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Over in a sentence

He was all over me.
He looked over to Eve.
She was all over him.
She went over to Kate.
I jump over the bones.
When it was over the.
It was truly over now.

Trouble is all over you.
But the day wasn't over.
As they flew over the.
It was all folded over.
I had to get over this.
My mad outburst was over.
I looked over at their.
I turned over the cover.
He hobbled over to the.
All too soon it was over.
They were all over here.
We fell over each other.
I rolled over on my back.
I’ll be fine over here.
She put her hand over his.
I told him to come over.
I lean over and kiss him.
The mob crowded over him.
She was handed over the.
He goes over and opens it.
He looks out over the sea.
Over coming it is another.
He turns over on his back.
I rush over straight away.
Eventually it was all over.
I put my hand over the mic.
The young woman comes over.
They hurried over to the.
It is just over six miles.
Ish went over and touched.
It was what held them over.
Jim stood over her, silent.
Putnam’s Sons, under the title of Belchamber, the author of which is Howard Overing Sturgis.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Ali lasted eight overs.
Then came five deadly overs that.
Paras to bat, Ali to field,' Ish shouted after three overs.
At the refrigerator you take out a few eggs, no left overs to warm up.
Over 800 recipes which open a new field of cookery and furnish a solution of the problem of left overs.
As a child it always seemed that the older ones got all the good things and all she had was left overs.
The fast food and greasy slap up joints are basically serving left overs as their main courses, so don’t expect them to give away anything for free.
Once the three of them arrived and got upstairs it was decided Phil would wait outside the room while Brett and there new lady friend did there business and then Phil would head in for the left overs.

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