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Tie in a sentence

A tie is a loss.
Tie it to (1) this.
When to wear a tie.
Let me tie it all.
The vote is a tie.
To hell with the tie.
Bring a suit and tie.

Tie them to the mast.
Tie the ends and boil.
Tie many fine nooses 1.
Tie up all loose ends.
Then, there is a tie.
I tie a very handsome.
You seemed my only tie.
Tie him up, and the kid.
The last tie was broken.
He loosened his tie and.
He flapped his tie at me.
Tie a knot on your shift.
And to tie the ropes to.
First was the red power tie.
She started to undo his tie.
We could tie it up in the.
No tie is worth $1,000,000.
Tie that man to that chair'.
He wears white tie and tails.
She fiddled with the tie on.
How do shadows tie in to.
Just tie up the cord….
Black tie at the White House.
He wore a suit, shirt and tie.
Oh, no! A tie? Not in dominos.
She paused to tie off a stitch.
He chuckled grabbing his tie.
Andrew quickly adjusted his tie.
But don’t tie your own hands.
It was brown and had a bow tie.
He was starting to tie up the.
And he called for a tie breaker.
I just hate wearing this tie.
Merry was tying it up, and.
Mike finishes tying his sneaker.
Pulling and tying nets all day.
They are tying themto the trees.
They’re tying up all loose ends.
All of this whipping, tying, and.
With one less issue tying up your.
This cult was tying knots in my nerves.
Des momentarily stopped tying his cravat.
Using two loose wraps, start tying the.
There was no physical evidence tying Mr.
This is a rule any time you start tying.
What is it? I asked tying up my robe.
Beating a horse, tying it up for hours on.
He finished tying before going to answer it.
The chains tying her to her fail-safe loosened.
She hid behind the door, tying her gown closed.
He dismounted, tying the reins to the branch of.
Selma finished tying the belt to the threadbare.
Then there was more tying and tightening of cords.
She laid her underwear on the bed then after tying.
Oftentimes, crucifixion was accomplished by tying.
She came down tying her hair at the nape of her neck.
Good scissors are an absolute necessity for fly tying.
Connections "tying" the knot and "the ties that bind".
Pierre had taken part in tying a policeman to a bear.
Practiced fingers worked, joining and tying in a blur.
This means tying and wrapping all herbs in cheesecloth.
Two men in their forties were tying their mounts to it.
It’s been tying me up in knots seeing you so unhappy.
They all reached the gate, securely tying it to the post.
The airhostess insisted for tying up seatbelts, to cover.
I know, it means a direct hookup without tying up a phone.
Tying him up was hardly necessary but they did it to show.
Yeah, just let me finish tying this thingie in the back.
Finally tying the knot so as she could not mover her trunk.
Since you are tying in the head area of the hook, any whip.
This is much bigger than tying baby Don Sprinkle to a tree.
You’ll need to start your fly tying expedition with a hook.
She thought of tying herself on, but was too tired to do it.
He tied me up and.
They tied me up and.
And my hands are tied.
A boat was tied there.
Now the game was tied.
But the CS is tied up.
His hands are not tied.
He is to remain tied.
I tied that paw for him.
This he tied round him.
They should be tied to.
He has tied me to a line.
It was tied to the handle.
The two are closely tied.
She got out and tied the.
Mary had a babushka tied.
He then tied a blindfold.
Now the PCT and I were tied.
They really are tied up.
I was then tied to a tree.
Tied up in the church pews.
In the tea room, tied up.
Tongue tied she turned to.
The guards tied her wrists.
He tied and gagged them both.
He tied me up on his service.
She tied it around his eyes.
The ferry was tied up there.
She tied it back on her arm.
They were tied at the wrists.
Eventually they tied the knot.
Her hands and feet were tied.
I tied the lasers together.
They were tied at the ankles.
Holding a noose tied to the.
The balloons tied with string.
We were tied together forever.
As he tied his shoelaces, he.
I have close ties with.
He had no family, no ties.
Pitzarelli had ties to a.
She ties down her breasts.
Is a string of broken ties.
This theory ties into the.
I cut ties with her as she.
Ties are silly aren’t they.
Even with the ties that bind.
You can take one of my ties.
That ties into the concept.
Put him on the cross ties.
Surrounded by ties that bind.
Lydia pulled at the zip ties.
He severed ties with Our Lady.
We should ties his hands also.
Ties where coming down my cheek.
Just the ties, a rag, the floor.
Sileas appeared with cloth ties.
Cut the wrist ties, of course.
Joe cut the loss, and ties with.
Wrestling creates ties that bind.
She's got no ties in this country.
The ties to friendships and home.
Your blood ties are somewhere in.
She squirmed against the cable ties.
The other boys got shirts and ties.
Old twisted ties, blouses that are.
The Lord has secured all family ties.
I had just started Cutting the Ties.
Grabatology is the collecting of ties.
Emotional ties that bind beyond death.
The ties that bound Simon were now cut.
Tempted to stay put, but family ties.
Every suspect proven to have ties to.
There are no emotional ties so it is.
The top left was all ties and collars.
Thou know’st what ties are breaking.
The zip ties were ripping into her skin.
Obviously, family ties remained strong.

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