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Different in a sentence

1. This was a different Sim.
2. As if each was different.
3. A different kind of look.
4. It had a much different.
5. We chose a different path.
6. Again, in a different way.
7. You and I are different.

8. But this food is different.
9. I suggest a different plan.
10. This girl was no different.
11. But this is very different.
12. Why was it different now?
13. It was different this time.
14. This time it was different.
15. It was different with Beth.
16. Of different states of mind.
17. My dilemma is so different.
18. But today it was different.
19. Claire had a different story.
20. Bonding of a different kind.
21. But somehow it was different.
22. It was just different than.
23. But his eyes were different.
24. This world will be different.
25. The stomach is a different.
26. It's different for all of us.
27. Oh, that would be different.
28. But this one was different.
29. That night was no different.
30. But thats a different story.
31. We Africans are no different.
32. None of us are any different.
33. She was born to be different.
34. Sailing at night is different.
35. It is a different Greek word.
36. All were in different colors.
37. In some cases the different.
38. And the pain feels different.
39. In my case, it was different.
40. It was a very different buzz.
41. But things were different now.
42. This may be different, sir.
43. I mean ten different churches.
44. But the lighting is different.
45. Each type in a different cart.
46. But this, this is different.
47. This time was different though.
48. Different for a1l of us, David.
49. They were different than most.
50. She was no different from me.
51. Our lives became very different.
52. But this was different somehow.
53. It could have been so different.
54. She had been different tonight.
56. But this time it was different.
57. There are many different types.
58. But today, it seemed different.
59. Our generation is no different.
60. They say it different over here.
61. The inside was a different story.
62. He too had a different weakness.
63. Yesterday was a different story.
64. What else would be different?
65. But it sounds different somehow.
66. They should have different names.
67. No, you made a different choice.
68. It was a different kind of hod.
69. No, I think this is different.
70. That's different, he'd be a man.
72. This ride was totally different.
73. This time, with a different eye.
74. A very different Sunday morning.
75. It was different with the dress.
76. They have very different senses.
77. He was in a different dimension.
78. Yah, but it's a different effect.
79. Next time will be very different.
80. Maybe he’ll be different Tar.
81. I don't know it's just different.
82. The truth is completely different.
83. He had many slaves of different.
84. You may also have different pay.
85. But with me things were different.
86. Yes, but this one is different.
87. The top one here looks different.
88. Maybe it will never be different.
89. People run for different reasons.
90. This time, it would be different.
91. Why couldn’t it be different.
92. The clergy of all the different.
93. I'll have to try a different tack.
94. This time the tears were different.
95. I just wish things were different.
96. Children are different than adults.
97. Here are five different ways you.
98. She knew he was different somehow.
99. My mother took a different course.
100. And different nations and races -.

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