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Authoritative in a sentence

Ved as final and authoritative.
authoritative in the way he spoke.
Another authoritative domain is.
Her tone was authoritative and.
said in a loud, authoritative voice.
according to the most authoritative.
His tone was sharp and authoritative.

She assumed her most authoritative manner.
"Guard," she said in an authoritative tone.
authoritative custody as if he were her dad.
the priory official, calm and authoritative.
Parsons, he said in an authoritative tone.
in the most authoritative tone he could muster.
authoritative rulers, then why were they paid?.
Justin's authoritative presence asserted itself.
Although her voice was authoritative there was.
A formal utterance of an authoritative opinion.
CZ1 is not the authoritative server for the zacker.
securing the Bible as an authoritative source, first.
An authoritative voice called from within the hangar.
Bayis issued commands in a steady, authoritative tone.
These are the four horns (authoritative concepts) of.
The Vicar’s voice became more loud and authoritative.
he began, using his most authoritative and serious voice.
She balances out the authoritative power of the magician.
That led to the only pivotal group of ten authoritative.
This is by no means a comprehensive or an authoritative.
just as he emerged from the crowd, an authoritative hand.
tyrannical, bul ying, and an authoritative abuse of power.
A sharp and authoritative clear voice came from inside:.

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Synonyms for authoritative

authoritative important definitive authorised authorized