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Admission in a sentence

1. By her own admission, she's.
2. It was a startling admission.
3. I assume that, for admission.
4. I should have charged admission.
5. Alex’s grin was one of admission.
6. Because admission to a hospital is.
7. The nod of guilty admission and shame.

8. At each place he was refused admission.
9. It was almost an admission of failure.
10. In the evening the admission took place.
11. She laughed, thrilled with the admission.
12. I could see this was a radical admission.
13. I was speachless at his admission, but I.
14. Then they charge admission to watch them.
15. This admission had clearly backed him off.
16. The new admission form would correct this.
17. Which, for the PLO, was quite an admission.
18. Though the admission already condemned him.
19. The admission procedures are going on there.
20. With that admission, Carius raised an eyebrow.
21. Recollect the admission you have made, and.
22. I was told that admission to an individual in.
23. Who paid for his admission to the priory?
24. By Soros’ own admission, he felt none of that.
25. Because admission to a hospital or nursing home.
26. Not an admission that an ISI coup was in the works.
27. He might be more concerned about his own admission.
28. Let us consider what is involved in this admission.
29. He sneaked to the animals and waited for admission.
30. I said it depends on where Samiya gets admission.
31. First a strange anger, now an admission of weakness.
32. My solution is a new style of hospital admission form.
33. I was too shocked by his admission to make any sense.
34. I had earned admission to a whole new reality but I.
35. And his flight would be seen as an admission of guilt.
36. Her admission stunned Cristian who winced at her words.
37. He has not regained consciousness since his admission.
38. The price of admission did not suffer in the same way.
39. I mistrusted a design to entrap me into some admission.
40. With this evidence before us; with the admission of Mr.
41. He caught his breath, caught off guard by this admission.
42. That was quite an admission; however, Rochelle wanted to.
43. Ironically, the 2007 price of admission to the Forbes 400.
44. For the first of these purposes, the fine for admission is.
45. Next week, I will go with my parents to get admission there.
46. Her last admission to the hospital was for sepsis (bacteria.
47. His favourite club charged admission, and their drinks were.
48. Your uncle and Pranjit will go there next week for admission.
49. She made an admission of guilt, and we’re holding her to it.
50. It sounded more like an admission of guilt than an explanation.
51. The admission was a mistake—it put him in the wrong, and Mrs.
52. He is going to take admission there in the coming next week.
53. A precious admission, in spite of your ‘not a bit the same.
54. I suggested a new hospital admission form that would make CPR.
55. A stray Obscurist, the rarest of all birds by her own admission.
56. I remember little of the journey there or the process of admission.
57. Are you interested to get admission there? Pranjit asked me.
58. That’s horrible, he said quietly, shocked at her admission.
59. This is also called damaging admission where we build to the close.
60. Lama’s own admission, therefore, in 30 years of negotiating with.
61. This is a candidate who seeks admission to the great Brotherhood.
62. Sounds like prison, he said bluntly, annoyed by the admission.
63. Sunita came to take her admission in seventh standard in our school.
64. Such an admission of fatigue didn’t come easily to the proud Thorn.
65. That answer earns him an admission to the psychiatric evaluation ward.
66. What will consumers pay? (for the price of admission, or the actual.
67. Krista grappled with the shocking admission that he had been a slave.
68. The honest admission hung in the air, crystalized in a moment of truth.
69. A gasp whispered around the room at Alistair’s admission of my gifts.
70. And I should have been afraid of his admission, of him, but I was not.
71. Luckily I did very well in my law school admission test and got a 6 70.
72. The qualifications for admission to the Great White Brotherhood, which.
73. Others pay huge sums to gain admission to exclusive circles of society.
74. Oh God! And yet moot point whether I’ll get admission there or not.
75. They 'ave one picture palace and the price of admission is a bar of soap.
76. However, the moment I met the new admission and his eyes fixed mine as I.
77. He is his brother, Bane said, as if it warranted admission to be here.
78. He knew very well that it was their work, but all he needed was an admission.
79. Haven’s protective armor fell away at her father’s admission of weakness.
80. If you can lead him into an admission of a crime, that would be a nice bonus.
81. As cited, a stunning admission by a senior RCMP officer that he drafted a.
82. This is the inner or spiritual requirement for admission to simple profession.
83. Handing me an admission ticket, the cashier said, Smart of you to come back.
84. There should be no press pool or any general press admission to these services.
85. I made the admission with reluctance, for it seemed to have a boyish look, and.
86. He looked directly at Emetta, but did not see an admission of guilt on his face.
87. Let us go to Montcalm, and demand admission: he dare not deny a child the boon.
88. He seemed like he was having an inward battle with the admission so she repeated.
89. Each hoped they could get an admission from Morse and be the hero of this thing.
90. Her features were full of disbelief, perhaps that she had made such an admission.
91. I know, but I need some proof before I put you on display and charge admission.
92. Sendak did seem surprised by this admission, which was hinted at by the suddenly.
93. The athlete appeared injured at the admission of the beggar into the company.
94. Within the hour the new admission arrived, a male in his mid sixties who had been a.
95. If he did, then it was tantamount to an admission that his decision had been faulty.
96. He caught the admission, the kernel of truth within the conversational chaff, with a.
97. I hate making this admission because (1) it makes me sound somewhat cold, callous and.
98. Startled by the admission, Hanor stared at the Fife, the response signifying traces of.
99. A copper coin is the normal admission price and the establishment is run by women only.
100. Nevertheless, this admission neither opened men's eyes nor shocked their sensibilities.

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