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Billing in a sentence | billing example sentences

  1. It should be given top billing.
  2. They divert your billing statements to another.
  3. It is recommended that the billing process be shortened.
  4. News was top billing, trumping the entertainment networks.
  5. A bit behind with some of the billing, that’s about it.

  6. Forget getting paid, you're lucky I'm not billing you.
  7. Despite her prominent billing, Marilyn’s role was minor.
  8. North Carolina, a Unix company billing itself as Red Hat was.
  9. My problems were so fascinating that this time I’m billing you.
  10. The AMA was able to maintain its monopoly on billing codes which.
  11. March 2000, I was billing EB about $12,000 per month in addition to.
  12. Yet, I made it through the drilling, filling and billing as a child.
  13. All the main players, the entire star billing, were unavailable to comply.
  14. The central computer would receive billing and patient records from every.
  15. Collection agencies and credit issuers: Customer service helps with billing.

  16. Now you don’t have to make stops to the billing centers to pay your bills.
  17. Most of them did not even know how interest rates could affect their billing.
  18. Do partial payments as early as possible (as soon as you receive the billing).
  19. He could also contract with an accountant to do his billing, taxes, and payroll.
  20. The first step in doing a credit card payment is to understand your monthly billing.
  21. Mary Higgins handled all my scheduling and billing, while Melanie Jones was my nurse.
  22. To avoid having to pay interest, you have to pay within 25 days after your billing statement.
  23. The address is a nonexistent address for the postal code and city in the billing information.
  24. With the prepaid card you can use it once and throw it away and not worry about repeat billing.
  25. Glen says she had billing in New York before she moved here six months ago to start at the Piccolo.

  26. Congress leader Ahmed Patel says Modi would only sit at the billing counter of his uncle’s canteen.
  27. I don’t believe it affected the billing rate, meaning the consulting firm had to eat the difference.
  28. Billing itself as a ‘social’ club, with no political, national, or international ties to any other.
  29. Corn received first billing in kibble because it was relative cheap and there was a lot of it to be had.
  30. I arrived With a star billing, since in their view I was the one who had planned the attack on the regiment.
  31. In the movie, Jane Russell is first-billed and was paid $400,000 to Marilyn’s costar billing and $11,250.
  32. Consulting firms act as agents when they find you contracts and their reward is a continuous part of the billing.
  33. According to one freight bill, the Underworld’s billing address was DOA Recording Studios, West Hollywood, California.
  34. How accessible are they to Billing and General Service Questions? These things you must ask yourself before you join one.
  35. Being behind with the billing is par for the course, all that will produce is an email telling you to bring it up to date.
  36. But instead he was billing me at $150/hr (this was in 1977) and running up my bill without telling me that’s what he was doing.
  37. If a card has a reasonable grace period and you pay off your balance at the end of each billing cycle, you won't have to pay finance charges.
  38. In the worse case, if a consultant did not produce after a few weeks, he would be canned and the agency just refunded whatever billing they had received.
  39. Well, it does help, because it gives authority to the performance, and Shakespeare doesn’t need billing, and that way I’m not stealing his material.
  40. The company acquired a company, and the acquisition is not yet under control-collections do not have the same billing cycle or terms for sales, for example.
  41. This means that the company will only have one billing statement with details on the employees’ expenses instead of having various statements and invoices.
  42. Listen you, your life was a spin of the wheel, same as anyone, only you’ve got top billing, see? You were bound to the big tent by your own words, little man.
  43. He helped Pete hide the loss, slipping most of it on to other client ledgers until they had spread the dirt sufficient to wash it through the client billing process.
  44. If they have one hundred consultants working forty hours a week with this same split, that fills their bankroll with $2400, based on a conservative billing rate of $30.
  45. He also offers course in such fields as massage therapy, pressure point therapy, medical billing, fitness and weight training, Web design and numerous computer functions.
  46. Who on this earth would give up their chance of extending their star billing for as long as possible? And the weather girls and boys certainly stretched it out these days.
  47. As a group they "bah-humbugged" the accounting issue, rationalized Cwiertnia's resignation (change of life, wanted his own company), and dismissed growing receivables (new billing system).
  48. We had a stable workforce, competent management in the field, a good working relationship with all of the employees and a growing national business, accounting for 80 percent or more of our billing.
  49. He was accustomed to having all his thoughts sifted through his mother's mind; so, when he wanted companionship, and was asked in reply to be the billing and twittering lover, he hated his betrothed.
  50. As Young as You Feel found her back at 20th Century-Fox, and despite her sixth-place billing and her prominent display on the posters and lobby cards, she had but two brief scenes as Harriet, a secretary.
  51. Extraordinary as it seemed, up to this point he had found it quite impossible to indulge with her in that form of more or less illustrated dialogue known to Symford youths and maidens as billing and cooing.
  52. In one instance when someone informed me of the billing rate that this consulting firm charged for their services, I could not believe that any person would shell out that much money for this inferior software.
  53. Mounting criticism from the Opposition Party as well as pressure from within his own party have forced the prime minister to consent to a formal investigation into what some are billing political corruption and spying.
  54. States should revise their Medicaid payment policies to allow for billing for behavioral health and primary care services provided on the same day to remove barriers to care and facilitate behavioral health integration.
  55. The domain registrar maintains records that identify the owner of each second-level domain and specify three contacts within the registrant’s organization—an administrative contact, a billing contact, and a technical contact.
  56. A massive blaze in Mt Eden, where an entire block of professional rooms was razed to the ground, took second billing to historic footage of the Clegg Empire, depicting each brother at various functions throughout their illustrious careers.
  57. I really think that Medicare should be reduced some amount for fraud, with the simple installation of fraud detection, and an additional 20% for reductions in hospital and doctor charges for overdoing tests and follow-up visits and over billing.
  58. One God still competed with another for top billing, His fans of one stripe knocking off those of the other while Pope prayed for peace (w/ Catholics still bombing Protestants and Moslems) and Ayatollah prayed for Jihad (Death to all infidels!).
  59. From there I applied for full-time positions and worked 20 years for the Department of Transportation, selling Hauling Permits to truckers or trucking companies, billing companies for Outdoor Advertising, and later I paid the bills to State Contractors.
  60. Despite the loss of the vast majority of our national business (when buys were made in Scranton, they used to overflow into our New York markets), operating profit in 1985 increased from $587,000, as I said, (when we had the billing from Scranton) to $603,000.
  61. In the parlourmaid's untrained phraseology there had been a good deal of billing and cooing during luncheon, and even in the hall before luncheon there were examples of it, but what she found going on in the library was enough to make anybody stop dead and upset things,--it was such, she said afterwards in the kitchen, that if she didn't know for a fact that they were really married she wouldn't have believed it.
  62. Most of the time you will be registered for recurring billing for a monthly service,.
  1. Then he billed GEICO, my insurer.
  2. It was billed, primarily, as ‘desert.
  3. Prince billed his class America’s Histories.
  4. You will also be billed for a charge-back fee.
  5. Very fain would Robin have billed and have cooed.
  6. It was billed as the ‘mother of all battles’.
  7. Diagonal spreads are often billed as free trades.
  8. The party had been billed as a warm-up for the prom.
  9. To obtain a report containing the gross amounts billed.
  10. They were controlled by an app and billed to your telecom.
  11. At that time Kincaid billed a little over a million dollars.
  12. It was 11:00 and she had not billed a single minute, nor would she.
  13. I dialed Saddie’s number and had the call billed to my business phone.
  14. As I write this, I have yet to have the third month’s ad run or billed.
  15. I considered this a fair trade but they billed my insurance company anyway.
  16. The account is billed to a credit card under the same name, Derek added.
  17. The rally had been billed as Modi’s grand arrival into ‘enemy’ territory.
  18. I was connected to one of the sex lines and told that I’d be billed at a rate of $2.
  19. Billed as a "coming out party" for the Linux software community, the convention also stands out.
  20. There could be a realistic cost placed on each system, and taxpayers would be billed more honestly.
  21. It was easy to alter records when no prescriptions were filled and no insurance companies were billed.
  22. These good fats are often replaced by the bad fats (polyunsaturated) and billed as healthy for us.
  23. As each spot is performed and verified, it is recorded and billed to the client at a contracted sales price.
  24. This would be similar to when you billed the company directly and you would still be liable for taxes and so forth.
  25. That she had even agreed to go to what was billed as the biggest and wildest party of the year was a big enough step for her.
  26. Billed as the successor to the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4 was officially announced at a press conference on February 20, 2013.
  27. Because the wreck occurred before 10/1, I was not covered by MT BC/BS although the chiropractor’s office had initially billed them.
  28. Have you ever heard of Buffalo Bill? Well, he had a show featuring Annie Oakley, she was billed as the best sharp shooter in the world.
  29. Billed as "The first Japanese noodle western!" this highly regarded film is a quirky comedy about the search for the perfect noodle recipe.
  30. Where did the concept of a combined tab come from? Is it a green effort to save paper? I want to be billed for the items I order and consume.
  31. We were billed as Elvis Costello and His Confederates, among them, James Burton and Jerry Scheff, who had actually played with Elvis Presley.
  32. The three men wore police Windbreakers and billed caps, which gave him pause, but then he caught a look at the identical latex masks they were all wearing.
  33. Billed as a paperless account, there are no personal checks to use—you issue checks electronically through your account or transfer money outbound.
  34. He was billed as an specialist in citizen involvement, and was flanked by a mechanical engineer from Amsterdam and a geomorphology consultant from Colorado.
  35. After pancakes, served by his charming and obviously not so innocent wife, we drove to the concert hall where he was billed for the first half of the programme.
  36. If, in ransacking history, they are lucky enough to discover a courtesan who can be billed as a king’s favorite, they appear to smack their lips exultantly.
  37. Check your battery power to make sure it has been completely billed, clean terminals, and add water if necessary and make sure your charging application is operating.
  38. The Turbographx 16 was billed as the first 16-bit system but the central processor was an 8-bit HuC6280, with only its HuC6260 graphics processor being a true 16-bit chip.
  39. We passed bars that billed themselves as Old West saloons and shops that had cowboy hats and framed paintings of men astride bucking broncos displayed in their front windows.
  40. A small shop, a few happy lawyers, fifty hours a week, an impressive salary with all the usual goodies? In 2007, her last full year at Scully, she had billed three thousand hours.
  41. The reason it had not sold was that it had been billed as a family home and any woman seeing the house in such condition had probably walked away then and there with her husband in tow.
  42. A lady died, and a bank – reputedly, Citibank – billed her for February and March for their annual service charges on her credit card, and added late fees and interest on the monthly charge.
  43. I had also questioned the legality of the University’s allocating approximately 80% of the cost of its two libraries to PSL which, in turn, billed 100% of those amounts to its government customers.
  44. First, I detected that Ned Marandino had had the incredible chutzpah to have $40k worth of repairs to his yacht done on the clock by Ingalls workers and billed to one of Rickover/Schroeder’s contracts.
  45. Similarly, in case of a single product entry, one can consider the extent to which discount is permitted by using the Data Analysis Toolpak to find the correlation between quantity and the billed amounts.
  46. For many of them, that’s physical inventory but even others that are selling a service have some inventory in the form of work in progress not already billed in the case of an accounting business for instance.
  47. Billed as the successor to the Wii, it was mentioned in statement released by Nintendo on April 25, 2011, that the company was planning to reveal it during E3 2011 and that playable console units would be present as well.
  48. Hey, is it being billed as a drama, or a comedy, or maybe even a horror story? Or perhaps a bit of all of the previous, rolled into one super full-length movie that will surely have sequels to be made in the years ahead?
  49. At the top of the escalators they wound their way into the maze of Ocean Centre, the confusing addition to the massive Ocean Terminal which was billed as the largest single shopping complex in Asia when it opened twenty years before.
  50. At one point, there were 605,000 options outstanding at an option price of $34; for every $1 in stock appreciation, the shareholders were billed for $605,000 in additional payment to their executives in a hit to the next quarter's earnings.
  51. Mike Stevenson’s real reason for bringing a lawyer in at pay and perks far higher than specified in Maria’s ad, and equal to hers, was that he did not want to be billed by Corporate on International Way for using the services of the other Walt, a lawyer from Tempe, who was fired one month prior to me.
  52. Would you like to reflect with me on what follows, thinking about how your biography might be projected on the big screen? Would it be billed as a drama, or a comedy, or maybe even a horror story? Or perhaps a bit of all of the previous, rolled into one super full-length movie that will surely have sequels to be made in the years ahead?
  1. Bills had to be paid.
  2. I pay my own bills.
  3. There are bills to pay.
  4. She paid the bills on.
  5. I paid half the bills now.
  6. He needs to pay the bills.
  7. Dad usually pays the bills.
  8. He looked up from the bills.
  9. My bills were being paid and.
  10. I handed him one of the bills.
  11. A hundred bills in every brick.
  13. He began to count out the bills.
  14. His doctor bills are very high.
  15. The bills are stacked up high;.
  16. Treasury bills and earn only 3.
  17. It keeps their water bills low.
  18. Paying the bills and expenses i.
  19. The bills I have paid the limit.
  20. Small bills, we tipped normally.
  21. But Ralph always paid his bills.
  22. Each company bills the other at.
  23. Neither one is paying any bills.
  24. Eliminate bills of the decedent.
  25. The man inquired about the bills.
  26. I thought about Dad and the bills.
  27. The bills have been sent to me.
  28. I can’t afford to pay the bills.
  29. Steve handed the cabby three bills.
  30. Bills from the Senate were waiting.
  31. Your dollar bills are depreciating.
  32. His bills were reasonable and fair.
  33. Fifty million million dollar bills.
  34. A hush was on the fields and bills.
  35. That group passed twenty-four bills.
  36. A few bills lay on the kitchen table.
  37. All cash, no bills over a twenty.
  38. They both always have huge vet bills.
  39. That only contained a few small bills.
  40. The bills ejected quickly but smoothly.
  41. Mortality, observations on bills of, J.
  42. Beats those bills that Congress makes.
  43. In the case of documentary bills, the.
  44. Paying the repair bills was killing me.
  46. Neither one of them had any small bills.
  47. New conversance with tradesmen's bills.
  48. The Payment of Bills and Other Expenses.
  49. The bills amounted to only $400 or $500.
  50. Was this one of Keller’s Bills?
  51. My wife was sick and the medical bills.
  52. Accumulating things by using their bills.
  53. Lheureux refused to renew any more bills.
  54. He riffled the bills and whistled softly.
  55. None of the bills were marked or crispy.
  56. Still, they needed cash to pay the bills.
  57. Hiss studied Locke then he eyed the bills.
  58. I handed Bob the wad of bills in my pocket.
  59. I prayed it was bills to pay or some such.
  60. Shorty wrapped up, pulling a roll of bills.
  62. Pastor Schubert put the bills in his desk.
  63. Hundreds, fifties, and twenty-dollar bills.
  64. The numbers on paper bills: are pin numbers.
  65. That was more than enough to pay the bills.
  66. None of the bills are marked, and neither.
  67. Soon after, he was unable to pay his bills.
  68. Body in pain and out of reach bills, those?
  69. That’s not all; the bills weren’t fresh.
  70. The envelopes at home usually contain bills.
  71. PushtheSystem Protest debt, quit paying bills.
  72. Nigel settled both bills then turned to leave.
  73. We were a quite late getting to Crabby Bills.
  74. Me, I’m just doin’ this to pay the bills.
  75. We had been told that our bills would be paid.
  76. Many of our monthly bills are forms of credit.
  77. He placed three fifty-dollar bills on the bar.
  78. Have all of your bills automatically withdrawn.
  79. Under this plan, you handle bills and payments.
  80. I have bills to pay, I can recall thinking in.
  81. It was heavy with silver and with greasy bills.
  82. Only one thing bothered her; the medical bills.
  83. Here are the copies of the credit card bills.
  84. Note the days you paid your bills on the bills.
  85. And he wonders why his grocery bills are so high.
  86. Keep a few bills handy in case we need to bribe.
  87. Dao counted the 100-dollar bills, there was $2600.
  88. They mix up shit all the time in different bills.
  89. They plowed through the rest of her unpaid bills.
  90. Theo took out his wallet and emptied it of bills.
  91. The deaths of the children and all of the bills.
  92. I saw a flash of bundled one-hundred-dollar bills.
  93. Paying all the bills / looking after the finances.
  94. All need to brush their teeth and pay their bills.
  95. I folded the bills and coins and put them in a bag.
  96. He pulled some fresh bills out of his pocket and.
  97. When you need to pay your bills, do it now before.
  99. She renewed the bills, and thus it was continually.
  100. Here, take 5 twenty dollar bills and keep them in.

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1. Can I have the bill?
2. And it fits the bill!.
3. I have Bill and Rex.
4. And now Bill was dead.
5. Bill hit the key again.
6. He called for the bill.
7. Bill walked up to him.
8. Over? Bill was in agony.
9. Bill kicked in the door.
10. He turned the bill over.
11. In fact, Bill had not.
12. Bill pointed at the map.
13. Then Bill HE come out.
14. The total bill is $150.
15. Bill sat in the middle.
16. He saw Bill and Terri.
17. May I call you Bill? Mr.
18. I kept my gaze on Bill.
19. I looked at the Visa bill.
20. Bill of Material for Assy.
21. They were talking to Bill.
22. Bill was a man with class.
23. We followed Bill to the.
24. Bill: My answer is ―No.
25. The possums eat the bill.
26. Bill smiled at his friend.
27. It was because Bill had.
28. Bill looked at his watch.
29. Why? Get Bill to call.
30. Bill that I wanted a car.
31. He slipped a bill to the.
32. Locke turned the bill over.
33. Bill Bentley, one of the.
34. Bill ran the tape on the.
35. Bill has no luxuries here.
36. Terri, or her husband Bill.
37. I told Bill what happened.
38. Bill was such a sweet man.
39. Bill, That was a promise.
40. Bill tore off his ear piece.
41. The eye on the dollar bill.
42. Bill wanted to kill Turner.
43. Bill is taking us on a boat.
44. Thank you for that, Bill.
45. I see that, Bill said.
46. Amends, is the word Bill W.
47. He paid the bill with cash.
48. You’re one of them, Bill.
49. In case a bill, say for Rs.
50. What do you mean Bill?
51. Helmut reached for the bill.
52. I held my hand out to Bill.
53. Reduce your cable bill, too.
55. Thank you Bill and Hilary!.
56. Bill thought about it more.
57. I looked at Bermondsey Bill.
58. The bill of his cap banged.
59. I know that, said Bill.
60. Bill! Bill would help her!.
61. I wonder how Bill is today.
62. By now, Bill had joined them.
63. Go on, Bill, said Mark.
64. Bill had planned it that way.
65. Bill lent forward and smiled.
66. At the Table: Bill of Share.
67. I recall saying to Bill at.
68. You shall have the Bill, Mr.
69. How is that? Bill said.
70. Lisa took the bill, opened.
71. You take this position, Bill.
72. The bill having been read—.
73. Why is that? asked Bill.
74. The other was killed by Bill.
75. Now how about Pawnee Bill?
76. Who are they? Bill said.
77. Bill calls his system, IMPACT.
78. The bill was twice read; and.
79. Bill was just typing them up.
80. Because I paid a bill late.
81. Bill knew he had made headway.
82. Bill Gates and his new wife:.
83. Bill, the postie, knows! He.
84. I'll settle the bill then.
85. We had Bill a few weeks later.
86. Now stop that, Bill said.
87. Can’t it wait? Bill said.
88. Bill looked down and back now.
89. Bill Clayton took up the story.
90. Well, hold on, Bill said.
91. Eke had talked Bill into this.
92. He decided to call Bill first.
93. My bill was ridiculously high.
94. You can just send me a bill.
95. Bill looked even more confused.
96. Hey Eke, Bill said his.
97. Bill of Rights in this country.
98. Bill Endicott drew a small map.
99. Bill had been convinced since.
100. Bill Gates recently got married.

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