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Odious in a sentence

This was odious.
Sometimes he was odious.
There was no odious cupidity in Mr.
In fact, most of the time he was odious.
This odious visit rendered the tax odious.
Woodley was perfectly odious, but that Mr.
Pity! Smug, odious word; smug, odious thing.

And to me it is one of the most odious things.
The past three weeks have been absolutely odious.
I agreed as long as it wasn’t too odious to them.
It was odious to him by training, instinct, and tradition.
Carruthers, but it is the reappearance of that odious man, Mr.
little maister and his staunch supporter, that odious old man!.
The cruel and interested care taken to recover me, saved an odious.
wizard’s apprentice, possibly the most odious man he had ever met.
Devil’s Bend, huh? It seemed a fairly odious name for a picnic spot.
a way peculiar to him, and by his odious presence, confirmed me in all.
the scene, and my odious persecutor still intent of pushing his brutal.
The trade of a butcher is a brutal and an odious business ; but it is in most.
To lie, to deceive, to circumvent even the basest of mankind was odious to him.
"Pray," said I, as the two odious casts with the twitchy leer upon them caught.
to a woman rendered odious by habitual intoxication; but who would expect him,.
4 Whom you hated for doing most odious works of witchcrafts, and wicked sacrifices;.
'_Prachtvoll_, nicht?' I heard her say with an odious jollity through the singing in my ears.
Oedipus Rex: blinded by lies, and then tearing his own eyes out rather than seeing the odious truth.
Comparisons may or may not be odious, but they hold a somewhat deceptive fascination for the analyst.
I wondered how they all had managed to separate the odious policy from the young Khan and his protector.

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Synonyms for odious

abominable detestable execrable odious