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About in a sentence

How about in.
more about you.
was about to do.
Not about the.
about, let it be.
You lied about.
I think about it.

It's about balls.
Tell me about it.
tell me about it.
Sorry about this.
is about to occur.
He was about to.
Who cares about.
You bring about.
He knows about us.
This is about you.
About 20 all told.
Have a kick about.
Tell me about.
Learn more about.
I told her about.
'Tell me about her.
That’s about it.
What about you?'.
In about 10-15 min.
What about the G.
were about the same.
about twelve in all.
‘Tell me about it.

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Synonyms for about

about astir approximately around roughly some almost most near nearly nigh virtually

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