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    1. "That seems to be the basin where the Yingolians are settling

    2. She found herself settling in

    3. How do we justify the exploitation of poor, wastage of food, raping women, killing people, settling disputes through war, grabbing land to build temples, churches, mosques in God’s name and minting money on the name of faith and so on

    4. They moved on, settling into the rhythm of the land again

    5. ‘What does your son-in-law do for a living?’ I asked, settling down on an old stool which used to stand in the kitchen

    6. Night is settling over the shantytown as the taillights of the Rover -- it’s chassis loaded down with hooch

    7. It was settling right in front of them, with the pointed end toward them

    8. ‘Any idea when that is likely?’ I asked, settling myself on the chair beside the bed and trying to angle it so she can see me

    9. This has been going on for a couple of years now and she keeps going on about settling down

    10. I discarded the wilder fancies, settling instead on asking for the small and the mundane, settling on things that might make me just a little more human

    1. They weren't convinced, but eventually settled into drowsiness in the sun

    2. It was a local year by air to reach Alan, three to six weeks by air to reach the area the Brazilians had settled

    3. It was settled that they would park it by rope and would not run the motor

    4. This was still the inhabited part, this cove was a small area of wilds in a thickly settled region at least as large as Asia

    5. Herndon settled in grumpily to nap

    6. After a couple of weeks he got over it and we settled down again, though he wasn’t interested in sex … I tried to seduce him a couple of times, but he just shook me off … not nastily or anything, just indifferent

    7. He would understand that they were just getting settled into their lives together, and during this phase there might be some loose ends from previous lives to tidy up

    8. He continued to throw sticks in while she got settled

    9. I have to admit that he wasn’t overly bothered when she went away, so maybe it is just as well he didn’t propose, but all the same, it is worrying that he hasn’t settled down

    10. ‘But not until this business has been settled

    1. forgiveness of your sins, and settle that issue with Him

    2. The cars fumes (carbon monoxide) will settle into the tunnel and kill them

    3. Out of the windshield, Ricci waits for his thugs to settle into place, then starts slowly toward Russ’ side of the Rover

    4. Please, at least settle your cherub on one of the hundreds of big islands I've scattered in a lazy arc across this water

    5. would settle all with him the following evening when she was due to leave for her

    6. Taking her arm, I lead her into the lounge and settle her on the sofa

    7. until it began to dawn on Smith that there was simply no way to settle on a universal

    8. Ten minutes later, after sharing a warming moment with tea and cigarettes, throughout which Menachem told awful jokes, Robbie returned to settle us down for the evening

    9. Smith took the melody and the rhythm of the void into the soul of creation, swinging in allegiance from every note to every other note in a crescendo of perfect solitude, until it began to dawn on Smith that there was simply no way to settle on a universal truth in un-sound

    10. She propped up two pillows behind him and he winced once as he tried to settle himself

    1. John puts a bag in the overhead, settles into a window seat, puts his laptop on his knees

    2. He looks chirpy enough when he comes back into the room and settles into his chair again

    3. But ‘Total Rest’ occurs when the mind settles down

    4. John settles in as Dave gets things underway

    5. When the dust settles and the true-bloods realise just how alone

    6. It still had his major's duty-suit on and that was still relatively clean, not much dust settles in the vacuum of space

    7. ’ I said as he settles himself in a seat opposite me on the other side of the fireplace

    8. “Oh dear, well that settles it then

    9. that settles on those eyes,

    10. The bird is heavy; it settles on my left arm, its claws gripping firmly onto my shirt as I stagger under its weight, the points touching my skin through the fabric

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    Synonyms for "settle"

    settee settle descend fall locate root settle down steady down take root finalise finalize nail down adjudicate decide resolve determine square off square up conciliate make up patch up reconcile get back ensconce subside go down go under sink set judge verify establish prove confirm pay compensate liquidate repay discharge colonise colonize inhabit squat lodge reside dwell quiet calm repose pacify tranquillise tranquillize still rest compose put lay place dispose decline submerge plunge immerse

    "settle" definitions

    a long wooden bench with a back

    settle into a position, usually on a surface or ground

    bring to an end; settle conclusively

    settle conclusively; come to terms

    take up residence and become established

    come to terms

    go under

    become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style

    become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet

    establish or develop as a residence

    come to rest

    arrange or fix in the desired order

    accept despite lack of complete satisfaction

    end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement

    dispose of; make a financial settlement

    become clear by the sinking of particles

    cause to become clear by forming a sediment (of liquids)

    sink down or precipitate

    fix firmly

    get one's revenge for a wrong or an injury

    make final; put the last touches on; put into final form

    form a community

    come as if by falling