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    1. Where did that explosion come from? What was going on? Who had authorized all of this? With no answers to any of his questions, Ackers was forced to take some kind of action or wait under the desk to be caught by someone

    2. One is authorized by the Bible, the other is not

    3. ‘Who has authorized this biography?’

    4. ” and he went about searching his swatch book for the authorized colors of School house

    5. “I don’t see you being authorized to strike up a conversation and interrogate the locals

    6. We will continue to update the recordings, however, as the Sovereign has approved and authorized them for future Robot-Students

    7. Meanwhile the only apprentices the Keeper authorized were all but useless

    8. Unaltered Electronic-only copying and distribution for personal and non commercial used is authorized without limitation

    9. She’s to remain at the camp in the Rift and that is all you are authorized to know at this juncture - as per General Tullius himself

    10. When the authorized teachers of religion propagate through the great body of the people, doctrines subversive of the authority of the sovereign, it is by violence only, or by the force of a standing army, that he can maintain his authority

    11. Pray tell me where in our Constitution the President is authorized to present a plan, a budget, or anything else excepting an annual State of the Union Speech, to the Congress

    12. there would be no difficulty because he wouldn’t have authorized

    13. And although she’d been authorized to go where other Federation ships

    14. My papers authorized a program

    15. First, he was authorized to board Smith-Hughes's corporate jet in Chicago and landed at National Airport around eleven or twelve that Monday night

    16. Thus there is little doubt he would have authorized nuclear weapons against China, likely in December 1950 as he proposed

    17. That afternoon, Ferguson authorized his furlough request without comment, and Major Harris signed it

    18. dollars would no longer be authorized for use by American forces in Germany

    19. Lewisohn came on the line, and after Colling had described what he had observed, he was authorized to go ahead and give penicillin by injection for the next three days, then to start penicillin tablets to be taken for another four days

    20. Lieutenant Wallerman would continue as the detachment’s CO, but their authorized strength had been dropped to only seventy-five men

    21. Having an escort authorized by the NKVD might lend more plausibility to their masquerade

    22. authority to stop a program authorized by the Congress

    23. authorized to regulate them

    24. At a minimum the amendment that authorized ignoring costs

    25. One of those authorized the arming of USA vessels which Congress had

    26. could be authorized by our state governments

    27. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries process so that they access our page in Internet and obtain the authorized copy

    28. Therefore, anybody obtains to execute its task without being trained and authorized

    29. For English speaking people I recommend the 1611 King James Version and the 1769 King James Version of the Holy Bible (also known as the Authorized Version)

    30. Perryton authorized the formation of a

    31. Foolishly you authorized it, thinking it was my share of the company

    32. He complains about “milk-price hikes” but fails to point out that the hike authorized by the President was in fact lower than that requested by the Democrats who received more funds from the dairy industry than did the Republicans

    33. Also he has allowed an invasion into the ‘people’s’ right to privacy through the National Security Agency (NSA), beyond that authorized by Congress or the Courts --- acknowledging such action and stating that he had reviewed that action and we should trust him

    34. The DC district court ruled that their action ―was an unconstitutional allegation of legislative power‖ and that the EPA was not authorized to legislate

    35. It is hard to understand how a bunch of unelected bureaucrats has the authority to stop a program authorized by the Congress

    36. the Energy Policy Act of 2005 authorized loan guarantees for up to six new reactors, and authorized the Department of Energy to build a reactor based on the Generation IV Very-High-Temperature Reactor concept to produce both electricity and hydrogen

    37. The federal government should auction all of the land it owns that is not authorized and what it is unable to sell should then be given to the states

    38. They could “receive the common ration only in the district where they live, except in the case of movements authorized by the administration

    39. Billions of dollars in spending are authorized not through regular procedures but in mammoth ‘supplemental’ appropriations bills

    40. Congress is failing in its oversight functions, not only in enforcing the Civil Rights Act’s prohibition against quotas, but also in making certain that the money it appropriates is used for authorized purposes

    41. been authorized by law, nor are they trained, to do psychological

    42. Judah Maccabeus authorized an offensive-

    43. So Congress authorized the agencies to draw up, on their own, the necessary regulations

    44. The fact that Yania had entered the flying palace of the Great Beast had caused a huge disruption in the command of the attackers because a Love Spirit had been authorized by the beast to enter his palace

    45. But I am not authorized to agree to your terms without consulting our other representatives

    46. “I am authorized at this moment to commit the military forces of the ten nations of Felion to a true military alliance of the nations allied for justice

    47. Somonik: “I am Somonik, and you are not authorized to be here!!! That is not affected by your presence being astral or corporal!!”

    48. commercial purpose, will only be authorized to do it with a municipal authorization,

    49. 2 – Bullfights are authorized in the established terms

    50. Under military law as it’s practiced in Finitra, as a member of an allied military you have no obligation to obey me unless Kevim specifically authorized me to issue you commands, or we were in an emergency or combat situation where you couldn’t contact your superiors, or you were within the sovereign territory of Hilia

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    authorised authorized authoritative official ordered endorsed sanctioned approved

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    endowed with authority

    sanctioned by established authority