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Bale in a sentence

I'm sure you can tote a bale.
I haven't opened the third bale yet.
He was here, sitting on the straw bale.
An old man sat beside her on a hay bale.
It stuck in his throat like a bale of cotton.
Emily was sitting on a bale of hay with her.
We'd better bale out, gal! Lifejackets are here.

One of you go get some bale wire outa the barn.
The rising sea forbade all attempts to bale out the boat.
Close off this area with a straw or hay bale, tire or plywood.
Uncle Hobart was sitting on a bale of hay with tears in his eyes.
Then Max tosses a 16 stone he-man into the truck like a straw bale.
Beside the platform, on the near side, was an up-ended bale of straw.
He sat on an old hay bale in the shade of the house, still sweating.
Emily growled and got onto a bale of hay to hoist herself onto the horse.
She agreed and sat down on a bale of hay, then watched the heku all put.
She cut the strings and pulled a few leaves from a new bale of alfalfa hay.
Emily threw a bridle on Patra, and then stepped on a bale of hay to slide.
She grabbed a bale of hay, moved it to the side of the barn, and stood on.
He climbed up on the hay bale from which Doc Conover had just stepped down.
She pulled back the arrow, aimed at the straw bale and released the tension.
They can even use holey and moth eaten clothing which they bale and send off as rags.
He was picking up the second rabbit when Casy came back with a snarl of bale wire in his hand.
She felt her neck wound pull painfully as she lifted the bale of hay and cursed when she felt the.
Sighing, Emily went back into the barn and loaded a bale of hay onto the back of the ATV and set out.
I grinned and said, I could always just buy a bale of straw and spread it out over top of a mattress.
He probably was on one of his dumb diets where he ate about a bale of hay a day to keep from being hungry.
A bale of Islamic Prayer Mats had been found, and many had inbuilt compasses to indicate the direction of Mecca.
They took the bale for that decade to a worktable deep in the center of the space that Ava had to light with her torch.
The Galaef, Ben, Frosty, Bale, and the lieutenant walked into the small building, where the Galaef had recently been a prisoner.
A half-used bale of straw stood against it -- no doubt clean bedding which, in the dry weather, had not been put back under cover.
In order that the unsold camels have food on the return journey, from time to time, they leave behind a bale of fodder as they travel.
Piers slipped off the bale, the flattened and reshaped bean cans covering his shoes and lower legs softly tapping as he picked his way across the field.
This machine was used to push paper and cardboard into a pit bailer where it was compressed and made into a bale weighing about fourteen hundred pounds.
The half-breeds had ascended also, and under Lord John's orders they had carried up a bale of provisions in case our first exploration should be a long one.
In his drunken state, he’d sat out here in the middle of the night on top of the bale, and had fallen asleep, putting himself and all his plans in danger.
So far as her "bale of hay" figure was concerned, she had pitied herself so much for her lack of friends that she took little interest in herself, physical y.
Seeing the destruction, the passengers of the remaining vehicle bale out and, keeping low, they attempt to escape under the cover of the smoke and confusion.
Over and upon this current benchmark we could gather out all the necessary `oats` to bale out a proper name that has to be respected out by everyone since the godfathers are going to be chosen and selected out from `us`.
Over and upon this current benchmark we could gather out all the necessary òats` to bale out a proper name that has to be respected out by everyone since the godfathers are going to be chosen and selected out from ùs`.
Now comes the Baling of the Case.
They continued baling in silence until the hole could be worked again.
Nostromo ceased baling, and, as if struck with a sudden thought, dropped the.
Bad writers say they were ‘canvas and baling wire,’ but that’s bullshit.
The car looked good, I did notice that there was some baling wire holding the trunk closed.
I used another length of baling wire to hook on to the gun from a position behind the cockpit, and got a mechanic to yank on it intermittently.
When external money is being raised through loans, rights issues and the like, it should be for expansion rather than baling out the current problems.
Now, the people of the Pequod had been baling some time in this way; several tubs had been filled with the fragrant sperm; when all at once a queer accident happened.
The petrol driven Sherman’s burned so easily to earn the nickname Tommy Cooker, and the unfortunate crews knew that more often than not, when the Sherman 'brewed up' they only had a fifty-fifty chance of baling out.
That whale of Stubb's, so dearly purchased, was duly brought to the Pequod's side, where all those cutting and hoisting operations previously detailed, were regularly gone through, even to the baling of the Heidelburgh Tun, or Case.
In the meantime, the passengers in their boredom held swimming contests, organized hunting expeditions, and returned with live iguanas that they split open from top to bottom and sewed up again with baling needles after removing the clusters of soft, translucent eggs that they strung over the railings to dry.
Two days were spent in baling out the muddy water from the well till it ran clean, and then they had an opening ceremony when Jean washed her own sarong and all the women crowded into the washhouse laughing, and the men stood round in a tolerant circle at a distance, wondering if they had been quite wise to allow anything that made the women laugh so much.
Nerissa sheared the sheep, washed and carded the wool, then baled it.
She helped with desperate and often media-worthy rescues, drove tractors, baled.
The longest rockets stood in ricks tied with string, or baled tightly on the shelves.
Mallei had sent Juniper to the market to procure an order of herbs and baled hay for me.
The insanity of advocating baled hay to shield an unarmoured transport from modern projectiles that had ignited the wood lining of Cervera's ironclads, is obvious.
The Secretary of War suggests that if the navy will not undertake to break through, take a transport, cover the pilot-house in most exposed points with baled hay, attach an anchor to a towline, and if possible grapple the torpedo cables, and call for volunteers from the army to run into the harbour, thus making a way for the navy.
He brought three bales out and split one.
There was a pitchfork piercing one of the bales.
Image of a row of baboons sitting on bales of hay.
I bet that was first used to load bales of hay.
She climbed up and found several bales of hay still.
And we cleared a fair crop this last fall, twenty bales.
And the big, lumpy bales standing, going to the compress.
The Helio had dropped bales of hay into one side of the cave and.
Andrea gazed around at the old bales of hay stacked up in the corner.
Samara moved in the shadows of the hay bales using them for cover as.
From the hay bales, he crept over to the grain bins and stood in the.
The faintest whiff of souring milk and bales of hay lingered in the air.
Merlin came back and carefully pulled in place more bales to cover the entry.
Bales, The Hub Of The Bible Or Acts Two Analyzed, 1960, church of Christ.
Presently my raft was brought in and the bales opened in his presence, and the.
He walked over to where the bales of hay were pushed together in a small cluster.
With the profits from another bountiful lemon crop and many bales of wool, Tragus.
One small band of Arapahoes in the Midwest set bales of hay on the highway and let.
I went against my religion by hiding in the leshin bales to share love with Tiytha.
BALES And the destruction of the whole Jewish economy was the fulfillment of the.
Bales: And the destruction of the whole Jewish economy was the fulfil ment of the.
Large bales of hay were spread about their pen; it was going to be a very cold night.
During winter, a person can stack bales of hay to provide additional cheap insulation.
Bales of hay in the corner make excellent additional seating and can contribute to the.
Master Jones instructed his overseers to whip every last bales worth of work out of his slaves.
There were lots of tree-trunk posts and between them, piles of tightly-strapped bales of paper.
These bales have very good value as insulation against the bitter winter winds of the open plains.
The wall openings below the timber headers are filled with straw bales that bear very little load.
Bales, The Hub Of The Bible Or Acts Two Analyzed, Lambert Book House, 1960, church of Christ.
For all the tenderness and concern with the cartons and bales and parceled property, everyone rushed.
BALES And the destruction of the whole Jewish economy was the fulfillment of the rest of it (Joel's.
Now John was effortlessly lifting the heavy bales of cloth while Dora counted them by notching a stick.
She was waiting for him inside the stables, standing by the yellow bales of hay in a gown as green as summer.
The hospitals overflowed and wounded lay on the floors of empty stores and upon cotton bales in the warehouses.
A flatbed teetering with bales of cotton cut them off, forcing the station chief to slam on the BMW’s brakes.
Vyinga was standing on the forward end of the bales right behind Konfar, feet braced wide on the slippery tarp.
They were mere workers, slaves, someone to carry the bales, clean the gwai lo’s mansions, pull their rickshaws.
Inside the gate a big rat ran across in nearest shed and went headlong between two bales of straw at the foot of a pile.
There was more cotton in the fields than she or Pork had estimated, probably four bales, and soon the cabins would be full.
I’m not well, said Peter Dyer, who had a cart for delivering the bales of woollen cloth he dyed yellow and green and pink.

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