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Across in a sentence

1. He came across a car.
2. I sat across from her.
3. I shouted across the way.
4. Across from me was a man.
5. He nodded across the room.
6. Jack flew across the room.
7. Manda smiled across at him.

8. I stared across the meadow.
9. It rolled across the tiles.
10. Boom stared across the desk.
11. Across the borne of death;.
12. Then he cracked me across.
13. Across the streets of Hell.
14. I ran across him in Iowa.
15. Frank came across and said.
16. He reached across the table.
17. And forth across the screen.
18. They leaped across the gap.
19. She rode across the river;.
20. Fin looked across and nodded.
21. I wiped my finger across it.
22. She looked across the street.
23. Two rats scurried across on.
24. He held Cinder across his lap.
25. He ran back across the median.
26. They rushed across the room.
27. I was thrown across the room.
28. A smile crept across her face.
29. Thunder rolled across the sky.
30. She lay across the bed until.
31. I must have come across as a.
32. Striking color across the sky.
33. Our eyes meet across her body.
34. Fire crawled across the pages.
35. She slapped me across the face.
36. Theobald smiled across the line.
37. A small pebble bounced across.
38. Mitsy stalked across the aisles.
39. Hot-air spreads across my chest.
40. She slapped him across the face.
41. A blue line cut across the sky.
42. Across his mind flickered the.
43. Chrissie glanced across at Andy.
44. Breathing fire across the land.
45. She did, right across from him.
46. This spread across the culture.
47. Mana's room was across the hall.
48. He slapped him across the face.
49. He looked across the crowd again.
50. He points across the busy street.
51. It slid across and hit my chest.
52. Lightning flashed across the sky.
53. Chandio nodded across the table.
54. He fell backward across the seat.
55. His gun skittered across the deck.
56. Across the way, a woman folding.
57. Across the moon at Grantchester!.
58. One I'd never come across before.
59. They waged war across continents.
60. He waved his hand across the room.
61. I got off my seat across for Roger.
62. Cold air slips across my bare skin.
63. I live across the hall from her.
64. It bounces off the mountain across.
65. Star to faint star, across the sky.
66. I put my arm across his shoulders.
67. A wide grin spread across her face.
68. The Pastor looked across the table.
69. Another order comes across the bar.
70. She waved her hand across the mist.
71. Colours splashed across the walls.
72. Jean now limped across this same.
73. He wondered across to the kitchen.
74. The voice came from across the room.
75. Finally he sat down across from me.
76. A big smile erupted across her face.
77. Another guard stands across from me.
78. Carlisle pulled his seatbelt across.
79. That usually got the message across.
80. The bouncer started to run across.
81. Our souls drifting across the moon.
82. Her blade raked across his forearm.
83. Finally he started across the room.
84. We constantly come across calorie.
85. Rex called her from across the room.
86. He sliced directly across the lake.
87. It clattered across the icy marble.
88. Her voice carried across the field.
89. I was groping and came across some.
90. A Guy cut across an overhead walkway.
91. He nods and sits down across from me.
92. He laid his cape across my shoulders.
93. Young said he had come across some.
94. Jumping up he lent across the table.
95. Mouse again--slapped me across the.
96. She slowly came across the mattress.
97. My last piece went across her mouth.
98. She rolled across the floor, moaning.
99. We are to save those across the sea.
100. She began shushing across the pale.

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