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Additive in a sentence

Prime is a great additive to.
What additive (laundry booster) made from borax.
The sum of criteria represents an additive convolution.
Why not eliminate the bad drugs with an additive to PAX.
Some risk indicators, such as theta and rho, are additive.
For the research described next we used additive convolution.
Two common methods will be used: additive and multiplicative convolution.
Using an additive model, we can represent business volume via the formula.
On occasion, the painters were known to have used beer as an additive to the paint.
We can deal with additive relations rather than ratios and multiplicative relations.
Vega is additive for options struck on the same underlying with the same expiration date.
Is this bet worth making? One characteristic of standard deviations is that they are additive.
Like high short-interest stocks, we only use potential volatility squeezes as an additive catalyst.
Believe me I tried to run in the beginning, he was alluring, intense, dangerous and horribly additive.
Some Greeks, such as theta and rho, are additive for options pertaining to different underlying assets.
Use Pesarin’s combination method to test whether the additive affects either gas mileage or ride quality.
Will a new fuel additive improves gas mileage and ride quality in both stop-and-go and highway situations?
If you can’t live without it, then consider cutting down on the condiments or additional additive s on top.
Additive convolution is more appropriate for criteria that are close in their nature and are similarly scaled.
In the preceding chapter we described the transformation of non-additive delta into the additive index delta.
Theta is additive across options (and not simply options struck on the same product with the same expiration).
For each pair the best combinations are selected by the Pareto method (20 layers) and by additive convolution.
There’s a special additive to the gas that makes it go faster than a normal car, along with a few other tricks.
The former is more appropriate for the additive convolution; the latter is more suitable for the multiplicative one.
All of the ingredients can be mixed and ready but require the spark of an additive before a fruitful result is obtained.
The former of these methods is more appropriate for the additive convolution; the latter, for the multiplicative convolution.
Therefore, it is preferable not to use additive indicators if the portfolio is constructed on the basis of a single indicator.
Statistics offers several methods to combine empirical functions; the most popular are multiplicative and additive convolutions.
This is because different cytotoxic drug act differently on cancer cells, and by combining them, we get an additive anti-tumour effect.
In this case the additive convolution is absolutely useless because it is concave and has maximums at the two opposite ends of the range (Figure 5.
Fibonacci introduced an additive numerical series that has come to be called the Fibonacci sequence, which consists of following series of numbers:.
If we were testing a food additive for possible carcinogenic (cancer-producing) effects, this would be the probability of detecting a carcinogenic effect.
Studies show that the benefits are additive, meaning you can break 20 minutes of exercise into four 5-minute sessions and get the same benefits of one 20.
Additive and multiplicative convolutions are of irregular broken shape and do not produce the unambiguous result because they have several maximums (Figure 5.
A canard can control or alter the aircrafts direction or angle of rise or fall without removing lift, in fact quite the opposite, they have an additive effect.
A portfolio’s return equals the (weighted) average AM return of its constituents whereas variances are not additive unless constituents are perfectly correlated.
A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is an additive to a product – animals are included – that supposedly makes it more resistant to pests, weeds and disease.
Having created three types of convolutions (additive, multiplicative, and minimax), we observed that in this particular case they all produced rather similar results.
It transforms one conversation partner into an additive function, a force linking two previous conversational terms so that they become one larger, more significant term.
These procedures produce additive deltas and vegas that enable calculation of risk indicators (by summation of additive deltas and vegas) characterizing the whole portfolio.

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