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Badness in a sentence

1. Now she was crossing the line into true badness.
2. You see his badness, but you do not see your own.
3. You usually have a relationship with badness usually through being.
4. And so he deprives me instantly of his favor, and not at all from badness of heart.
5. That is to say it sees and recognizes what things contain of the goodness or the badness.
6. The production of badness must be viewed over time for moral justification or it will be unjustified.
7. And the very badness of such behaviour made it quite impossible to do anything, really, but forget it.

8. A good man was of the goodness, a bad man of the badness, possible only to the imagination of early youth.
9. Sheer badness had triumphed over the few pitiful trickles of good like tsunamis passing over an indolent shore.
10. Caulaincourt began speaking of the badness of the road from Petersburg to Moscow and of his Petersburg reminiscences.
11. Then he will no more have true opinion than he will have knowledge about the goodness or badness of his imitations?
12. A foxhole without a prayer might exhibit sadness, hopelessness, badness, impatience, out of control behaviors, and despair.
13. You are nothing but a drunken beast who’s been with bad women so long that you can’t understand anything else but badness.
14. What's missing from their criteria is the quality and quantity, the SHEER BADNESS of the sort of depraved behavior typical of a.
15. They gave the two of them some wine out of a cask, to try, asking their opinion as to the condition, quality, goodness or badness of the wine.
16. There may be no such thing as the concept of fairness, no such concept as truth, and no such thing as a sense of love and compassion, or goodness and badness.
17. The one knows and therefore speaks with authority about the goodness and badness of flutes, while the other, confiding in him, will do what he is told by him?
18. It was her public place: there she met her acquaintance, heard a little news, talked over the badness of the Portsmouth servants, and wound up her spirits for the six days ensuing.
19. As to the high price of corn during these last ten or twelve years, it can be sufficiently accounted for from the badness of the seasons, without supposing any degradation in the value of silver.
20. Was there such a thing as fate or a guiding hand in this universe? Was this force helping goodness overcome badness, such as lost girls? Did the force help simply through connecting good people together?
21. And more so myself, as I turned inside out, the third season, unpredictable in all but its miserable promise, exacerbating the badness within me, a badness made profound by the city itself, and day after day, getting worse.
22. The scarcity which prevailed in England, from 1693 to 1699, both inclusive, though no doubt principally owing to the badness of the seasons, and, therefore, extending through a considerable part of Europe, must have been somewhat enhanced by the bounty.
23. The instrument is the same, but about the excellence or badness of it the maker will only attain to a correct belief; and this he will gain from him who knows, by talking to him and being compelled to hear what he has to say, whereas the user will have knowledge?
24. In 1751 and 1752, when Mr Hume published his Political Discourses, and soon after the great multiplication of paper money in Scotland, there was a very sensible rise in the price of provisions, owing, probably, to the badness of the seasons, and not to the multiplication of paper money.
25. She had, I say, been wretched enough; but what was this wretchedness to that which followed? In her ignorance she thought it the worst day she had ever had, the most tormented; and when she went to bed she sought comfort in its very badness by telling herself that it was over and could never come again.
26. This inner need to do and be good, perfect and right at all costs, necessitates the desire to eliminate badness and imperfections in others, which in turn, risks personal thoughts, feelings, values, attitudes and behaviours that can be obsessive, compulsive and destructive such as thoughts, feelings, values, attitudes, beliefs and acts that include discrimination, aggression and hatred.
27. And I fear, sir, the period is fast approaching when it will not again be said, that we are a people with whom the fierce spirit of liberty is stronger than among any other people on earth; whose institutions inspire them with lofty sentiments; who do not judge of an ill principle only by an actual grievance; but who anticipate the evil, and judge of the pressure of the grievance by the badness of the principle; who snuff the approach of tyranny in every tainted breeze.
28. Consider, I said, Glaucon, that even the badness of food, whether staleness, decomposition, or any other bad quality, when confined to the actual food, is not supposed to destroy the body; although, if the badness of food communicates corruption to the body, then we should say that the body has been destroyed by a corruption of itself, which is disease, brought on by this; but that the body, being one thing, can be destroyed by the badness of food, which is another, and which does not engender any natural infection--this we shall absolutely deny?

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