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Skip in a sentence

1. No need to skip ahead).
2. He would have to skip Terce.
3. Skip the cracks in the street.
4. My eyes skip to his curled lips.
5. With a hop, a skip, and a jump.
6. HOW YOU SKIP school is, you lie.
7. Please do not skip this section.

8. Hop, skip, spin, done, I thought.
9. Bex feels her heart skip a beat.
10. If I have to skip school, I will.
11. I skip to the bottom of the list.
12. Nightmare book, skip this chapter.
13. Edna felt her heart skip a beat.
14. Let us skip all the delays….
15. I’d skip school and do it again.
16. Of course, we’ll skip a few bits.
17. Except I think we should skip it.
18. The startle made his heart skip a.
19. They are all about to skip pass him.
20. Don't skip over one and move on to.
21. Hold hands with loved ones and skip.
22. My eyes skip to the window behind me.
23. To improve the ability to run or skip.
24. Instruct the patient to skip forwards.
25. Olin said, I will skip the details.
26. Skip immediately started to lick it up.
27. I'll skip lunch so I can go home early.
28. I'll skip over the Canadian's complaints.
29. Skip snapped ineffectually at his heels.
30. I cannot skip it, Sithias told him.
31. He wondered why it hadn’t skip jumped.
32. Sometimes these things skip a generation.
33. This is very important so, don't skip it.
34. My eyes skip from my brother to my father.
35. He was leaving, and would skip old-timer's.
36. Old self? I skip a step to get closer to her.
37. Don't skip the nuts with their crunchy touch.
38. I will skip the section that explains in.
39. You and I can skip town and then move out west.
40. Readers should be able to skip to any page in.
1. And no more skipping school.
2. Jake stopped walking and skipping.
3. Skipping ahead 15 years, as she and W.
4. Skipping those procedures means risk.
5. They are skipping the Christian houses.
6. Tyrus was skipping up and down with glee.
7. So it is without further skipping around.
8. Jake came skipping back down the stairway.
9. Without skipping a beat, he began to speak.
10. I didn't think you were the skipping type.
11. And my heart, skipping a beat, hears it too.
12. I was also skipping my lunches to save money.
13. Skipping this warm up is nearly a guarantee.
14. They may start skipping meals or eating less.
15. Up the stairs I speed, skipping two at a time.
16. Nimbly they dance, twirling their skipping ropes.
17. She hears the sound of shoes running or skipping.
18. Skipping this warm up is nearly a guarantee that a.
19. I forgive you for skipping this chapter, if you wish.
20. Danko shook his head, his heart barely skipping a beat.
21. He stares at me silently, his eyes skipping above mine.
22. She grabbed the preacher's hand and began skipping him.
23. Mere skipping over the pages inadvertently is of no use.
24. Mary and Joseph went skipping off together holding hands.
25. Yeah, I forgot that - we met Minto who was also skipping.
26. The small figure seems to be skipping towards her direction.
27. He believes that skipping meals and eating too late at night.
28. My software will respond by skipping a number if that happens.
29. Honey was sure the waitress was skipping as she left, This.
30. She laced her corset straight, without skipping a single eyelet.
31. She used to walk with a lift in her step, like she was skipping.
32. Kate could hear her skipping along the floor to the other woman.
33. Most days she would be swinging her bag in circles and skipping.
34. My heart started skipping beats and my breath caught in my throat.
35. I heard a skipping step in the hall, definitely a child skipping.
36. He sent a bunch of children skipping ahead of his cheek of tobacco.
37. I don’t have a problem with your skipping that short, I say.
38. Without skipping a beat, the mighty firbolg responded flatly, No.
39. He walked as if he were skipping, and muttered continuously to himself.
40. Without skipping a beat, Tammas said, I’d answer the distress call.
1. His heart skipped a beat.
2. Her heart skipped a beat.
3. My heart skipped a beat.
4. She skipped to the door.
6. Anne’s heart skipped a beat.
7. My heart just skipped a beat.
8. Shi Chen heart skipped a beat.
9. Mitch’s heart skipped a beat.
10. Ellie’s heart skipped a beat.
11. Her heart skipped in her chest.
12. Joshua’s heart skipped a beat.
13. Her heart skipped several beats.
14. I guess it skipped a generation.
15. Ju Lei skipped over to the truck.
16. The poodle skipped away, heedless.
17. It skipped no less than six times.
18. My heart skipped a beat and I froze.
19. The girls hopped and skipped with.
20. Thomas never skipped a single word.
21. I had, in-fact, skipped out on them.
22. Jason must have skipped school, too.
23. He took her hand and as they skipped.
24. She sighed and skipped to the cupboard.
25. She went and came, and skipped and ran.
26. And Indeed Joey’s heart skipped a beat.
27. That he skipped into the makeshift pouch.
28. Ellie laughed and his heart skipped a beat.
29. He skipped through most of the living room.
30. So instead, I skipped ahead to the present.
31. Yeah, I was guessing he skipped that bit.
32. We think he may have skipped the country.
33. She was the one who skipped calculus class.
34. She almost skipped toward it in thankfulness.
35. Ariel giggled and skipped away, towards the.
36. We would never have skipped it for a demon-.
37. With a jolt of panic, he skipped back a step.
38. Her heart skipped as she stared into his eyes.
39. She skipped and sang her way along the city.
40. I almost skipped on the way back to my office.
1. Noah’s heart skips a beat.
2. Loki’s heart skips a beat.
3. When a stone skips over the water.
4. My heart skips as I read the title.
5. I swear that my heart skips a beat.
6. My hearts skips at Sean’s question.
7. Halfway the highway my heart skips a beat.
8. The castle’s main staircase skips over the.
9. With a quick shake of her head, Mary skips forward.
10. My heart skips a beat as I lay there and wait in anticipation.
11. From skips and anywhere else we could find it he answered.
12. I skipped my flat stones six more skips than Mias best effort.
13. My heart skips as I reach for the handle of the wooden, double doors.
14. Our third story skips time-tracks into an alternate history of the Machine Age.
15. The junk in there will fill at least three skips, though – large ones, I mean.
16. Paris smiles and nods, not aware of the danger she is in she skips across the bridge.
17. Zachary, what are you doing? My heart skips a beat, heat spreading all over me.
18. Shaun skips up the metal staircase and checks out the two girls leaning over the balcony.
19. A South-westerly skips across the open fields and whips through breaks in the blackthorn.
20. They disappear; except the Scale 0 TI, it skips Scale 1 and shows up as a Sol in Scale 2.
21. Even though your heart skips a beat when you see him, he does not feel the same way about you.
22. You can’t treat the Lord of the Trolls with respect if you know his son skips around in a veil and.
23. He skips straight over the part where she knows his curriculum, and says, I'm not supposed to shake your hand.
24. Emmy skips away from you to catch up, the two of them laughing, moving to an unheard song shared between the two of them.
25. Roger quickly arranged with a local company to bulldoze the whole place down, and take away the hunky debris in giant skips.
26. What are they going to say if I mess up? What if the track skips on the record and I’m stuck mouthing the words? I can’t sing live.
27. Twenty-eight minutes and thirteen skips later, Ingrid was finally able to ease down her over performing space plane through the stratosphere.
28. So please forgive your dear Queen when she just skips to the chase and ask what’s the status on colonizing the rest of the continent?
29. When a backup program with no special open file capabilities encounters a file that is locked, it simply skips it and proceeds to the next file.
30. Suddenly it is all loud and nice as you chat, then your woman decides since you got company she quickly skips on to the hair dresser down the street.
31. The Jewish myth compresses six million years of sinning into one short subconscious message so compact that it skips millions of years in a few words.
32. The last day of clearing up was the most trying, and Roger watched from a distance as the singed and very heavy pillars were bulldozed into giant skips.
33. For that reason, I prefer to invest in businesses such as Penn National Gaming, which skips the script and jumps straight into questions with a few prepared remarks.
34. I close my eyes and slowly reached out to the door that was now in front of me as I turn the knob of the door my heat skips a beat as nervousness now consumed my body.
35. The Even Better Sinewave Indicator skips all the cycle measurements completely and relies on a strong normalization of the waveform at the output of a modified roofing filter.
36. Also, to hide 13 additional messages about the same person in the original code at different letter skips and to be 100% accurate with that information is humanly unachievable.
37. In other cases, the fund manager waives (or skips charging) management fees, raising the net return—then slaps the fees on later after the high returns attract plenty of customers.
38. If we consider the accurate letter skips that are used in each case, the unique and defined starting positions in each book, and the patterns that are mirrored around Leviticus; it is statistically much more improbable that this phenomenon occurred as a result of mere chance.
39. As a child that has been hurt skips about, putting all his muscles into movement to drown the pain, in the same way Alexey Alexandrovitch needed mental exercise to drown the thoughts of his wife that in her presence and in Vronsky's, and with the continual iteration of his name, would force themselves on his attention.
40. It falls by no rule at all; sometimes it leaps, sometimes it tumbles; there it skips; here it shoots; in one place 'tis white as snow, and in another 'tis green as grass; hereabouts, it pitches into deep hollows, that rumble and crush the 'arth; and thereaways, it ripples and sings like a brook, fashioning whirlpools and gullies in the old stone, as if 'twas no harder than trodden clay.

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