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Abominable in a sentence

was abominable to Joab.
The food was abominable.
that is both abominable.
And how that abominable Mr.
It was an abominable thought.
'What an abominable notion!'.
"The abominable Goth!" he cried.

The word doin gs means abominable.
justify the most abominable practices.
Vampires are abominable creatures.
halfhearted interest in ME is abominable.
Thoroughly abominable, Professor Aronnax.
of their detestable and abominable things.
Most of the men's suntans were abominable.
countenance, but his abominable, ugly looks.
"Abominable, Ned my friend," Conseil replied.
Abominable: That which is filthy; detestable.
So, the abominable snowman lives behind St.
‘It’s horrid! It’s abominable! she screamed.
For the nameless and abominable colour of his hair.
You have committed the abominable sin of fornication.
A noise, a clatter of the feet that was abominable,.
An abominable restlessness had taken possession of me.
when the nurse placed the abominable instrument in her.
He is an abominable magician, who has this day torn me.
through centuries of great deception and abominable evil.
me, and I get a stain to my old age, and make it abominable.

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Synonyms for abominable

abominable detestable execrable odious atrocious awful dreadful painful terrible unspeakable