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Adjudicate in a sentence | adjudicate example sentences

  1. We are here to adjudicate that case and that case only.
  2. These matters are very hard to adjudicate, of course, very costly.
  3. The incident happened in the forest, and the earl says it was on Lord William’s land, so he can’t adjudicate.
  4. Just because every reporter in America is interested in this case, doesn’t mean I don’t have other matters to adjudicate.
  5. By contrast, Outhenby folk seemed to know what the prioress would want in most situations, and they could settle disputes by figuring out what she would say if asked to adjudicate.

  6. For once our Second Aid training obtained in the College was used whilst we waited for the ambulance and Flying Squad lieutenant who had to adjudicate our side bet on the biker girl, or more specifically, her hair colour.
  7. I did not proceed to sit in judgment on the aggressor, thus to pass upon his motive -- to adjudicate all that entered into his attack upon his fellow -- and then undertake to execute the punishment which my mind might dictate as just recompense for his wrongdoing.
  8. Meanwhile in the current election campaign it has been revealed that the Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) used state resources to fund the ruling party’s election drive casting a shadow on an entity that will soon adjudicate over the biggest public tenders yet awarded.

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  1. Professional musicians adjudicated.
  2. I’m not sure his mental status has actually been adjudicated.
  3. Some of my colleagues’ security clearances have been in limbo for months or years waiting for their investigation to be adjudicated.
  4. During that period (or window of opportunity) mothers will be permitted to dispose of their infant/child in a manner adjudicated by law.
  5. I don’t really give a damn about what you jerk yourselves off about in here, but you should also know what security bill these crimes will be adjudicated under.
  6. We had been adjudicated in Juvenile Court to be a family with social needs because I beat the snot out of him when he was 14 for trashing our rented house on Deer Trail while I was in Tampa shacked up with my girlfriend who had just moved to St Pete.
  7. Addendum to the above: These (monstrous) atrocities call for a swift execution of Justice whereby the offending party or parties are quickly apprehended and taken into (martial) custody, properly arraigned, expeditiously brought to trial and adjudicated in conformance with rules of evidence.
  1. Thus when applied to a judge who adjudicates between two opponents, the word ‘fataha’ means that the judge has uncovered and revealed the truth and pronounced a verdict that is just.

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