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Another in a sentence

1. I'll say it another way.
2. She gave me another look.
3. She went on for another.
4. Over coming it is another.
5. I gave it another shot:.
6. He was joined by another.
7. Another Small Story for U.

8. How wrong! I got another.
9. Another day dawned and I.
10. Oh God, yet another day.
11. Then we passed another one.
12. There must be another way.
13. I just don't need another.
14. Jacob took another sip of.
15. His party is another matter.
16. In teaching another to be.
17. Only another four to go.
18. Then she needs another one.
19. Bhuj,' another old man said.
20. Staying that way is another.
21. That was another good point.
22. But there was another voice.
23. He showed me another world.
24. Another SA had run into him.
25. Billy waits for another word.
26. Bert is another good example.
27. She reached for another roll.
28. There’s another way for us.
29. The next day I got another.
30. A man asks another for help.
31. Another two had the 37mm (1.
32. Chew on it from another end.
33. And then another single tap.
34. They waited for another man.
35. Take this, I have another.
36. Then there was another glass.
37. In another vision my mom saw.
38. But, we had another kind of.
39. In another vision my mom was.
40. He takes another deep breath.
41. And then another and another.
42. And then another, longer one.
43. Just another day in paradise.
44. Should be another easy shift.
45. Each day blended with another.
46. We continued for another week.
47. I turned without another word.
48. It burst into another galaxy.
49. The real question is another.
50. He waited for another moment.
51. Morning in another new place.
52. He switches to another station.
53. And another one bites the dust.
54. This was another bloody dream.
55. And another thing, keep your.
56. I moved in another place, on.
57. Another version says he will.
58. It’s another herb I collect.
59. And yet, he had another theory.
60. Another bite, and it was gone.
61. We got another mouth to feed.
62. And then there was another dark.
63. He felt another twinge of pain.
64. Here's another great game I saw.
65. Another war, begun before any.
66. No! I had to think of another.
67. Sim waved another into the curb.
68. They had shared another word!.
69. She fired it, and then another.
70. He passes another photo to John.
71. Another job was to serve meals.
72. He couldn't handle another drop.
73. Another theory states that the.
74. That was becoming another worry.
75. In another vision my mom saw me.
76. I could sure use another beer.
77. However there is another reason.
78. In another vision my mother saw.
79. He stomps it out lights another.
80. Bru put another dish in the rack.
81. Another View of an old Question.
82. Let’s put all this another way.
83. It was another dusk on the beach.
84. But there had to be another way.
85. Another filly has caught my eye.
86. I soon had another think coming.
87. The Castigator was another pawn.
88. Now, Grinly, is another matter.
89. All three stared at one another.
90. Will you please give me another.
91. Just then, another volley landed.
92. Because they needed one another.
93. Another cup of tea would be nice.
94. Doc ordered himself another pint.
95. Then - FLASH! - he takes another.
96. Another boy steps on Arlan's nose.
97. Another city in Alan's universe.
98. Another tapped him on the ankle.
99. Another tall girl with pale skin.
100. She poured herself another drink.

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