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Entrance in a sentence | entrance example sentences

  1. The entrance to the H.
  2. I wait for the entrance.
  3. Show us the entrance out.
  5. As he left the entrance.

  6. And the entrance is free.
  7. Only I use this entrance.
  8. Main Entrance of the school.
  9. We have a private entrance.
  10. She paused at the entrance.
  11. Entrance Ramp had been born.
  12. The entrance is down there.
  13. Next to the kitchen entrance.
  14. Mave stopped at the entrance.
  15. David pointed to the entrance.

  16. We paused outside the entrance.
  17. At the entrance to the tomb M.
  18. The entrance to Chesapeake Bay.
  19. So I dub it Entrance Crater.
  20. The entrance had a long, worn.
  21. They reached the hotel entrance.
  22. The entrance was from the yard.
  23. His entrance was almost comical.
  24. The nearing entrance to a wide.
  25. Johan leaps to the cave entrance.

  26. The Entrance Hall was the most.
  27. Carl looked at the mine entrance.
  28. There had to be another entrance.
  29. To mark my entrance into manhood.
  30. D'Oliya went to the cave entrance.
  31. Four guards stood at the entrance.
  32. Located on the entrance hall’s.
  33. Before the entrance, there was a.
  34. Next to it was a private entrance.
  35. They came back to the main entrance.
  36. I'd peep over at the left entrance.
  37. Ananya was waiting at the entrance.
  38. To see if the entrance is clear.
  39. He reached the entrance and went in.
  40. I could use the service entrance.
  41. Instead, I looked out the entrance.
  42. It was behind a curtained entrance.
  43. I looked up above the cave entrance.
  44. The entrance to the tunnel had moved.
  45. At the entrance to the Officer’s.
  46. He’s waiting by the entrance door.
  47. The entrance was on the side and up.
  48. Which had a gatehouse at its entrance.
  49. There will be only one entrance used.
  50. The two pillars at the entrance are.
  51. The mountain entrance is testing you.
  52. She looked around the entrance foyer.
  53. Standing at the entrance, I whistled.
  54. This is the one entrance to the Lord.
  55. Arriving, he made a cautious entrance.
  56. They stood together near the entrance.
  57. Up at the entrance Nina was able to.
  58. It looked like an entrance to a cave.
  59. Signs at the entrance of stores and.
  60. The entrance was camouflaged by fauna.
  61. He slipped up the run to the entrance.
  62. It appeared to be an entrance of sorts.
  63. He then pointed at the hotel entrance.
  64. Its entrance does not face the street.
  65. We reached the entrance of the theatre.
  66. That way lies the entrance, Tobias.
  67. Two bar entrance, soldiers half price.
  68. More voices echo through the entrance.
  69. Wait with the carriage at the entrance.
  70. He stepped over to the entrance, rang.
  71. Nigel surveyed the entrance of the club.
  72. He parked close to the hotel entrance.
  73. When we reach the entrance, we separate.
  74. At the back entrance stood his caleche.
  75. On arriving at the carriage entrance M.
  76. Torbin approached the building entrance.
  77. He stood by the cave entrance and roared.
  78. Andrei stood in the entrance of the tent.
  79. The entrance to the tunnel has moved.
  80. He was coming through the main entrance.
  81. Louie stood guard near the cave entrance.
  82. This woman stood in the entrance of my.
  83. I waited until he went in the entrance.
  84. At the back entrance stood his calèche.
  85. Rose walked over and opened the entrance.
  86. He was even with the entrance before a.
  87. She would weave herself entrance no more.
  88. This was the entrance to a hidden tomb!.
  89. The entrance was not an easy thing for me.
  90. Bo climbed out, ran to the entrance and.
  91. Silence, as they headed for the entrance.
  92. He felt little anxiety over the entrance.
  93. I could study less for the entrance exams.
  94. The front entrance is for customers only.
  95. Nem glanced at the sign over the entrance.
  96. I glanced at the entrance to confirm this.
  97. Claire met me at the entrance to the lab.
  98. He used Caleb's entrance as a distraction.
  99. At the main entrance, Colette showed the.
  100. He squeezed her hand at the store entrance.
  1. The magisters tasked with entrancing the soldiers went ahead.
  2. The song was so entrancing, that all who listened stood and stared.
  3. Somehow, with your entrancing smile and caustic tongue, you’ve managed to captivate me.
  4. The contrast between the muted colors of her coat and her day-glow green eyes was entrancing.
  5. You had not, at that time, dipped very deep into the science of those entrancing and seducing vanities.
  6. The line between coincidence and fate is tested in this entrancing tale of the supernatural and unknown.
  7. Miss Simone flashed a smile of white teeth around at the class, and in that moment she looked radiant, entrancing.
  8. These waft us back along a vista of years, peopled with scenes the most entrancing, and fancies the most pleasing.
  9. Peace confronts the sounds of war with the laughter of play – the lungs of nature dispelling the drone of technology entrancing.
  10. The idea was positively entrancing! With glowing eyes and cheeks flushed at the thought, Miss Danvers awaited the bishop’s reply.
  11. Hal wasn’t sure if it was the dress, or her golden hair tumbling around her shoulders, or her startling blue eyes that he found so entrancing.
  12. As she finished her prayers and Suellen, then Carreen, began their decades, her mind was still speeding onward with her entrancing new thought.
  13. The study of the arts of the past is more entrancing every day because we are so much better informed, because we are daily better informed about them.
  14. And still smiling, she pushed Tarzan gently away; and looking at him with a half-smiling, half-quizzical expression that made her face wholly entrancing, she pointed to the fruit upon the ground, and seated herself upon the edge of the earthen drum of the anthropoids, for hunger was asserting itself.
  15. Whereupon she tuckt a linen Napkin into my Shirt Front, taking care to expose her fine, plump Bosom, just below my Nose, and I receiv’d a most Pow’rful Odour of Attar of Roses, and honest female Sweat, o’er and above the Odour of roast Capon; so much so that, ’twas fortunate I was not the Man I seem’d to be, for certainly the mingl’d Lusciousness of their entrancing Odours would have caus’d me to ravish Polly forthwith.
  16. And she saw a long Roman candle going up over the trees, up, up, and, in the tense hush, they were all breathless with excitement as it went higher and higher and she had to lean back more and more to look up after it, high, high, almost out of sight, and her face was suffused with a divine, an entrancing blush from straining back and he could see her other things too, nainsook knickers, the fabric that caresses the skin, better than those other pettiwidth, the green, four and eleven, on account of being white and she let him and she saw that he saw and then it went so high it went out of sight a moment and she was trembling in every limb from being bent so far back that he had a full view high up above her knee where no-one ever not even on the swing or wading and she wasn't ashamed and he wasn't either to look in that immodest way like that because he couldn't resist the sight of the wondrous revealment half offered like those skirtdancers behaving so immodest before gentlemen looking and he kept on looking, looking.
  1. You could say I was entranced.
  2. And he grew utterly entranced.
  3. With His Flute He Entranced Her.
  4. He sat up and watched, entranced.
  5. He was entranced by the gleaming.
  6. Entranced, lost in the revelation of.
  7. His listeners were literally entranced.
  8. Both women had completely entranced him.
  9. He stared at it for a minute, entranced.
  10. I stood watching the aircraft entranced.
  11. Grandfather was entranced by the place also.
  12. Entranced by the sound, Eric didnt notice.
  13. They were all entranced by the statue-to-be.
  14. She stared after the flying forms, entranced.
  15. Danny was entranced in the book for some time.
  16. The Baroness was entranced by the atonal melody.
  17. I stood up and looked at what so entranced him.
  18. SOON, the was pressed and the entranced, revealed.
  19. He put them all back up, Heather said, entranced.
  20. Entranced, he was silent for a long space, spellbound.
  21. Some of them became so entranced they couldn’t move.
  22. Carton and I were entranced by the romance of the thing.
  23. All of us were suddenly entranced by what was going on.
  24. His brother and the beast seemed entranced by each other.
  25. Whatever it did to Melanie, she was totally entranced;.
  26. The boys stood entranced by his methods and his results.
  27. He seemed completely entranced by the animal and took a.
  28. Of course, I could not understand all, but I was entranced.
  29. Jack sat watching Joseph on their balcony who was entranced.
  30. Their entranced eyes were fixated on the flickering pictures.
  31. No one stirred as they were entranced by his sharp-cut phrases.
  32. She looked up, involuntarily entranced by those broad shoulders.
  33. My gaze shifted to his face, and I became entranced by his eyes.
  34. He was entranced, as always when confronted with aesthetic truth.
  35. Carl said nothing, still entranced with the stories of people not.
  36. He was so entranced he told her she could have anything she wanted.
  37. The bird circled ever higher, holding Joshua momentarily entranced.
  38. The song entranced Varek so much that he had to be with these women.
  39. Watching from under his shield, he was entranced by the slowness of.
  40. She wanted to yell out, and to run, but she was almost entranced by it.
  41. Entranced by such beauty, I allowed myself to explore the place for a while.
  42. Hillary was entranced by the wonder of flight and the magic of the wintery.
  43. McGuire groaned and Mary stepped forward as if entranced by the horror of it all.
  44. They sat still, almost entranced, with a deeper observational mindset than normal.
  45. Entranced, she said, He’s in the medical unit, on a bed with a clear top over it.
  46. Losira gripped the edges of the couch, completely entranced with Garcia’s mindfulness.
  47. Annelle was entranced, oohing and aahing as she entered Bethanie’s room for the first time.
  48. His eyes burns into her soul, as her eyes become entranced upon his infectiously handsome face.
  49. Jasmine stood entranced by the doll, stroking the doll’s hair and face with awestruck fingers.
  50. In any case she happily walked along, entranced by the shared optimism of the environ-ment and the weather.
  51. Full of excellent food and entranced by this man’s company, she had dozed contentedly in the back of the cab.
  52. The eyes of Carl and Una followed her entranced gaze and chills began gallopading up and down their spines also.
  53. The bandits had come out of their hiding places and were prying the chest from the hands of the entranced couriers.
  54. The pink cotton shirt fluttered with her movements, Johan entranced by the flesh of her kneecap within the torn jeans.
  55. When she did arrive in New York to stay with Martha, she was more entranced with the political life than by the nightlife.
  56. Entranced, lost in the revelation of change in her body, she ran her fingertips over her taught stomach and down to her groin.
  57. Again, he was entranced by the fullness and suppleness of her pouting lips as she exaggerated the motions that went with the sounds.
  58. They stood entranced with the delicious cold bumps on their necks and the suddenly stiffened small hairs quilled up over their scalps.
  59. Nothing so tremendous as to be caught and noted, save by this older boy, myself, who, watching, became elated and admiring and entranced.
  60. Our professors would gladly have stayed there all day, so entranced were they by this opportunity of studying the life of a prehistoric age.
  61. As I walked and sweated and grumbled about the heat, I was so entranced with all the new happenings, I gave little thought to stopping for the night.
  62. She danced in circles around her skirt, swaying in front of Adam, who was by now ready to blow a valve as Nancy’s sensuality completely entranced him.
  63. The worrying thing now was that we found ourselves not only entranced by these wonderful birds but we were starting to sound like 'twitchers' ourselves.
  64. Ear was entranced by the possibility of being at the birth of a new consciousness, a mind higher than theirs, a body easily transferred eternally, a spirit.
  65. Or maybe I was just entranced by what I had overheard his doc say just as I had left the cancer unit floor? But I don’t want to talk about that right now.
  66. Just an hour ago, she’d seen one half-squatting in the middle of Second Avenue, blocking traffic, entranced by the cherry-red popsicle melting in his hand.
  67. He had been entranced not just by the boy but also by the young woman who looked as if she had come straight from a street brawl, but who drove a brand new B.
  68. He had run the length of the dock, watching the water rising and falling, entranced by the shadows cast by the sun shining through the space between the slats.
  69. She could still see her mother screaming at the entranced boy, aiming the powerful stream of water at his throbbing groin, finally beating him with the end of the hose.
  70. Our entrained habits and entranced rituals of capitulatory lifestyles of approved by reward obedience bends our expression to audience ratings and consumer satisfaction.
  71. Do you think they’ll come after us? The changelings had flopped on the stubbled carpet, entranced by the tru-cast, and a few reporters worked stories at their desks.
  72. Sir Hugh held the jury entranced as he spelt out the agony of a young boy robbed of his birthright and a father accused of denying his young wife the tender embrace of true matrimony.
  73. The following day Ethiopia drove me to Baalbek where my stupefaction at the colossal temple ruins of ancient Roman Heliopolis so entranced him that he asked me to live with him in Paris.
  74. Any man would have been hard pressed to not have been entranced by her, but all the little shop owner saw reflected in her icy cool gaze was his own death, if he didn’t think fast enough.
  75. Drawn by a morbid fascination, he re-entered the oracle chamber and stared down again at the motionless figure of the princess who was worshipped as a goddess, entranced by her frigid beauty.
  76. He then introduced himself as Quentin Watson, a food writer for a national newspaper, and said he had been so entranced by my business venture and passion, he felt compelled to write about the cafe.
  77. Most of the women were running with the departing men, but a few who remained behind looked strangely at Jim, for his eyes, too, were entranced as he stared down the road after the terrible mechanism.
  78. Conquering an initial shyness, Sebastian‘s moves became more fluid and when he completed the sequences he‘d been practising in his head ever since he‘d agreed to perform, and Rodney was entranced.
  79. The very fingertips of my other hand grazed the small of her back as I guided us out of the path of more entranced lovers, occasionally being separated by chaperones when they pressed a little too close.
  80. He’d snuck back to camp while the Angel was still entranced by that scar- he had yet to decide whether or not that had been a good thing- and had gone ‘looking’ for Connor when he hadn’t showed past dark.
  81. I was irresistibly reminded of mornings in the Devonshire of my childhood, nearly Seventy years before, and I stood there for a moment, entranced by memories so powerful that they seemed more real than the present.
  82. A few seats back, ten-year-old Johnny was so entranced by a spider painstakingly making a web in the corner of the window that he was oblivious to the fact that his collar was tucked inside his fleece and that he was wearing mismatched socks.
  83. Shatov cried like a boy, then talked of God knows what, wildly, crazily, with inspiration, kissed her hands; she listened entranced, perhaps not understanding him, but caressingly ruffling his hair with her weak hand, smoothing it and admiring it.
  84. In a singsong voice he half spoke, half whispered, ―yes—yes—yes, Grandfather, the journey begins, the journey begins…‖ Whipping his body around, the entranced man straddled the stupefied nurse and brandished the gore stained club over her head.
  85. His head is a triangle, his tongue is forked, his eyes are harsh, without color and glaring right at her—he rises back on his long body and begins to wave his head back and forth as if he is entranced by an Indian man who holds within his hand a pipe long and wooden.
  86. The strong blast and the soft breeze; the rough and the halcyon day; the hours of sunrise and sunset; the moonlight and the clouded night, developed for me, in these regions, the same attraction as for them—wound round my faculties the same spell that entranced theirs.
  87. As members of a collective health that is drained by the monopolies of power, fame, and wealth, we should repulse these crushing gravities that trivialize us, rather than increasing their oppressive materialization through our entranced worship that obsessively promotes them.
  88. Entranced by everything to see: the constant shifting of the blocks, their lights that changed from bright to dim, the fascinating winding halls, I innocently wondered where the liquid goes: it rushed me forth! ‘Twas then I realized that I was not with Master, nor my Friends.
  89. On the second day out of New York, a group of journalists invited her up to the first-class decks for what turned out to be an all-night party, during which she drank a good deal of champagne, ate caviar, and entranced many of the writers, among them William Randolph Hearst Jr.
  90. Robert was entranced by the seed collection, the clutter of the shade-house and potting shed, the creative disorder of the painting studio - a light-filled room attached to the workshop, the huge python draped in somnolent loops under the supports of the shed’s rainwater tank, and the overflowing garden.
  91. Meanwhile, as we thus lay entranced, the occasional sudden frantic spectacles in the distance evinced the activity of the other boats, still engaged in drugging the whales on the frontier of the host; or possibly carrying on the war within the first circle, where abundance of room and some convenient retreats were afforded them.
  92. Every farmer's home, heart and mind in the district will be influenced by the beauty and grandeur of the church; and many a bright boy, gazing enraptured upon its richly colored windows and entranced by the celestial voice of the organ, will there receive his first message from and in spirit be carried away to the beautiful and enchanting realm which lies far from the material and prosaic conditions which surround him in this workaday world-a real world, this new realm, vague and undefined though its boundaries be.
  93. Suppose someone were to go and ask his neighbours for fire and find a substantial blaze there, and just stay there continually warming himself: that is no different from someone who goes to someone else to get to some of his rationality, and fails to realize that he ought to ignite his own flame, his own intellect, but is happy to sit entranced by the lecture, and the words trigger only associative thinking and bring, as it were, only a flush to his cheeks and a glow to his limbs; but he has not dispelled or dispersed, in the warm light of philosophy, the internal dank gloom of his mind.
  1. One of his better entrances he.
  2. Only so many entrances, replies Devon.
  3. There were three entrances to the cafeteria.
  4. They picked entrances and assaulted the complex.
  5. These security officers monitor the entrances to.
  6. Also, we will be closing one of the usual entrances.
  7. There were two ground level entrances to the caverns.
  8. The maps listed Security posts at both bridge entrances.
  9. They were told to build the entrances only one man wide.
  10. He could see the tunnel entrances dotted here and there.
  11. He jumped down and sheltered in one of the side entrances.
  12. The Red Cross had set up booths at the mall entrances and.
  13. Curiously, Tom peered through the gateways and entrances.
  14. I just pul ed off one of the best entrances of my career.
  15. Valt didn’t have enough manpower to cover both entrances.
  16. The only problem was finding the entrances on the other end.
  17. Sergeant Reece has placed officers at all entrances and exits.
  18. We’ll guard the two main entrances instead, Gervais said.
  19. And now the entrances to the Cavern of the Well of the Eternal.
  20. I did not notice a single ajar window or any underground entrances.
  21. There is a gene native to the child which entrances it evermore.
  22. The Jews did this at Passover by marking the entrances or doorways.
  23. Shoop was one of the very few who knew about the secret entrances.
  24. Feeling slightly frustrated, he explored a couple of entrances that.
  25. Before I left the castle I so fixed its entrances that never more can.
  26. Some of us began to pile near the entrances to catch a glimpse outside.
  27. Sighing he said, First we case the joint, buildings, entrances, exits.
  28. Life is a theatre set in which there are but few practicable entrances.
  29. There were no special markings on the walls, no visible tunnel entrances.
  30. Sounds of weeping and wailing permeated out the entrances of the shelters.
  31. Different contractors al built smal parts of the entrances to ensure that.
  32. All had round entrances, and two large boulders just outside the cave mouth.
  33. As the tour went on, guards stood by the doors guarding entrances and exits.
  34. The front and back entrances had been fitted with trip wires, just as Shoop.
  35. It kept a view of both entrances, as well as the entrances from the cross-.
  36. They have domes covering them, and armed guards are posted on the entrances.
  37. It was a maze under the mountains; surely there were more than two entrances.
  38. Monitor the entrances and look for any zombie vampires that have wandered out.
  39. Newt’s eyes narrowed as he looked out toward one of the entrances to the Maze.
  40. The library for instance had two entrances, with a central administrative core.
  41. There were two entrances to the one shuttle bay, that opened on opposing ends of.
  42. Our portable set concealed the electrics and sound and provided entrances and exits.
  43. A similar mishap befell the other aircraft which was patrolling the outer entrances.
  44. All mountain tops – and also cave entrances, crossroads, and entrances to villages.
  45. Sebastian spoke to him quietly, as Alex and Rogan kept a watch on the many tunnel entrances.
  46. The trail now led them ever downward it appeared, toward one of the now empty side entrances.
  47. The opposite wall was pockmarked with cave entrances that felt slightly foreboding in appearance.
  48. Mendoza checked all the entrances into the house but each one was guarded twenty four hours a day.
  49. Entrances to their facilities were guarded and access was controlled by an electronic card system.
  50. The car pulled up in front of one of the entrances that connected to the back hall of Freshman Hall.
  51. Fortunately, Saul’s belief in order and control had led him to design buildings with few entrances.
  52. He pointed out to us that there were two possible entrances to the museum which we had not considered.
  53. There were three separate entrances under one huge black archway that said YOU ARE NOW ENTERING EREBUS.
  54. The Bab El Nasr, Bab El Futuh and the Bab El Zuwayla, entrances to the medieval fortifications of Cairo.
  55. With guards posted at all the entrances, the Israelis were given virtually free run of the confined area.
  56. A lot of the hot spots on M Street, which ran parallel to the alley, had their service entrances back here.
  57. He left the side-door open, but his first steps were to lock all three other entrances on the ground level.
  58. Feng Shui recommendations usually involve relocation of entrances, furniture, ornaments and bodies of water.
  59. There were three entrances through the wall, but these were in the recesses and would be very hard to force.
  60. The tunnel entrances were made ready to allow the flow of men and machines into and out of the New Reichstag.
  61. People were still being dragged in through the entrances, yet we already were developing huge lines for food.
  62. Within the star materialized a Warrior magnificent Who stood as stone before my door to bar untimely entrances.
  63. They create small galleries with small entrances plugged with partially chewed wood and a cement like secretion.
  64. Dalynara’s entrances were always the same, but none of them ever tired of watching her come through the Gates.
  65. On this side there were a couple of smaller stairwells with military personnel guarding their entrances closely.
  66. Measuring their dimensions, and the ones of the doorways and other entrances, with the help of a measuring tape.
  67. There was a large arch over the main entrance and two smaller arches and entrances on each side of the main one.
  68. Everybody was having a great time when Chuck abruptly stopped and stood, unmoving, staring at one of the entrances.
  69. They entered from all of the entrances and surrounded the central platform where Darek and his friends were located.
  70. Milling about entrances to the neighborhoods were those standing as guards, like their crewmates back at the warehouses.
  71. Around the room guards stood with automatic weapons pointed towards the entrances just in case the meeting was disturbed.
  72. Freddie walked along the boundary wall with his stomach in a huge knot of nerves and checked the entrances into the house.
  73. About an hour later, they found themselves located at one of the four entrances to the underground tunnels of Praia da Luz.
  74. She knows of at least twenty entrances along the way that she and her troops can duck into in case the helicopters return.
  75. She carefully surveyed the entrances and exits from the alley and her heart began racing when she saw and heard no one near.
  76. In some cases the hedges and shrubs at the front were slightly overgrown casting a lot of dark shadow across the entrances.
  77. He realized he could not protest at all, he was left to lead the legions of titans to the key entrances into the Upper World.
  78. Jodie was enjoying seeing in the near-blackness when she sensed the outline of two tunnel entrances some distance before them.
  79. Entrances to the pubs and taverns were through two distinct doors, one labelled ‘Men’ and the other ‘Ladies & Escorts’.
  80. We envision that the entrances and windows will appear to be natural caves and openings in the rock, with fully finished interiors.
  81. Sometimes to the point of falling down and not knowing which way was up! Most of the old mine entrances were demolished or caved in.
  82. She cries out at the gates at the entry of the city, at the entrances at the doors; To you, O men, I call, and my voice is for the.
  83. No alleyways or back entrances give him any opportunity to see around the building Stef and Nicola live in and he continues walking.
  84. The pedestrians would squeeze to the edges of the path, sometimes retreating into the entrances of shops without a murmur of protest.
  85. On the other sides of the Realm of the Upper World, Elijah had placed his legions to the entrances in the south, south east and south west.
  86. Here and there they gathered in groups, on the pavement, especially about the entrances to various festive establishments in the lower storeys.
  87. Use a towel to dry This mixture can also be sprayed around the dog’s bedding area and around the entrances to the house as mentioned in step 1.
  88. Annie’s house, having once belonged to his grandfather, had many such hidden entrances, which had allowed him easy access into her home unseen.
  89. Most of the entrances to Lincra are lined with scores of benches, as needing to sit down is the most typical reaction of the first-time visitor.
  90. Kate watched, frowning, as half a dozen uniformed policemen leaped from the cars and hurried to cover the two entrances and exits to the building.
  91. Lightship: small ship equipped with distinctive light and anchored near an obstruction to navigation or in entrances or shallow water to warn ships.
  92. This softness was suspicious; it hinted at furtive goings and comings, silent entrances and exits of nocturnal men, and the wolf-like tread of crime.
  93. He will destroy her and make her enter into the entrances of the devils so easily, because she will have has surrendered herself to him and trusted him.
  94. At the outer edge of the Square at one of the entrances, a colossal electronic screen stood with the message Macao, Chinese on December 20th, 1999.
  95. These huge homes of the corporation and the bank, with entrances as sternly embellished as palaces of justice, are oppressively significant of business.
  96. As he and the Manager walked into the lobby, Steve was informed by him that the hotel had over eight entrances from the street and four sets of elevators.
  97. They'd been discovered many years ago after a violent earthquake, crude, underground tunnels, with entrances in Teekwood, the Red Hills, and even Astrovia.
  98. The layout made for some privacy because the large upstairs bathroom had entrances at each end, and the bedrooms were at opposite ends of the second floor.
  99. As a further precaution, most of the entrances to the Nile had been obstructed with hulks and debris to hamper any vessels attempting to use the waterways.
  100. She found tranquility in her repentance and was peaceful, as she had pleased her Provider and closed all the entrances through which the devils could enter.

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