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Bad in a sentence

He had a bad day.
It was a bad trip.
He had a bad back.
It was a bad idea.
It is not all bad.
It was a bad place.
This is a bad idea.

He knew it was bad.
It was so bad the.
It would be … bad.
Its one of the bad.
It was all going bad.
The news was all bad.
Is that a bad thing?
Don't think bad of me.
My ear was so bad I.
This is how bad it is.
It had been a bad day.
He was in bad shape.
Not bad at all, Eric.
If that was not bad.
They are just as bad.
The bad news is your.
It has to be bad for.
This was very bad news.
This is miss bad luck.
I have bad a habit.
Perhaps not a bad idea.
Bad one it'll be, too.
But we are bad asses.
That had been very bad.
I felt so bad for her.
He had a bad moment.
This is a bad mistake.
It is really bad stuff.
I have done very bad.
Good bad and the ugly.
I hurt him pretty bad.
It’s really too bad.

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