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    1. No passenger ships had sailed since noonmeal, the next packet out was the Jemson's Luuker and she was ready to cast off so he had time for only the most cursory look but he did not find Venna or anyone answering her description on board, nor did he find her in any of the watering holes along the docks were someone would wait for a vessel's departure

    2. If those near to your current physical identity knew that you have gone by your own higher choice, they would celebrate your departure!

    3. was a bit of a departure from the norm

    4. Neither Glenelle nor Ava had the remotest vision at the time of the Lula's departure that they would be here for its arrival

    5. Hamo’s driver David brings the car to a slow stop near the Departure Terminal

    6. She had not been on the yacht for three days when her backup was taken, but she didn't think he had either since they were both busy with departure at that time

    7. With the departure going on I expected a whole screen full of urgents this morning

    8. In the morning of my departure, as we were all sitting around the big table taking breakfast, Alexander turned to me and thanked me for the translation I finished so quickly

    9. I hope the news of his departure for Corsair Territory doesn't give the people of Alcazar any misguided feels, like something that will make them feel insecure with his future leadership

    10. Ernesto's wife had been killed three years before departure by a group of extremists on what they called a 'drug raid

    11. Tonight, though, he fancied quiet and peaceful, which he had to admit was a bit of a departure from the norm

    12. "I'm inclined to allow we leave them here," Kelvin said, "especially when we have to consider that we don't have suitable replacement entities available without delaying our departure

    13. thought of Lyla, as he had every day and night since his departure

    14. departure to his return

    15. The bell rang out its departure warning and the kaht wheels started turning; green mist replaced the magnolia walls of the Bristol kaht station; the kaht and its occupants hung in limbo

    16. After some serious puffing and panting, we eventually arranged them around a bench in the departure lounge where she settled like an old mother hen on her eggs

    17. The departure TV displayed Stephanos - Gate 5 - Area A, and since my luggage was hopefully in transit since Bristol, I thought I might as well check in right away and relax

    18. The tannoy announced another departure and this time she jumped as though startled awake

    19. In the days following Annie’s departure from the family home and while she settled into her new bed sitting room, Danny Craig made changes

    20. Ken first became aware of the haunting but strangely comforting melody down at his local pub one evening a few weeks after Alan’s rude and abrupt departure

    21. They could not delay their departure so they would formulate a plan while traveling and be ready to put it in motion when they arrived

    22. rude and abrupt departure

    23. He had prettied up the memories of Tdeshi’s departure in his mind had he not? But he knew he probably hadn’t prettied the memories of Tdeshi’s departure as much as he had Leand’s

    24. She did know that the scrutiny had stopped with his departure

    25. After the departure of Old Ged the hunter, the companions

    26. departure, he felt that it could be rather lonely here if he lost Alistair

    27. His driver got him to the docks in time for his binoculars to watch her strolling the waterfront like one who had time to kill before a departure

    28. That he had had the experience of living in Bungalow Two, for several months before his Tahoe departure, gave him the familiarity of having a suite, also with his own lavatory

    29. Spelman, it seemed, was habitually anxious at her husband's forays to foreign soils, for she voiced constant reminders towards him during the days leading up to his departure

    30. On the day before his departure, he approached Samuel concerning the notion his wife had put in his head about their dependents having a limited tour of the continent, as it were

    31. "Wait!" He called, too shaken by her abrupt departure to remember to take the truck out of gear before, reaching to pull her back in

    32. When he gathered the letter and official plans for his departure the next morning, whether by whim, pride of authorship or simply out of habit, he rolled up his own revisions and tucked them under his arm as he left for the return visit to those administrative offices in which he had already wasted the previous early evening

    33. I just mailed a bunch of forms to Army Audit Agency and should get my definite departure date in a couple of weeks

    34. This is the route that the aircraft is expected to fly after departure

    35. " The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus as a dove during his Baptism, and in his Farewill Discourse after the Last Supper Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to his disciples after his departure

    36. their departure with a happy bray

    37. His late departure and slow

    38. as he prepared for his departure

    39. We couldn't move the departure window so I had to improvise

    40. time of their departure and everything that happens in between

    41. the arrival and hopefully, a very quick departure of his

    42. Brynjolf nodded swiftly in friendly departure and turned to retire to his room in the inn

    43. More to the events at hand: We just made a historic open contact with an Alliance station and were welcomed, did routine business and were wished 'happy trails' upon our departure! That is the promise of a new future for our people we have for so long wished and which the Matriarch has hoped would transpire in our time

    44. Delvin and the two terrified Argonian proprietors would be the only ones to remain inside with the Imperial and his Spriggan, which was thankfully dismissed soon after Vulwulf’s departure

    45. The Greek word (apoixia), on the contrary, signifies a separation of dwelling, a departure from home, a going out of the house

    46. Before the departure date, I approached Paul Matthews and asked him if he would do two things for me while I was gone: Look after of my cottage and look after my bank account

    47. We, of course, had always worn the simplest of clothes and this formal wear was quite a glamorous departure from what we were accustomed to seeing

    48. He placed the bike/box in his backpack just in time for departure

    49. They silently awaited their departure

    50. He checked the departure inventory for all craft from Earth, and got an answer which only surprised him moderately

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    departure going going away leaving exit expiration loss passing release deviation difference divergence variance declination egress start stampede separation migration

    "departure" definitions

    the act of departing

    a variation that deviates from the standard or norm

    euphemistic expressions for death