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Another in a sentence

I'll say it another way.
She gave me another look.
I gave it another shot:.
Over coming it is another.
He was joined by another.
She went on for another.
Another Small Story for U.

Oh God, yet another day.
Then we passed another one.
There must be another way.
Another day dawned and I.
How wrong! I got another.
His party is another matter.
But there was another voice.
In teaching another to be.
Staying that way is another.
Jacob took another sip of.
Then she needs another one.
He showed me another world.
That was another good point.
Only another four to go.
I just don't need another.
Bhuj,' another old man said.
She reached for another roll.
Another two had the 37mm (1.
There’s another way for us.
A man asks another for help.
Billy waits for another word.
And then another single tap.
Chew on it from another end.
Another SA had run into him.
Take this, I have another.
Bert is another good example.
The next day I got another.
They waited for another man.
In another vision my mom was.
Morning in another new place.
He waited for another moment.
It burst into another galaxy.
And then another and another.

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