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    1. Creditors were furious, they even went so far as to knock on their door and the couple pretended to be absent! So, Alice finally got sick and tired of this all and decided to ask for a divorce

    2. A little later, Mrs Stavrakis informs me that shrew of Parissis went to the managing director and told him “This morning Yvonne was half an hour absent from her office!” – that's when I was out to buy Mrs Stavrakis some coffee

    3. Many thousands did not grow up to be great religious thinkers, and complained of an absent father

    4. he feels hands, is aware but absent with leave,

    5. in the absent slough of skin on skin,

    6. Better than a clear conscious is an absent one that knows what it is

    7. that its negative force is ineffectual or absent

    8. the puzzle if it were absent

    9. been absent from home for many years, he did not hesitate in the

    10. “You were absent from your duty

    11. He keeps a tally in his head of people absent mindedly picking their noses

    12. Ava was on her second week in the north cities and Bethai had been absent for the last three sleeps also

    13. It dawns on him as he pokes his head round the door frame that the smell of roasting meat is entirely absent from the house

    14. absent mother would know without asking

    15. Jean had more than an inkling of where the absent

    16. It was then that the lady of the house made a formal introduction of herself and absent husband, and Harry introduced the ladies and himself, careful to avoid last names

    17. They are both: essentially absent, and the most pervasive

    18. would hit their head, and the usual tables for lounging were absent as well

    19. He had been absent the estate upon business through a majority of their residence; so it was up to Kaitlyn to determine the disposition of everything connected to the house and grounds

    20. The apprenticeship into which he'd been inducted caused him to be absent from campus two days per week and presented him little time for anything but keeping up with his studies

    21. They did, however, refer to each other by interesting epithets, unused hitherto, but inserted at opportune moments ever afterwards to the enjoyment of their absent men

    22. Bernard had been absent for the

    23. eyebrow hung loose over his eye, the space between his nostrils was absent, and

    24. but the elusive first was absent

    25. absent children, a little bemused

    26. Falsehood takes root when the truth is absent

    27. "It's Solo Ki," Tetloan said, his voice surprisingly absent of malice or sarcasm

    28. Anon had always lived with the certainty that he was in the right, but now with the Maker absent, the only certainty was that he would no longer be fighting his way to the Dead Tree

    29. and had it been absent, no doubt, you would not be reading this

    30. But after nearly a full week of no word from Penelope and several days of an absent Mercer, he had to try

    31. Her absent and

    32. King Nebuchadnezzar was seated on his glorious throne, but to Zarko’s disappointment the queen was absent

    33. Both lieutenants, Connor Griffiths and Talimay Singh, who was still absent in grieving over her lost brother, were in charge of the Ravenwey Burrows outpost and the Oakneil one respectively

    34. The Praefect chuckled, but he stopped as he saw the other man’s grin drop to an absent frown

    35. Nevertheless he remained absent

    36. Not because they were inquiries into the unknown or unknowable, but because the supporting knowledge required to convey the understanding was absent in her

    37. In the divorce, absent a prenuptial agreement, Debbi takes half of his money

    38. Absent these conditions, it is difficult to sustain motivation and psychological well-being, unless the individual has sufficient inner resources to compensate for and override the lack

    39. ‘We have recovered an exploratory ship we know to have been piloted by our chief astronomer, who not only was absent from it but has no memory of his journey

    40. He met her at a bar on a rare night out; his birthday celebration with a small crowd conspicuously absent of women

    41. He looked to see if his absent wedding ring had left an impression

    42. One chief was still absent, but presently the disobedient old rascal came in sight with his followers, escorted by a body of Houssas, sent to fetch him

    43. Books and Akstyr marched into view, their crossbows and other weapons absent

    44. After the inhabitants returned to Santiago, many families looked with joy for the reunion with dear ones, long absent in the field

    45. While I was working on a Stephen Foster tune on the piano the other day, I noticed that the word ―darkie‖ was conspicuously absent from the (original) lyrics

    46. It was our weekly meeting and as usual I sat in the back of the room, present but absent at the same time

    47. God neither ―sleeps‖ nor is He (ever) absent from our lives

    48. I believe that many of us could use a little bit more of that old-fashioned-styled ―Fire and Brimstone‖ conspicuously absent from today‘s sermons inasmuch as many of our priests have succumbed to politically correct manners inconsistent with church teachings

    49. conspicuously absent whenever Westerners are mistreated? For what reason our obsessive concern over Saddam Hussein receiving three square meals and proper medical attention or that Afghan detainees at Guantanamo Bay should be issued copies of the Koran and provided legal counsel although nary a peep over the public executions of (American/European) soldiers/civilians that have become common throughout the Middle East and other parts of the world? This consistent pattern of cuddling up to our nation‘s enemies by liberal activists has been well chronicled over the years following the Vietnam War when tears were seldom shed for the many brave young men and women who courageously served their nation in the cause of Freedom

    50. Corneau, Guy, Absent Fathers, Lost Sons: The Search for Masculine Identity

    1. to have absented himself for the day

    2. Jesus was present at the Gilboa camp throughout the first week of this joint conference but absented himself the last two weeks

    3. In the resulting melee which the fatal gun shots created the killer no doubt temporarily absented himself, perhaps using some tree cover near the house to conceal himself

    4. Their conscious selves left their bodies, flowing outwards through their sense of sight, until they became absented from the other senses, just as happens in the case of anesthesia when consciousness disappears, only to return after the spirit returns to the anesthetized limb

    5. This was the first time he had absented himself in his room for such a long period in order to unveil his secrets

    6. the subject, had absented himself from the room despite

    7. She had absented herself from home for more than a week and she called Stratos on the telephone to tell him she was not well and would he come and pick her up

    8. He was present at all the dressings of the wounds from which Mademoiselle Gillenormand modestly absented herself

    9. I absented myself as much as was in my power

    10. She absented herself as little as possible from Lady Bertram, kept away from the East room, and took no solitary walk in the shrubbery, in her caution to avoid any sudden attack

    1. Bound to him as I was by friendship, I strove by the best arguments and the most forcible examples I could think of to restrain and dissuade him from such a course; but perceiving I produced no effect I resolved to make the Duke Ricardo, his father, acquainted with the matter; but Don Fernando, being sharp-witted and shrewd, foresaw and apprehended this, perceiving that by my duty as a good servant I was bound not to keep concealed a thing so much opposed to the honour of my lord the duke; and so, to mislead and deceive me, he told me he could find no better way of effacing from his mind the beauty that so enslaved him than by absenting himself for some months, and that he wished the absence to be effected by our going, both of us, to my father's house under the pretence, which he would make to the duke, of going to see and buy some fine horses that there were in my city, which produces the best in the world

    2. It was hither that Marius had come on the first occasion of his absenting himself from Paris

    3. Crawford, who had quitted his uncle’s house, as for a journey, on the very day of her absenting herself

    4. Crawford, who had quitted his uncle's house, as for a journey, on the very day of her absenting herself

    1. The small hairs on the back of her neck stood at attention immediately, it was obvious her absents had not caused his heart to grow warm

    2. The air seemed cold, against her searing chest, in his absents

    3. So, they resort to Him and enter His Presence, and meanwhile, the devil retreats, defeated, and absents himself from the scene

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    Synonyms for "absent"

    absent remove absentminded abstracted scatty lacking missing wanting away out gone not in omitted depart skip abscond decamp

    "absent" definitions

    go away or leave

    not being in a specified place


    lost in thought; showing preoccupation