recently occurred in his patch

    25. Not that I can’t understand the individual inequities these reservations bring about, but for the greater social good, we’ve got to put up with these aberrations

    26. Maybe, apart from his desire to please members of his own clan, Muhammad’s magnanimity could no less be the aberration of his exhibitionism

    27. But then, even now do we really care for, much less value, our men in the uniform as we should be doing? Wish the Hindus, instead of gloating over the wisdom of the Upanishads that they fail to imbibe, any way, would try to develop a historical sense of their cultural aberrations for a social course correction

    28. “The fact is, you are not an aberration,” she said in consolation

    29. There is more than one hundred koranic aberrations have been noted

    30. This current aberration will be discussed

    31. So, be sure that anything conflicting with that was but interpolated by the hands of people of aberration and atheism then they attributed it to a group of venerable scholars so as to make it work with the simple-minded people so that the hypocrites and the people of ill hearts say: “If the Prophets did what they did, how could we, then, abstain from getting the desires?!”

    32. In fact, if a person takes the benefit of their power of thought, they will be able to keep their actions under control and will be prevented from falling into error, aberration or perversity

    33. What will our own status be if our own spirits appreciate and glorify people of aberration, bawdiness, infidelity, and the magicians and the devils?!

    34. He’d not even considered seeking out his original physical instance---likely some void aberration like Forquessas in any case---as he could scarcely imagine again being relegated to a single, finite existence

    35. A biological aberration would seem to be a better explanation

    36. that this is your soul"s aberration,

    37. “The stories? I have seen the aberrations with my own eyes!”

    38. trying not to spook the aberration standing on the bridge before him

    39. mental aberration brought on by his head trauma

    40. demonic aberrations by the churches and were eventually hunted to

    41. aware of some aberrations in his behaviour that propel him beyond

    42. He wondered, was talent an aberration of the normal? Would Lea have painted these pictures had she been a completely normal person? Was she a little mad? Would she lose this godsend gift if he managed to cure her obsessions? He was full of wonder and pride

    43. Not an illusion but an aberration – something which exists but shouldn’t

    44. Who but our great religious thinkers could have invented it? Amongst their many metaphysical aberrations it is the most depraved

    45. Moreover: its expression has become abstracted and specialized into different niches of aberration which mirrors the split-off, aberrant development of the human psyche within a segmented social structure that has no balanced or universal code on how to raise its children

    46. All the genocides and atrocities and wars are merely aberrations of, er, um… mistaken notions

    47. The idea that human belief, behaviour and speech are predestined is an aberration to the invisible constructs of human intellect, freewill and choice

    48. This mindset can only be considered to be extremely dangerous and damaging to the dignity of human personal determination, and an aberration to the Creator’s purpose for the uniqueness of Self’s personality manifest through the independence and sovereignty of Self’s dignity, autonomy and freewill, and as such, Self’s Spirit

    49. These flawed distortions and aberrations within religions are often not the original ‘criteria’ and ‘rules’ of a belief system or religion that you have decided to belong to

    50. These transgressions against Self are an affront and aberration to the truth of the soul, and to the truth of the spirit manifest in conscious cognitions, feelings and emotions, and have the potential to adversely change Self’s nature, identity and personality

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    irregularity anomaly curiosity eccentricity oddity peculiarity uniqueness frenzy departure divergence straying wandering rambling delusion derangement hallucination illusion insanity