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Advanced in a sentence

More advanced: 1.
More advanced: 2.
Of any advanced.
As time advanced.
More advanced : 1.

As a great advancing soul.
Hosts advancing to the fray;.
He was advancing inch by inch.
Whoever it was, was advancing.
The advancing hoofs stopped short.
I tell thee it is always advancing.
Morrison advancing along the avenue.
He began advancing quickly toward the.
In the name of advancing the neo kingdom.
Advancing with easy assurance to take my.
What could advancing age have added more?
Jaggers, advancing a step, and pointing to.
Furthermore, and when advancing in real life.
The grayish figure was there, still advancing.
He returned his attention to the advancing troops.
Ardara was there behind him, and advancing quickly.
But circuitry has been advancing greatly recently.
His eyes never left the face of the advancing man.
HAVING recognized God as the advancing presence in.
The hosts of Isengard were advancing in silence now.
I was worried, said Willa advancing towards me.
Barrad stepped out to meet the advancing troops alone.
They stopped advancing and started to count the beans.
Christian persecution is advancing in the United States.
Nigerians were within sixty miles and advancing rapidly.
It became the leading winner of 1999, advancing 20-fold.
The enemy is already advancing along this row of houses.
Advancing the throttle to wide open, I started climbing.
He jumped in front of the advancing Chaos, stabbing his.
The S&P would do even better, advancing an average of 16.
It’s over, I said, carefully advancing toward her.
The advancing Knot hesitated and exchanged unsure glances.
Cloud burst from his position, advancing hastily upon the.
The advancing wolf faltered, suddenly finding its path of.
The train was slowly advancing through the forests, in the.
These are all results of the advancing stages of normality.
As they were advancing through the room, he couldn’t help.
Music therapy as a healing science is advancing in popularity.
It seemed inaccessible, sheltered behind the advancing Pierre.
Rafael called out as the figure continued advancing toward him.
As the army corps advances.
Both had spurned his advances.
As his thought advances Prof.
Progress advances; it makes the.
They made a thousand advances to him.
Bravo advances towards that direction.
A flowing shadow advances above the.
He tried to protest my advances feebly.
With the alien advances in communication.
Over the years, the advances in medicine.
Because of advances with computers, many.
These forms of advances are explained below.
While considering grant of advances against.
Also, major advances require time to complete.
She could not indulge in this man's advances.
Second stage: The stock advances further to 65.
Advances in technology aren’t always for the.
Catherine to be checked in her friendly advances.
Most short advances continue for about 700 days.
As the seeker advances, this relationship grows.
I’m so sick of his advances, I could scream.
As he advances, the one study will help the other.
The nifty advances in ski technology in the late.
As in literature and the arts, a society advances.
Technological advances could be too good at times.
In any case, I believe advances in technology will.
Yet, these advances were meant to improve our lives.
Advances in Behavioral Finance (Thaler and Barbaris).
She tired quickly of his off color jokes and advances.
Bashful Robin thought she was making sexual advances.
They believe that we can overcome Deorci’s advances.
Advances following point I are only moderately strong.
Three women complained of unwanted advances from their.
These advances lasted 8, 17, and 13 years respectively.
Statutory and other restrictions on Loans and Advances.
Subsequent advances have been comparatively incremental.
Sir Gawain resisted her advances as she kissed him twice.
Advances in the engineering of amino acids that comprise.
He refused these advances so she kissed him on the cheek.
Aroused, she willingly accepted his advances with ecstasy.

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But it was an advance!.
We are an advance team.
I know this in advance.
So thank you in advance.
His advance did not falter.
And I apologize in advance.
My apologies in advance Ms.
And he continued to advance.
No need to ring in advance.
And be not in advance severe.
It was too late to advance.
Or, even better, in advance.
We either advance or decline.
He didn’t pay in advance.
I didn't give you an advance.
It was all arranged in advance.
The demon stopped its advance.
For example, an advance of Rs.
I apologize to them in advance.
All children advance at their.
An advance of 10 metres a year.
Thanks in advance and be blessed.
The Marines continued to advance.
Four "virgins" walked in advance.
I am finally getting the advance.
Advance the cause of single fathers.
And again the advance of the armies.
That’s plenty of advance warning.
Thank you in advance for your help.
He grimaces as his thoughts advance.
For terms of this offer see Advance.
After the advance staff arrived in D.
Especially if being paid in advance.
The advance was not to be abandoned.
Besides, I’ll pay cash in advance.
We send the Advance one year for $3.
Advance Health and Happiness for All.
A living will is one type of advance.
Now the knights of Aquilonia advance.
Thanks in advance for your prayers!.

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