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Basel in a sentence

1. Basel in EU).
2. Any connection to Basel Abboud in DC? I asked her.
3. In the front of the column of evil rode the Chief, Basel Ratford.
4. He lives in seclusion, you will have to go to Basel and track him down.
5. Basel Ratford, the old commander in chief of the Belmarsh boys, was dead.
6. The hit on their father, Basel Abboud, was a hell of a lot easier for Bree to comprehend.
7. As Sam Leighton had requested, the four set off for the airport, to fly in the Lear Jet to Basel, and find Stan Kendrick.

8. In the 1990s VaR became the universally recognized standard of risk measurement, and in 1999 it obtained the official international status set in the Basel Agreements.
9. Conciliarism (the theory that a pope is subject to a council), however had been affirmed at the synod as it would be anew at the Council of Basel (1431–1449) which in 1439 deposed Pope Eugene IV (r.
10. Sam had located a professor Stan Kendrick near Basel in Switzerland, he is a specialist in all the ologies relating to geology, volcanology, fault lines, tectonic plate movement, deep ocean drilling, fracking and many more.
11. To save time, James suggested a phone call to the local police or post office in Basel to locate Stan Kendrick; it was a good idea, because the police told Max that Stan had built a bungalow overlooking a magnificent lake, high up in the mountains.

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