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Different in a sentence

This was a different Sim.
A different kind of look.
As if each was different.
It had a much different.
Again, in a different way.
We chose a different path.
Of different states of mind.

Why was it different now?
My dilemma is so different.
But this food is different.
I suggest a different plan.
It was different with Beth.
But today it was different.
This girl was no different.
It was different this time.
But this is very different.
This time it was different.
You and I are different.
That night was no different.
Oh, that would be different.
The stomach is a different.
But somehow it was different.
Bonding of a different kind.
It was just different than.
Claire had a different story.
But this one was different.
It's different for all of us.
But his eyes were different.
This world will be different.
But thats a different story.
She was born to be different.
Sailing at night is different.
In some cases the different.
This may be different, sir.
It was a very different buzz.
And the pain feels different.
It is a different Greek word.
But things were different now.
In my case, it was different.
None of us are any different.

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