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    1. their political affiliation and not by token of their

    2. He was very proud of his affiliation and dedication to the army

    3. The only thing that can truly worry me is them finding out about Arkaneh's affiliation with Reus Mallistrom, but I'm guessing he's not going to stop by for a surprise visit, so everything should be alright

    4. They only had a tenuous affiliation with each other

    5. What’s his affiliation?”

    6. Even at the trial, their covert affiliation was never revealed, only their standing service in the Legion

    7. For they were the very familiar Shad-owmarks denoting both affiliation with “the Guild” and

    8. “Number Four: Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war

    9. Are you aware of the ever lasting judgement God has cast onto these nations? Amongst their offences was their affiliation with the god of fire, Molech?

    10. talking however, it was obvious that we had a palpable affiliation

    11. the basis of sex, political affiliation, age or other reasons

    12. to hide the markings of their gang affiliation as

    13. “I immediately started to build my own retirement portfolio through management consultancies, affiliation with a well-regarded broadcast brokerage firm, and a commitment to work with a major investment firm in New York City interested in communications industry ownership

    14. The RCS initiated the Coast Guard"s wartime affiliation with the U

    15. committees would have no financial affiliation with the various institutions

    16. The parameter that involves attraction and aversion refers to affiliation

    17. where she was from, and what her affiliation to Michael was

    18. It helps to have a big-media affiliation, or be effective on TV

    19. Matthew and Sarah found that their love of the modern trends somehow categorized them as Mods, but they did not feel any affiliation as such towards the term and neither seemingly did their immediate Irish friends

    20. She told him without reservation, that she was English and had little or no affiliation with Ireland, except for her parents and her other Irish relatives

    21. our affiliation to them as individuals are therefore, consciously or

    22. Relatedness that occurs not as a response to danger or humiliation, as a means to safety or esteem, but for the sake of affiliation itself is qualitatively and experientially

    23. Many companies these days do not pay attention to a potential employee’s religion, political affiliation, and such

    24. 50 dollars for the affiliation and only 15 cents for search engines

    25. Although more expensive than the search engines, the affiliation brings a qualified traffic

    26. Both affiliation and approval are strong motivators

    27. “General?” Lezura said, “Oh, so he does have some past or present affiliation with the military

    28. The follow up review for prosecution by a citizen’s panel of no party affiliation for a recalled employee would be needed

    29. entire affair that was unfolding in the press, especially since there would undoubtedly be questions raised as to her being unfairly awarded the contract due to her husband’s affiliation with the government

    30. you inquire as to her religious affiliation? That could have a lot to do

    31. no uncertain terms, to immediately stop his affiliation – and, his friendship – with the group, and

    32. There are mystics who have no committed religious affiliation, seldom attend a

    33. “And what was your affiliation with Chicago Capital?”

    34. I had falsely sold a current affiliation with the content of the book you have just read

    35. Sites will have no party or lobby affiliation

    36. affiliation with the body and the world, we sense that far from being

    37. If you feel this direction resonates with you then I’d encourage you to take a look at some of his free training here (I have no affiliation with his company)

    38. At one time, the religious affiliation, and at another, the right education, or a vision of the future

    39. Moreover, in a process of holographic appropriation, the narcissist views himself as a microcosm of his affiliation, of his group, or his frame of reference

    40. Now, in the interests of keeping everything aboveboard, I would disclose my affiliation with the phone companies on my Web page

    41. There was absolutely no reason, other than an extreme necessity to create an affiliation with Athash, and why would they need that? What game was he playing at? Why did he wish to establish a direct relationship with Athash beforehand?

    42. affiliation with someone who could be considered a criminal

    43. The many teams of religion, race, class, occupation, sports affiliation, and familial obligation inhibit us from not conceiving of ourselves as one of US, thus prohibiting the isolated self from being enlightened by the inclusive, without exception, Universal All

    44. tribal affiliation back to her mind

    45. These tensions reached a climax when the social democratic government decided in 2001 to implement the decision of the newly created Supreme Data Protection Authority, to remove the indication of religious affiliation from the identity cards carried by Greek citizens

    46. some conscious decisions that could have no other outcome, like dropping my affiliation

    47. affiliation with them prevented him agreeing with the idea

    48. In addition to the normal romance affiliation, it also offers its members an erotica section

    49. The three requirements included: a) The Fantasy Football owner/manager needed to be affiliated with an American Football League professional team; b) He or she needed to have a professional affiliation to professional football by way of journalism; and c) Lastly, the manager needed to have bought or sold a minimum of 10 tickets for the 63 season of Oakland Raider's Football

    50. Although there is no specific mention of the separation of church and state in the Constitution, a clause in this article makes it clear that government positions should not be denied to anyone because of their religious affiliation, nor should any particular religious litmus test be applied to those seeking government employment

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    Synonyms for "affiliation"

    affiliation association tie tie-up alliance union coalition bloc confederation connection federation

    "affiliation" definitions

    a social or business relationship

    the act of becoming formally connected or joined