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Linear in a sentence

And it will not be Linear.
This is not a linear process.
This is called linear access.
If one performs regular linear.
Hence the name, linear regression.
There, on the Earth, ‘tis linear.
It combined flexibility with linear.

Economic profit is a linear construct.
We then add a linear, in the sense of.
The axis type will be changed to LINEAR.
If preparedness and purpose were linear.
It takes linear functionality for granted.
The general form of linear regression is.
Because of the concept of the linear line.
Not only that; it was a linear separation.
The payoff function of options is not linear.
When striving ends, so too does linear time.
It was the birth of a twisted linear society.
Solver is an Add In for solving linear.
The linear line: coincides with linear tool-use.
It was the invention of the twisted linear line.
Time is not so conformidly linear in this place.
It created the first linear Dimension of Length.
The truth is complex and it is not always linear.
Without linear time there was no past, no future.
The other half of the Causal Linear Dimension is:.
Human abstract reality became increasingly linear.
A linear format would allow firms to reap the tax.
The doors appeared in linear fashion farther than.
Anything was possible and time was no longer linear.
Linear functionality has no validity outside itself.
Obviously, the erosion of this option isn’t linear.
The vine of the Earth symbolizes a linear record of.
Most retail traders assume that theta decay is linear.
Emphasis tends to be placed on linear solutions when.
Linear time is the matrix of our separated, lower self.
All other linear experimenters record the same result.
Science cannot exist without the imaginary Linear Line.
Light can only travel in one linear direction at a time.
The linear theory appears simplistic to the 3d observer.

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