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Admission in a sentence

It was a startling admission.
By her own admission, she's.
I assume that, for admission.
I should have charged admission.
Alex’s grin was one of admission.
Because admission to a hospital is.
At each place he was refused admission.

It was almost an admission of failure.
The nod of guilty admission and shame.
I could see this was a radical admission.
In the evening the admission took place.
She laughed, thrilled with the admission.
This admission had clearly backed him off.
I was speachless at his admission, but I.
Then they charge admission to watch them.
The new admission form would correct this.
Though the admission already condemned him.
Which, for the PLO, was quite an admission.
The admission procedures are going on there.
Recollect the admission you have made, and.
With that admission, Carius raised an eyebrow.
I was told that admission to an individual in.
Who paid for his admission to the priory?
By Soros’ own admission, he felt none of that.
Because admission to a hospital or nursing home.
He sneaked to the animals and waited for admission.
Let us consider what is involved in this admission.
He might be more concerned about his own admission.
Not an admission that an ISI coup was in the works.
First a strange anger, now an admission of weakness.
I said it depends on where Samiya gets admission.
My solution is a new style of hospital admission form.
I had earned admission to a whole new reality but I.
I was too shocked by his admission to make any sense.
He has not regained consciousness since his admission.
And his flight would be seen as an admission of guilt.
Her admission stunned Cristian who winced at her words.
The price of admission did not suffer in the same way.
With this evidence before us; with the admission of Mr.
I mistrusted a design to entrap me into some admission.

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