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About in a sentence

So, tell me about it.
But that is about it.
I told her about our.
Give me about an hour.
I care about Ali, too.
I mean, think about it.
No, this was about Ali.

Think about it at least.
I love to learn about:.
Ava told me about that.
The best thing about Mr.
I mean, about the fare.
Tell me about your son.
Tell me more about him.
Life is about having joy.
He speaks so much about.
I thought about the past.
What about when you pop.
I asked about Ben and Ab.
She was worried about you.
Can I think about it?’.
What this is really about.
She was worried about that.
What was that all about?
John thinks about it, nods.
I explain about the museum.
Tell me about the tattoos.
I was born about 55,04,14.
Tam, he has a glow about.
You did not know about me.
It would be about a month.
I was worried about that.
There was just about none.
What can we do about it?
I'll have a think about it.
He dreamt about his family.
Are you okay about it?’.
No point thinking about it.
He was talking about Steven.
She didn't care about food.

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