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Across in a sentence

He came across a car.
I sat across from her.
I shouted across the way.
He nodded across the room.
Across from me was a man.
I stared across the meadow.
Jack flew across the room.

Manda smiled across at him.
It rolled across the tiles.
I ran across him in Iowa.
Across the streets of Hell.
Then he cracked me across.
Frank came across and said.
Across the borne of death;.
Boom stared across the desk.
She rode across the river;.
She looked across the street.
I wiped my finger across it.
He reached across the table.
They leaped across the gap.
And forth across the screen.
Fin looked across and nodded.
He held Cinder across his lap.
Two rats scurried across on.
He ran back across the median.
Thunder rolled across the sky.
A smile crept across her face.
I was thrown across the room.
They rushed across the room.
Striking color across the sky.
Our eyes meet across her body.
She slapped me across the face.
She lay across the bed until.
Fire crawled across the pages.
I must have come across as a.
Across his mind flickered the.
Chrissie glanced across at Andy.
She slapped him across the face.
She did, right across from him.
Theobald smiled across the line.

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