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Assigned in a sentence

He was assigned to a.
If the date assigned by.
I have been assigned to you.
You could also get assigned.
He has assigned a birth date.
My duties have been assigned.
I was assigned to Miss Hart.

We assigned ourselves new tasks.
Johnny is assigned there as well.
He was assigned to pick up trash.
Return to your assigned orbit.
I was not assigned to that case.
Mohan Gopal was assigned the task.
M A Sheikho to the assigned place.
The problem was I was assigned to.
What is your assigned duty?
Assigned to them were their own Mr.
In the meantime she was assigned to.
A Billy Gordon was assigned the task.
He was assigned to me when he was two.
I was assigned to Chinese businessmen.
Assigned a lodging, from the hall(61).
My name was assigned in every operation.
There was no assigned seating, of course.
You are assigned on two November 95 puts.
Victor assigned them over his army - as.
I wasn’t assigned, but that was enough.
She had assigned him to the site in the.
Phala was assigned as representative in.
I was assigned because you were assigned.
Mario had completed his assigned mission.
When assigned, the stock is trading at 35.
I was assigned to guard and protect Ruby.
They were each assigned part of the hills.
The men are assigned each to his own task.
Erskine assigned as the sole ground, 210;.
I’ve been assigned to you, she said.
I assigned each group a section of the site.
My father assigned a watcher to keep me a.
We will be assigning you into teams shortly.
Assigning ten when three will do is overkill.
Stay focused, Garcia said, assigning another.
Ilona had been assigning disparaging labels on Trini.
But that she left his house without assigning any cause.
Little by little, Úrsula began assigning them new chores.
Here, you can use assignment operator for assigning values:.
Spartacus, assigning eight legions with auxiliaries to Crassus.
This led to an argument about the functionality for assigning.
For instance, we cannot use word without first assigning it a value.
The advantage of assigning responsibility and thus accountability all.
John regretted not assigning him, instead of Mason in the first place.
Zalith was assigning me the Dark Knights, so I needed a minor gear change.
The alternative approach implies assigning an expert value to this parameter.
No tyrant ever made a law without assigning the public good as the motive of it.
The preferred arrangement would be to either think it through before assigning.
Assigning Bobby to the hall for five minutes seemed like a wonderful idea for everyone.
Yes, but I can't dismiss him in an instant without assigning reasons, my dear Chettam.
Monty ensured they were well integrated by assigning members of his group to talk with them.
There are serious complications which prevent me assigning the case to a regular staff member.
Instead of assigning variables within the while loop, you can assign them with the read statement.
Humphrey took a green pen and wrote BALLS across the offending item before assigning it to the bin.
If aware of such concerns, professors may even start assigning selections that are easier on the pocket.
I am not assigning blame on anyone for the divorce that followed about a year or so after Annies birth.
For the discrete price scale, the distribution is established by assigning probabilities to all outcomes.
But one might also calculate volatility using all 365 days, assigning a 0 price change to nontrading days.
I think the leaders themselves are the ones assigning which groups or committees we should be working with.
Johnson, my assistant wil be using the data more than I will, he is the one that wil be assigning the crews.
One approach could be singling out an individual such as Tom Jones and assigning the page name, gentomjones.
Some sources suggest considering price values outcomes and assigning probabilities to them (Macmillan, 2002).
Soon the Brooklyn Dodgers offered him a contract, assigning him to the Triple-A International Montreal Royals.
After my duty was completed I received orders assigning me to the military police unit at Forbes Air Force Base.
Despite this, nothing (except logic) prevents us from assigning any whole number from 1 to L – τ to this parameter.
A female major from the parked helicopter unit then organized the armed women, assigning them to specific helicopters.
It was a terrifying thought, and he reminded himself—again—of the danger of assigning invincibility to the heretics.
Madeline was going to have a word with Miss Barnes tomorrow to ensure that she stopped assigning this ridiculous project.
Assigning a permission to a container object means that, by default, all of the objects in the container inherit that permission.
They do this by getting a total estimate of the market in the future, and then assigning the business's percentage of that market.
David sat in a corner of the dive shop, sorting through a new consignment of scuba equipment, sticking on labels and assigning codes.
That means the market is assigning about a 2/3 chance (+/- 1 std dev) that the annualized return will be within that bell curve area.
This assigns value 4 to t1.
This type of average assigns more weight to the.
Lauren points to us at random and assigns us each a fear.
Luke assigns to the birth of John? It would require many.
Jesus assigns the disciple He loved (considered to be.
Numerology on the other hand, assigns imprecise, mystical, and.
Alternatively, a strategic exit assigns value to the entity, not on the.
The simple moving average assigns equal weight to all of the values in a field.
The method proposed in this section assigns much greater weight to the robustness.
Rob assigns me to water all the roses, while put up some new flowers on the empty vase.
Similarly, for each of these indicators, the CKO assigns metrics and corporate objectives.
Note that the W algorithm assigns the date as being in week zero of the calendar year 2016.
Well, this message from General MacArthur assigns you finally to a squadron and a commander.
The Elliott Wave Theory assigns a series of categories to the waves from largest to smallest.
She then assigns the indexed multimedia a version number that reflects the generation of the content.
A good trader monitors his market using several timeframes, but assigns more weight to the longer ones.
Note that the W algorithm assigns the date as the second day of the last week of the calendar year 2013.
Duval assigns to Abgarus XI, who reigned for two years during a short restoration of the government of Edessa.
When your ISP allocates the allotted space on its computer to you for your website files it assigns an IP address.
Unlike the V algorithm, it does not consider the date as being a part of week 53 in 2015, but assigns it to week 0 in 2016.
A thread is a sequence of instructions to which the kernel assigns a priority level that determines when it will be executed.
The former provides operating guidelines to orderly processes while the latter assigns some level of authority to those processes.
DCM is a designation that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) assigns to exchanges that offer commodity products to the public.
Pusey assigns the date of the chief portion to the time of the Maccabees, but maintains that it consists of contributions from several authors.
And you can have your own finances in order by reading and applying the tasks he assigns his 'students' while they visit for their monthly trim.
It’s a rating system that assigns some 5,000 stocks a number from 1 to 10 on a bell curve, with 10 being the best potential for beating the market.
And thus the whole State will grow up in a noble order, and the several classes will receive the proportion of happiness which nature assigns to them.
When the server enters the transaction state, it assigns a number to each of the messages in the client’s mailbox and takes note of each message’s size.
If, in the future, the market assigns larger required risk premia to highly indebted countries, their real yields will rise and/or their currencies may falter.
In fact, such a registry exists, but instead of assigning individual host addresses to each system, it assigns network addresses to companies and organizations.
Management also defines and then assigns access and use privileges to the information in the KM system, through the authority and responsibilities of a librarian.
Erskine and the disavowal of it, assigns as the sole ground of the disavowal, that the said agreement was not such as was authorized by His Majesty's instructions.
I see no reason to question the application, especially since the Apocalypse assigns a local centre to the spiritual apostasy of Christendom on 'seven hills’ (Rev.
If a rare adverse event to which the market assigns a low probability does not materialize during the sample period, selling insurance against such an event appears highly profitable.
It means that the forecast based on both the lognormal and empirical distributions assigns rather high and similar probabilities to all prices within a relatively broad range of $117-$126.
When a system has a BIOS, an operating system, and hardware that all support the plug-and-play standard, the computer assigns hardware resources to each device dynamically when the system starts.
By means of the loan, the lender, as it were, assigns to the borrower his right to a certain portion of the annual produce of the land and labour of the country, to be employed as the borrower pleases.
The frame-relay carrier creates a route through its cloud for a connection between sites, assigns it a unique 10-bit number called a data link connection identifier (DLCI), and programs it into its switches.
In the preceding controller, public function delete_row() assigns $id with the value 1—however, this can be from post, get, session or another source—and loads the database model, passing the variable $id to it as follows:.
Each leader feels the need to be in control, to know everything that is going on, to have his finger on the pulse of the organization, but in a system where delegation is practiced, the leader assigns tasks to others, and these, in turn, report to him and order is maintained.

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To then assign power to.
The engine might assign a.
Assign a letter to each idea.
Assign yourself a captain, Mr.
We may assign a value to outcome.
I can assign Stewart right now.
They would assign only two human.
If no one volunteers, assign one.
I could assign you both to the NC.
Assign chord pieces or those with a.
If the first assign is done followed by.
Assign standby in case of emergent issues.
I’ll assign Miles as your body guard.
Joshua will assign you a shift and a post.
Apsu called Him to assign the sanctuaries.
But a committee was empowered to assign a.
I will assign a ship for your personal use.
And furthermore I assign sole guardianship to.
Well, the police should assign one for you.
And the world rushed to assign cause and effect.
Is this a new way to assign the dishes?
To begin, we will assign a small team of slaves.
As if I could assign such mass-market absolution.
Assign a task to each file folder and create an.
What this statement does is assign the variable.
This centers the title since the assign statement.
You can assign only one template style to one menu item.
The father presides and another one is assign to conduct.
If they’re still letting me assign anyone to anything.
One thing that helps is asking groups to assign a leader.
I have not yet been able to assign a date to any of them.
You aren’t going to count calories or assign any points.
Assign a start and completion date to each task in the plan.
After the group has completed brainstorming, assign several.
Assign an area of wall in the staffroom for the praise board.
The game co-ordinator would assign who collects what from who.
Please do not assign this account to another collection agency.
Command substitution can be used to assign values to variables.
Now he was thinking about asking the captain to assign her to it.
Create or replace function needs a function name (user can assign.

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