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Authoritative in a sentence

Ved as final and authoritative.
His tone was sharp and authoritative.
She assumed her most authoritative manner.
Parsons, he said in an authoritative tone.
Although her voice was authoritative there was.
Justin's authoritative presence asserted itself.
A formal utterance of an authoritative opinion.

CZ1 is not the authoritative server for the zacker.
An authoritative voice called from within the hangar.
Bayis issued commands in a steady, authoritative tone.
These are the four horns (authoritative concepts) of.
The Vicar’s voice became more loud and authoritative.
She balances out the authoritative power of the magician.
This is by no means a comprehensive or an authoritative.
That led to the only pivotal group of ten authoritative.
A sharp and authoritative clear voice came from inside:.
Gerrid’s less authoritative approach seemed to be working.
Ethan’s voice took on an authoritative yet calming tone:.
This conclusion is borne out by authoritative figures that.
All this stands upon unimpeachable and authoritative grounds.
I hear Aaron’s words, calm and authoritative, hang in the air.
Try to write in a style that is both authoritative, yet personal.
The first is unarguably authoritative and concise in its clarity.
Criticism, assuming an authoritative tone, preferred Lafon to Talma.
Rather, it clothed his face and increased his authoritative stature.
At 5 am, an authoritative voice announced to the roomful of sleeping.
Therefore, the two authoritative concepts brandished by the USA that.
Up, he said with an authoritative voice, urging Nicole on her feet.
Houston started to turn his horse, but Barron’s authoritative voice.
Stand up now, she said in a mildly authoritative but not unkind way.
Commandments, as authoritative doctrines, and as both laws and lawgivers.
The Air Force Cross, next to the Purple Heart, was authoritative and new.
Rubbing them together, he called, "Clear," in a deep, authoritative voice.
In calling this speculation, we contravene most authoritative views.
This is important, she stated in an authoritative condescending tone.
Maximum Paid Surveys was set up to be the most authoritative collection of.
Alec puffed out his chest, and attempted to speak in an authoritative voice.
Then an authoritative voice said loudly: Put away your blades, you fools.
This is more than saying that they are important or blessed or authoritative.
The first line downloads the bitcoinJ code from the authoritative website ➊.

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