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Forthright in a sentence

1. He is honest and forthright, can’t be bought.
2. It is also a testament to his forthright, eth-.
3. Sire, I'm always honest and forthright with my opinions.
4. Her forthright and open gaze just scared him that she was.
5. This forthright statement warranted a pause, both preoccupied.
6. Father Benson, in Plymouth, had been very clear, very forthright.
7. His abbot taught him to be a lot more forthright than that, Trooper.

8. At all times, the Canadian Forces have been open and forthright with the.
9. The Abnegation aren’t manipulative, but they aren’t forthright, either.
10. I tell you what, comrade, I shall be forthright with you due to our impending doom.
11. Sensing my questions, he broached the answering of them in a friendly and forthright.
12. Then again, he was forthright about everything else, so why should she be surprised?
13. They learn that you are most easily fooled by liars; if they remain honest and forthright.
14. But at the time of Saroja’s barasala, as you were forthright, I wanted to confess to you.
15. Shi Chen after listening to his forthright laughter, he felt respectful but at the same ashamed.
16. And just why is it that the honest and forthright use of language is considered inappropriate in.
17. Desa was a bright and forthright person, she didn't tiptoe around things and she didn't hold back.
18. Instead, in a forthright way that carried authority he said, Oh, by the way, when you’re climbing.
19. It was then, I think, that she decided that being forthright and honest with Marilyn was not a good idea.
20. Your arrival is warmly anticipated, gentlemen, he said, stepping up with forthright stride and hand extended.
21. Corpulent, sedate and cunning, Hassid could not have been more different from his lean impulsive and forthright son.
22. I shouldn’t be surprised that the leader of Candor is this forthright, but I wasn’t expecting a public announcement.
23. Reconciling the past in an (intellectually) honest… forthright manner… embracing… without bias or prejudice… or colored by.
24. Jane Martindale was more forthright about Gary David than usual, having the benefit of the stimulating effects of three glasses of Viognier.
25. The Americans approached it in the characteristic forthright manner of a nation with unlimited resources, wishing to gel it over as soon as possible.
26. Most of the time he used to wander alone, chatting to people, but his odd appearance and forthright ways seemed to annoy them and they tended to ignore like him.
27. She had not had an easy time of it and to her credit had turned out to be an intelligent, strong and forthright young woman with an outward appearance that belied her soft and gentle heart.
28. She found that he would give her anything she desired, answer any question she asked as long as she was forthright, and refuse her anything she attempted to gain by indirection, hints and feminine angling.
29. That was fortunate, for if she could have Indignation at being misunderstood mingled with Scarlett’s forlorn feeling of being out spoken she would have cried out truths couched in Gerald’s forthright words.
30. The most any society can reasonably hope for is the edifying moral and principle examples of honest and forthright individuals whose unimpeachable conduct might otherwise influence our own standards of behavior.
31. It was no slender stiletto, selected because of a jeweled hilt or gold guard, fitted only for dainty murder in milady's boudoir; it was a forthright poniard, a warrior's weapon, broad-bladed, fifteen inches in length, tapering to a diamond-sharp point.
32. Besides the admiring looks of the males around, and the eagerness of the females to befriend her, enlivened her mood, Roopa didn’t fail to discern the amorous glances of men who loitered around her, though the not so forthright appeared casual, camouflaging their craving.
33. Why? Why had the Necromancers taken my parents in the first place? What exactly was it they wanted? If they were as powerful as he is making them out to be, what could they possibly want with my dad? I'm hesitant at first, not knowing what to expect from him, but when I ask he is a little more forthright than he has been so far.
34. Where did the Greeks get their pantomime plays with masks, dirges, tragedies, and grotesque masks hiding the faces of the actors? From the Persian royalty and three hundred years of Persian politics and connivers hiding their faces behind go-betweens every time they dealt with the more honest, more forthright Greeks of their day.
35. As I touched sixty, I happened to meet a childhood mate and his attractive second wife, who was on the wrong side of forties; when she turned flirtatious to my excitement, to her delight, I made a few passes at her, but when I became a little forthright, she turned cranky and showed me in poor light to my friend, and that was that.

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blunt candid forthright frank outspoken plainspoken forthrightly squarely

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