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Arms in a sentence

I threw my arms up.
She threw her arms up.
He took his arms from.
Becky cried in my arms.
He took her in his arms.
I had wept in her arms.
In the arms of The King.

And he crossed his arms.
I raised my arms as he.
He had his arms crossed.
I thought my arms were.
He moved his arms around.
The machine spun its arms.
They both wore side arms.
He grabbed her arms and.
Her arms went around him.
He pulls me into his arms.
John takes her in his arms.
I just fell into her arms.
Chapter 35 Arms & the Man.
I felt content in his arms.
He put his arms around her.
She put her arms around him.
Reside in the V of my arms.
A younger set of arms are.
My arms had turned to lead.
I wept for joy in her arms.
She gestured with her arms.
His arms though thin were.
The dealer raised his arms.
He ran out, arms open, H.
He gathered her in his arms.
Alaric had crossed his arms.
She hauled me into her arms.
I held her tight in my arms.
His arms were still crossed.
She moved back into his arms.
He puts his arms around her.
Wrapping his arms around me.
I threw my arms around the.
We are arming the mermaids.
Arming and Classing the Militia.
Arming myself with value I asked.
Arming himself with a small but sturdy.
Arming the mini gun was one of their troops.
I don’t think strong arming him would have worked.
Romney also favored arming moderate Syrian rebels.
They were able to defuse the arming mechanism and the C4.
Fedukin gave the tone by arming his AKSU-74 assault carbine.
It was set to be detonated by pressing the arming mechanism.
Arming himself with courage, the merchant then spoke in Occitan.
We have a right to provide for arming and disciplining the militia.
Max was briefed by the security man responsible for arming the timer.
One of those authorized the arming of USA vessels which Congress had.
Greg had been listening as Rachel talked herself through her arming checklist.
But what object had you in view in arming yourself with such a weapon?
First—a general repeal without arming would be submission to both nations.
Stephen, arming Zoe with exaggerated grace, begins to waltz her round the room.
On reaching the arming area, each plane cocked left 45 degrees and braked to a stop.
Max attempted to flip back the cover that protected the arming switch and timer wheels.
And found former allies they had been arming and helping to fight the USSR just dandy.
She went thru the arming procedure very carefully with the captain watching everything.
Maquis suddenly put a weapon to Torres’ head and took the arming device off Torres’s.
Again he had seen to the arming of all of the reunified able-bodied men to guard the multitude.
Uh, may I ask why you told me about this after saying that arming my ship would be illegal?’’.
He believed that this discrimination of duties and arming our merchant vessels would be such a law.
Tidings they had gathered in secret ways; and in all the mountains there was a forging and an arming.
I know that the apprehension of being forced to quit Mansfield will for a time be arming you against him.
It cannot be true, therefore, that "a general repeal and arming our merchant vessels," would be such a war.
Sire, the usurper is arming three ships, he meditates some project, which, however mad, is yet, perhaps, terrible.
At one point I planned on coming down and having a chat with the jury, but strong arming people usually never works.
The House resumed the consideration of the bill supplementary to the act for arming the militia, and for classing the same.
As pointed out before, arming groups that hate the US likely would backfire as much as the CIA's association with Bin Laden.
Xitak and his guards looked with respect at the long, quadruple rail guns and the missile silos, now empty, arming the vehicles.
All the personnel used in maintaining, repairing and arming our aircraft and helicopters will stay in their present occupations.
While he did support bombing Syria earlier and arming rebels, we do not know if McCain would have still been president that late.
IT WAS AN OPEN SECRET THAT THE IRANIANS WERE ARMING and training insurgents and in some cases even attacking Western troops themselves.
If he would have caught the trip wire, that would have pulled away the safety pin, priming the grenade and making the arming handle fly off.
Liem shouted in despair and, stopping where he was, was arming his rifle when Binh interposed himself, grabbing his rifle and immobilizing it.
Court saw the armorers and crew chiefs scurry from airplane to air�plane, checking, arming, pulling red safety streamers, and taking a last look.
He was armed and fit.
There were lots of armed.
And by ready I mean armed.
The gendarme are not armed.
He was armed and dangerous.
He was armed with an AK-47.
He was armed but by himself.
Of course he would be armed.
They were armed with spears.
He’s armed and I’m not.
I’m not armed, he said.
Yet even the cavalry are armed.
Kitara was armed to the teeth.
We were met by armed soldiers.
It was armed with one medium.
Women in Our Armed Services, n.
We had dogs and we were armed.
We need to send armed ships.
Stories of fleshy armed women.
He was fully dressed and armed.
We have to assume he’s armed.
Armed only with his belief in.
I have armed you with as much.
I’ll give them armed force.
They same as we armed Bin Laden.
With the armed Toyota, and al-.
They were armed after a fashion.
He had to be armed, I said.
Always armed with a sharp razor.
Martial Arts, armed and unarmed.
What were they armed with?
Then he went on the shore armed.
The armed forces, the government.
Jalal was the only one armed –.
Police officers were always armed.
George waved his armed tentatively.
They waylaid and looted by armed.
Doe to the nurses and armed guards.
They were armed with pump shotguns.

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He tugs on my arm.
He let his arm drop.
But I need your arm.
Grab an arm and tow.
He then put his arm.
Sam looked at his arm.
I pointed to his arm.
Pain shot up his arm.
The arm up in the air.
He raised his arm in.
He offered me his arm.
Nero led her by the arm.
Now he has his arm up.
She waved her arm again.
She pulled her arm away.
She yanks her arm free.
His right arm is aching.
BCG rests his arm on Dr.
I put my arm around her.
I put my arm around him.
Homer thrust his arm out.
Pachuco had the best arm.
Chono, who raised an arm.
She rubbed her right arm.
I put my hand on her arm.
His arm tight around me.
He put a hand on her arm.
I punched him in the arm.
He put his arm around me.
His arm was longer than.
The woman grabbed her arm.
He put his arm around her.
A weight on her left arm.
He grabbed her arm again.
Alex offered his arm to.
She slaps him on the arm.
He offered his arm to me.
I cling to Tobias’s arm.
She sat on the arm chair.
He dropped my arm saying.

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