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Badly in a sentence

And how badly.
It hurt badly.
It ended badly.
I want him badly.
A badly wounded L.
How? Not so badly.
how badly he fared.

He is badly burnt.
I’ve drink badly.
badly to believe it.
It hurts so badly.
I wanted that badly.
He needed her badly.
He was badly shaken.
He wanted her badly.
were so badly bruised.
She needed so badly.
Jo was hurt badly.
She cried very badly.
We were treated badly.
He was limping badly.
You scared her badly.
It hurt so badly it.
It can rebound badly.
She was shaking badly.
She sent him a badly.
he’ll scold me badly.
And to want it badly.
I won, but felt badly.

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Synonyms for badly

badly ill poorly disadvantageously gravely seriously severely bad mischievously naughtily