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    1. She dropped her burdens on the way by, then jumped into Herndon's arms with a shout

    2. He could imagine her turning to dry powder in his arms, stabbing himself on the splinters of her bones as her shrill cackle faded into the cold distance of outer space

    3. She was in his arms before he could think about it, and she felt good there

    4. Walking requires the integrated use of our arms, legs and torso

    5. Becca threw her arms into the air

    6. By the time she got to the door she was sure it was Herndon by his voice and found herself running into his arms

    7. His parents sent him to summer camp last month and he had bug bites all over his arms and legs

    8. Seeing Aiko's pained face, her arms cradling the man on the floor, I finally realize

    9. It was this native body again, and Herndon's presence, his bulging arms on the wheel of a powerful machine

    10. And because he wasn’t trying to be sexist or nothin’, he put up a poster of Rosie the Riveter because she had strong arms

    11. I think that the reason that grandchildren are great is because they come to you with their open arms and open hearts, unspoiled and innocent

    12. It didn’t help that he kept cutting off any potential escape route; he was always just at arms length away

    13. The insects spread tiny wings and began to bite Haques on the arms

    14. God took mice from the Garden and put them in Adam's arms so he would feel strong enough to protect his mate

    15. ‘So what brought this on?’ he asked, standing by the now buzzing kettle, his arms folded

    16. Her arms were folded as she still lingered at the table, she frowned and slowly shook her soft blond curls, "And I don't think those ghosts can help you

    17. He flails his arms at something or someone only he can see

    18. He mutters and flails his arms about

    19. Clarisse kneels in front of John trying to put her arms around him

    20. "So you want me to transport stolen property?" He folded his massive arms in front of Tahlmute's face

    21. The Instinct tingled his arms when the thought crossed his mind that he could easily snatch it

    22. The trooper squints his eyes, holds the cards at arms length, reads them

    23. As soon as Barney sees me, he bounds forward and throws his arms round my legs, nearly tripping me up

    24. The image that came to doostEr's mind was a trio of guys walking out on stage with their arms on fire

    25. John takes her in his arms

    26. He claws uselessly at the arms of the beast as bright red blood oozes from her lips and the monster begins to retreat over the side of the balustrade with its prey

    27. She turns and smiles at him, comes over and kisses him, puts her arms around him

    28. For all the Troll might of arms, the telling factor over time had been the tiny babies produced by Elven woman so that almost all mothers survived, instead of the average Troll woman's chance in those days, dying in her fourth or fifth childbirth

    29. He walks over toward the car, his arms stretched out, feeling his way

    30. with a baby in her arms

    31. Suddenly, a man grabs him under the arms

    32. He was soundly sleeping stretching his arms and smiling

    33. It takes some doing to keep them apart, but John manages by hanging onto their collars and spreading his arms wide

    34. He looks out the window, catches a glimpse of an unsmiling policeman with a machine gun cradled in his arms

    35. Russ sees the explosion at the front of the car, starts over to help John, but Ahmed clings to his leg with both arms, stopping him

    36. himself out of the blocks, rising on the upward pump of his arms, feeling his flabby

    37. line, stirred on her bed, uncrossing her arms, breathing in deeply the scent of basil and

    38. What sense it made to spread their arms like birds and cup their hands was beyond her

    39. She pulled in her arms, fluffed her hair out, and looked around

    40. A poorly-shaven GUARD in a sloppy uniform leans indolently against the gate with his machine gun cradled in his arms

    41. his arms gesticulated wildly

    42. Tears start appearing and, as I take her in my arms, she starts weeping

    43. Jed smiles, leans forward, rests his arms on his

    44. "Did you get that around here?" They were big, long-haired, long-bearded guys, one dark brown, one blond, both with big arms and tight bellies

    45. The art visible on his neck, shoulders and arms was high quality, tasteful and eclectic

    46. He lets that sink in, sits back, crosses his arms, looks John in the eyes

    47. astral guardian would bring the boy to her arms and to her digs soon enough

    48. The net result is that I end up with his arms round me … maybe this is the answer to my dilemma

    49. Her arms were twisted painfully over her head in a submission hold she couldn't imagine and didn't want to

    50. A while later, lying drowsily in his arms, I notice with disbelief what the time is

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    arms blazon blazonry coat of arms implements of war munition weaponry weapons system armoury