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Bald in a sentence | bald example sentences

  1. She has a bald cat.
  2. The bald old man said.
  3. The bald old man replied.
  4. The old bald man answered.
  5. A bald general with a St.

  6. The bald old man continued.
  7. Bev may have been bald on.
  8. The elf dipped his bald head.
  9. The same bald fat jerk who.
  10. Bald Pat at a sign drew nigh.
  11. The bald old man asked again.
  12. He looked at the bald old man.
  13. Mary shouted the bald man.
  14. The bald old man shouted again.
  15. The bald old man solemnly said.

  16. This town is full of bald men.
  17. Bald Pat carried two diners'.
  18. The bald old man suddenly asked.
  19. A ball cap covered a bald head.
  20. He was huge and bald as an egg.
  21. Is the bald portly guy coming.
  22. He was bald as a billiard ball.
  23. Bald is beautiful, Bob said.
  24. At five and twenty he was bald.
  25. That bald one! said Mabel.

  26. She is bald, frail and in pain.
  27. The bald old man shrieked loudly.
  28. The bald old man sighed and said.
  29. He is older, nearly bald, gray.
  30. He wanted to be completely bald.
  31. I'd rather be bald than do that.
  32. The widow Sneider was not bald.
  33. He could not believe he was bald.
  34. He felt puffy, worn out and bald.
  35. He's pretty much always been bald.
  36. He said Harvey was going bald.
  37. A short, bald man opened the door.
  38. I did not think that she was bald.
  39. Shut up! barked the bald man.
  40. Another, a bald eagle on a branch.
  41. It was some bald headed white man.
  42. Homer as he befriends a great bald.
  43. The general was toothless and bald.
  44. His manager is short, dark, and bald.
  45. I like a woman to have bald pussy.
  46. Bald Hills when he passed through it.
  47. The bald old man ‘Qian Chi’ said.
  48. The bald man smiled from ear to ear.
  49. Beneath, his head was bald and shiny.
  50. His head was completely shaven bald.
  51. The bald man spat on the ground again.
  52. You do not believe that she was bald.
  53. Yes, the poor woman was entirely bald.
  54. Ever hear of it? The bald one said.
  55. A bald general with general with a St.
  56. Are you Laura? the bald man asked.
  57. She was bald underneath, as hairy as a.
  58. The bald old man cried out in surprised.
  59. The bald old man ‘Qian Chi’ laughed.
  60. His bald head gleamed in the torchlight.
  61. I brought it, Bald Headed Man said.
  62. The Adventure of the Bald Archaeologist.
  63. Bald, most zealous by the door he gave.
  64. I hate that SOB! said the bald man.
  65. Shut up! barked the bald man again.
  66. Puzzled, Protopopoff rubbed his bald head.
  67. Two of the havtrols were completely bald.
  68. The bald old man was very happy as he said.
  69. And you have to be bald to do that?
  70. Bald Pat who is bothered mitred the napkins.
  71. Adam could see it, watching from Bald Hill.
  72. He had combed his hair over his bald patch.
  73. Who could this lively, bald gentleman be?
  74. Bald curiosity rippled through their minds.
  75. Urs was older than him and completely bald.
  76. Otherwise, bald spots or unhealthy looking.
  77. And his bald spot shone over his whole head.
  78. The saliva dripped from the bald man's mouth.
  79. They will not be expecting two bald priests.
  80. As a postscript to this bald summary of the.
  81. The bald man arrives in a building’s facade.
  82. A few sweat beads rolled from his bald scalp.
  83. Standish's bald head; excepting Mary Garth's.
  84. The bald old man in all his seriousness asked.
  85. Cold sweat formed on his pale bald head as he.
  86. Jon Alter’s bald skull fell to the mattress.
  87. Killed the Indian, the buffalo, the bald eagle.
  88. Any more and Thunder will be as bald as you.
  89. No! Her head was bald! Slick as a bowling ball.
  90. His head was completely bald and his eyes large.
  91. Helene stared at Tadeo’s bald head and laughed.
  92. Being thus ironical and bald, he was the leader.
  93. Suddenly she visualised him, short, fat and bald.
  94. He shoved the assassin’s big bald head forward.
  95. His bald head glowed brightly in the blue bulbs.
  96. He faced the bald man standing in the entrance.
  97. But hearing that coming from a short, bald man.
  98. His bald head was black and he looked very angry.
  99. The bald old man answered in a very solemn manner.
  100. Ugly blue veins stuck out from a shiny bald head.
  1. The heroes are fat, balding, have.
  2. I saw a tall, thin man, balding on top.
  3. The balding car-salesman guy was on the floor.
  4. Detective Holliday day was gray-haired, and balding.
  5. Miller, his balding head shining with perspiration.
  6. He pulled off his cap and scratched his balding head.
  7. His fair hair was very neat but clearly balding on top.
  8. He’s in his mid-fifties, balding, and has never been.
  9. John Maynard was a burly, balding man in his late-forties.
  10. She affectionately ran a hand over his balding head and.
  11. Here we are, the balding Matre‘d said in a thick St.
  12. A burly man in his late fifties, balding, and not very good.
  13. Balding at the front; a number of grey hairs at the temples.
  14. Bobby sat behind the cluttered desk, shaking his balding head.
  15. The herb is believed to stimulate re-growth when balding occurs.
  16. Just then a tall, balding, grey haired man came around the corner.
  17. Grayish hair, slightly balding, goatee, rather tall, Gail said.
  18. His balding top only seemed to add to his stature as the years went by.
  19. He was in his late forties, balding and running to fat but fairly tall.
  20. Fizzicist scratched his balding head to revive some deeply seated memory.
  21. A huge, balding guy with big hands that can grab my waist without effort.
  22. He looked to be in his mid for­ties, was of average height, and balding.
  23. In the front seat, Mr Paton, the brusque, balding, forty-something head of P.
  24. He narrowed his eyes, wiped his balding head with a nervous hand, and nodded.
  25. She leaned over and dropped an affectionate kiss on her balding father's head.
  26. My questioner, a balding man in his fifties, looked defeated, old for his age.
  27. He was a small man in his fifties, balding with a full beard graying slightly.
  28. Isn’t it beautiful? He was wearing a black knit cap over his balding head.
  29. Next to her in the driver’s seat was a balding man who had turned to face her.
  30. The bell rang through the halls, and a chubby, balding man strode into the class.
  31. At first glance he seemed so unassuming; a portly little man with a balding head.
  32. He’s properly dressed, his remaining hairs combed neatly over his balding skull.
  33. The physicist, a thin man with balding head and thick glasses, measured his words.
  34. A tall, balding guy, with an incredibly pained look, had run out in front of the cab.
  35. The second person is short and squat, balding, with a neck built for breaking noses.
  36. No, he wasn’t a superhero, he was just a balding middle-aged man with no prospects.
  37. Riley was a fat, balding Irishman who had first met Johnny back in the early sixties.
  38. To my left was a tall, lanky man in his late thirties that resembled a balding scarecrow.
  39. I think the man is about fifty years old, a balding head with grey hair and a beer belly.
  40. He was middle-aged, balding, and bearded, with a leathery belly overhanging his loincloth.
  41. Father Joseph Brooks was stocky, balding, smiling, and he was expecting the investigators.
  42. The woman shot a look to the balding officer standing by her side and turned back to Tommy.
  43. I stumbled back and bumped into a weighty man, with fine hair brushed over his balding head.
  44. The balding grease monkey beside me answered his mobile in yet another thick cockney accent.
  45. The balding Chief of MI6 ground his teeth together, wondering what was so important this time.
  46. The professor is in his mid-sixties, balding, with a toothbrush mustache and an English accent.
  47. He was a short man, balding, with a thickened nose and eyes partially hidden behind spectacles.
  48. What’s a victory without sacrifice? The audience needs to feel it, the balding guy said.
  49. After a moment, he pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and mopped sweat from his balding head.
  50. Dewey was a relatively small man who had a balding head with thin black hair and a short moustache.
  51. HAIR SPELLS Yes, at last for all the bald and balding men and women, there is a magic spell for you.
  52. The man who got out of the car was white and had dark hair with a balding spot at the back of his head.
  53. Ah yes, he told you about that, did he? Esmond rubbed his balding pate and seemed lost in thought.
  54. The little girl? Maggie Rose? I asked a balding emergency doctor tending to the wounds on my head.
  55. They were still on the outs as far as Mutt was concerned, so he refused with a shake of his balding head.
  56. Colling knocked a second time, and the door was opened by a thin balding man who seemed to be about fifty.
  57. Eddie rubbed his balding head with the tea towel, then said, If I tell you what I know I want protection.
  58. Balding on top, but long and scraggily in the back, his hair was clearly unwashed and it was graying all over.
  59. But what happened when you had to meet and found that your partner was a fifty-year-old fat balding dentist?
  60. Saw Palmetto has been identified as an herbal supplement that can help to prevent or stop male pattern balding.
  61. Then the restaurant owner, a balding white guy in his mid-60s, yelled, Elaine, table 6-A needs your attention.
  62. When’s breakfast then? Fizzicist crawled out of his tent, his glasses slipped back over his balding head.
  63. Sergeant Degano was balding, about forty, and had the kind of five o’clock shadow that colors the jowls by noon.
  64. Sandy Potter, a rotund, balding, rather jaded fifty-something, known as Santa when not in earshot, was holding forth.
  65. A man in his sixties with a goatee, moustache and balding head came to him as he finished speaking in his microphone.
  66. Clad in a velvety exercise outfit that probably cost a week’s enforcer salary, he was chatting with a balding man.
  67. No one enjoys losing their hair, so let us study some of the oils that can help us keep our hair and prevent balding.
  68. The Countess smiled at the balding crown of the man’s lowered head, and then walked boldly up to the boy’s table.
  69. His eyes gave a scathing look at the balding man who sat at the large conference table with his hands linked together.
  70. Gerek teetered on a stool next to a giant laser saw and swept a thick-fingered hand over his prematurely balding head.
  71. The Emperor, a small, pudgy-faced balding man, now that his foot-high mitre was removed, consulted with Sim and Trent.
  72. As he wiped the sweat from his balding head with a large, blue handkerchief, his eyes glinted in the overhead lighting.
  73. Mike Black was a tall, sparely-built, balding Englishman from London, and was in charge of our SE’s, number 192 Squadron.
  74. A dog eared elephant, a giraffe that’s neck that had been hugged into a limp submission, a balding lion whose mane had.
  75. He was in his thirties, balding, wearing a green cardigan and what looked like bedroom slippers under the cuffs of his trousers.
  76. Jutta’s husband, Albert, is a kind, slow-moving, and balding accountant whose great passion is running model trains in the basement.
  77. He might have been Maldynado’s age, but the thin hair swept over his head in an attempt to camouflage a balding pate made him look older.
  78. Sitting behind the drums was a thin, balding man wearing denim and checkered black-and-white eyeglass frames that had been tattooed onto his face.
  79. The bow-legged, balding, sixty year old, big-bellied gentleman had been hanging on for years waiting for a sign; a sign which she would never give.
  80. Her tentative knock brought the sound of footsteps and the door opened to reveal a late-middle-aged man, balding, thick glasses and tartan sweater.
  81. Jack Mills, the founder of Carolin Homes, was already balding and a little paunchy while in his thirties, but there was nothing flaccid about his brain.
  82. A balding man with a wine stain birthmark high on his forehead, he has enjoyed the favor of the Soviet people, who have rallied behind his youth and warmth.
  83. Bissell, a man in his fifties with a balding head and a slight paunch, shook hands with the members of the senatorial group before sitting down at the table.
  84. No one paid heed to the slender man with a baseball cap pulled over his balding head, slumped in his chair, his back to them, listening to their conversation.
  85. Nolan picked up a plaster figurine of an old, balding man throwing his arms out in some expression of exasperation, but I couldn’t read the words on the base.
  86. Millikin, a man nearing sixty and with a balding head, entered first, followed closely by Cabot Lodge, who was a good ten years younger and was quite handsome.
  87. On October 4, Jerry Geisler—middle-aged, stout of frame, and balding above a ruddy face—was ready to serve Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio with divorce papers.
  88. The long lock of hair Bingham always combed forward in swirls to try to hide his balding head now hung sideways over his ear onto the collar of his sweat-soaked shirt.
  89. He must have been between fifty-five and sixty, an indifferent but not unpleasant face, balding, plump with the ever-present protruding stomach of a well-off Egyptian.
  90. Chief Edward Wurroll was a large, rotund, balding white man in his late 50s who had seen plenty of shenanigans in his thirty-two-year law enforcement career at Carolina Beach.
  91. Meir Yatom watched De Jong as he chatted easily with one of his employees; he stared at the overweight and balding fifty something and then looked at the old black and white photograph to compare.
  92. President, the balding, bespectacled Henry Trewhitt says, I want to raise an issue that I think has been lurking out there for two or three weeks and cast it specifically in national security terms.
  93. Attorney who had wooed him these last weeks had disappeared, leaving him alone with this balding, nearly eye-browless juris doctor who spoke in a murmur, as if his every utterance weren’t already confidential.
  94. Democratic regimes can rarely compete with dictatorships on the glamour front: Democracy tends to run to balding middle-aged men in suits rather than eccentrics in uniform, but its had its fair share of successes.
  95. The Devata youth was tempted to impale him on his spear but something inexplicable occurred: the elder’s balding head started to crack like an egg and luminous fissures showed up on other parts of his frail body.
  96. Short and balding, with a large flattened nose, Bengosian had realized early in his residency that he had no flair for urology and found his true calling stringing together failing regional insurers into giant HMOs.
  97. It showed Lenin, soft cap clenched in his hands, the gaunt face with a balding head, the straggly black beard and the intense, defiant eyes staring at the masses as he addressed them during the early days of the Revolution.
  98. The intruder that had invaded his camp and killed his master turned around to face Egrick, his dark eye slits watching him like a cat sizing up a mouse, he raised a sword, but the smaller balding man with the staff shouted out to the killer.
  99. Beyond the pebble-glass partitions, the ringing of phones formed a vivid, angelic continuum, but his own phone stayed mute in its cradle, until, Friday morning, the head of the guy at the next desk rose like a balding half-moon above the glass.
  100. So that’s how I’d arrived at this tatty little so-called college on the second floor of a seedy building in mid-Johannesburg next to a balding man who looked at me in disbelief when I’d summarised in about five sentences the state of affairs now.

    Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

    Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

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bald denuded barefaced

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