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Charge in a sentence | charge example sentences

  1. I will be in charge.
  2. He was in charge of.
  3. No need for a charge.
  4. I'm in charge of the.
  5. Hyde is now in charge.

  6. He had charge of all.
  7. Now she was in charge.
  8. You will be in charge.
  9. Seemed to be in charge.
  10. I was in charge of.
  11. In Charge of Your Life.
  12. Well he is in charge.
  13. With the Ibo in charge.
  14. At no charge, of course.
  15. All the ships charge up.

  16. He is in charge for now.
  17. I returned to my charge.
  18. You have to be in charge.
  19. This is the final charge.
  20. Now it was time to charge.
  21. It was a glorious charge.
  22. You need to be in charge.
  23. I’m in charge of Mr.
  24. So who’s in charge of.
  25. Into a positive BE charge.

  26. He seemed to be in charge.
  27. The mortals are my charge.
  28. Talley in charge of Jamie.
  29. Mostly there is no charge.
  30. I have taken charge of an.
  31. Nathan Reeve was in charge.
  32. It means evil is in charge.
  33. Your charge will then have.
  34. The East-mark is my charge.
  35. The corporal in charge of.
  36. Look who’s in charge now.
  37. I'm the one in charge here.
  38. He then took charge himself.
  39. She was in charge of their.
  40. Susan is in charge of the.
  41. Stewart in charge once more.
  42. They are in charge also of.
  43. You should charge a premium.
  44. Seeing as agents charge no.
  45. Gladys was clearly in charge.
  46. Grealish, the CSI in charge.
  47. He is the in Charge of life.
  48. Put me in charge of the Maps.
  49. I am still in charge today.
  50. The police could charge her.
  51. Special Agent in Charge Max.
  52. Adam, being the one in charge.
  53. I rather charge into the.
  54. They charge extry out here.
  55. It was a police charge sheet.
  56. There is no one in charge.
  57. The charge was later dropped.
  58. We thought we were in charge.
  59. Sairy, in charge of the tavern.
  60. Sayga nea was still in charge.
  61. You were on top and in charge.
  62. Do you accept the charge?
  63. You’ll be in overall charge.
  64. Hans, I will be in charge of.
  65. You will still be in charge.
  66. Emanuel was in charge of the.
  67. That means money is in charge.
  68. Maddy, you’re in charge of.
  69. You’re in charge of his case.
  70. If you charge more, it is not.
  71. This left me in charge of the.
  72. You charge four pence a day.
  73. My master placed me in charge.
  74. Pierce was in charge of the Mr.
  75. Fitzpatrick had charge of that.
  76. I'm putting you in charge, Dr.
  77. I was glad Brady was in charge.
  78. I could charge them any amount.
  79. She‘s in charge of the girls.
  80. The Sgt who was in charge said.
  81. Charge them to ten atmospheres.
  82. I’ll be in charge of this.
  83. He was glad Jarek was in charge.
  84. Horse second in charge can run.
  85. The officer in charge took him.
  86. The charge will appear on your.
  87. Evil would be in charge for once.
  88. It was up to Will to say charge.
  89. She liked being in charge again.
  90. The charge in and of itself is.
  91. She was outflanked by her charge.
  92. We’ll take charge of the scene.
  93. Who would be in charge of that?
  94. I should be in charge of nothing.
  95. Thor, what is the charge?
  96. He was in charge of my protocols.
  97. When did she last charge it?
  98. I could see he was taking charge.
  99. Darkness will charge the carrier.
  100. I charge you, take care of Fanny.
  1. Noah is charging too soon.
  2. While it was charging, he.
  3. He came charging at Sidney.
  4. The Tiger came charging at me.
  5. But instead of charging me, it.
  6. I run to my phone that's charging.
  7. He was charging straight at Shiva.
  8. Belladonna was charging towards her.
  9. If you are charging much more than.
  10. The horse also has a charging nature.
  11. He took them back without charging me.
  12. The damn thing came charging after us.
  13. What are you charging them with?
  14. They were charging up the spiral by now.
  15. I dove back as I spotted the charging.
  16. Charging into the robber at hypersonic.
  17. Helpless, the pulses charging the ring.
  18. We’re not charging you anything to.
  19. Instead of money, Stallman was charging.
  20. The goblin was charging when she looked back.
  21. Trolos was one of them and he came charging.
  22. Jansen hollers, charging out of his seat again.
  23. You must be charging me for that van out there.
  24. How much time had he spent charging around The.
  25. He went charging in there, she and Elond followed.
  26. Burn insisted on charging the capacitors in flight.
  27. I’m not charging you for the feel, she said.
  28. He said he doubted charging it would do much good.
  29. Charging at that Freeloaver, and then the horrors.
  30. A Cyries came charging with its gun spraying wildly.
  31. Charging Hagan again, she flattened him to the ground.
  32. Pussy! Skinny yelled, charging back towards John.
  33. Truth hit the room, charging the atmosphere with belief.
  34. Failures were charging at the Fife from every direction.
  35. What the hell? mumbled Mason, charging after them.
  36. What else could I do? You were charging right at me.
  37. They no sooner hit the floor than they started charging.
  38. The charging knights had not checked their headlong pace.
  39. Everywhere they looked there were charging Thunderheads.
  40. The double doors opened and more police came charging in.
  41. I deflected it off the edge of my blade and kept charging.
  42. Donovan saw the other soldiers charging toward him, but he.
  43. All I had to do was pull back the charging handle and load.
  44. Before anyone could ask Hanim came charging in on a greshku.
  45. I'm charging for this! the taxi driver beeps his horn.
  46. The man, stumbling, reeled toward Emory like a charging bull.
  47. Now Bomani is charging his offensive weapons and so is Noah.
  48. That’s why the People are charging Junie Moon with murder.
  49. About ten men with shovels came charging over the embankment.
  50. Regency even cut the price that Tim had been charging Mars.
  51. Suddenly, Ruth came charging over a small incline toward them.
  52. She believed you would find her, come charging to her rescue.
  53. They were charging into the clearing fast, aiming their guns.
  54. Lhasa, when the state oracle came charging out of the Jokhang.
  55. City last week by a group of Buddhists charging him with―of.
  56. The Minotaur came charging in from the left with Ben and Denis.
  57. Amaranthe studied the scant offerings of the charging platform.
  58. He held a knife in his hand and raised it, charging at the wolf.
  59. Yet the charging shape of nightmare in front of him could do it.
  60. All of these questions and more were charging through his mind.
  61. Slamming the doors shut they whirled to meet the charging enemy.
  62. Leaving such to the States they melt, they depart, charging the.
  63. All I had to do was pull back the charging handle and load.
  64. She looked straight at the charging youths and yelled at the top.
  65. Instead, he ended up with an enraged face-eater charging him down.
  66. Tylin came charging with swords and chopped into Onn’s shoulder.
  67. Louie pushed past the congregants in his row, charging for the exit.
  68. He was stoned by the fanatic Jews after charging him with blasphemy.
  69. It took me a second to realize that it was charging in my direction.
  70. For a long moment, Eric stared at the goblin warrior charging at him.
  71. Also, have a look at your competition and see what they are charging.
  72. Three coppers! One iron would be more than enough if I was charging.
  73. Lastly he checked the batteries, which he’d left charging over-night.
  74. They tried to organize themselves in front of the town before charging.
  75. I grabbed my guns opening fire on all the men that came charging at me.
  76. They looked up and saw an apparition with waving arms charging at them.
  77. And this was what we did in the face of a wild horde of charging madmen.
  78. And that's what they're charging me with; arson and bloody manslaughter.
  79. The woman had the temper of a charging bull, and that was on a good day.
  80. Dad! I yell, charging in, ignoring the officers telling me to wait.
  81. Johnny with a group came charging in from the upper left side of the hill.
  82. His eyes were wild with battle-lust and he breathed like a charging bull.
  83. Why he would lead his men into battle charging up hills to kill his enemy.
  84. Now only a few strides separated the charging foes and the motionless Liam.
  85. Blossom came charging towards them, teeth bared and eyes ablaze with fury.
  86. Charging charms and amulets is best done during a relevant planetary hour.
  87. I am charging the BlackBerry, so I haven’t had it with me all afternoon.
  88. Whoa! Joey shouted as he rolled out the way of a charging mynamather.
  89. Charging in like one of the Prince’s in one of my favorite fairy tales¼.
  90. We’ve heard horror stories of firms charging $200 to $300 per round turn.
  91. He is still staying here, I presume? You should start charging him rent.
  92. Before starting charging operation, the blasting officer and the technical.
  93. The explosive in the explosive van shall be checked at site of charging by.
  94. The charging crew watches as Cass briefly stops and tells the Cap something.
  95. Meanwhile Amin continued with his dramatic performance, charging ever faster.
  96. Non-acceptance, without sufficient cause, of coins tendered and for charging.
  97. We were an hour giving power to an elf who was charging Translocation Plates.
  98. The charging port is in the nose, and the cable isn’t long enough to reach.
  99. Meanwhile the policeman charging me with fighting was describing the colonel.
  100. The ground trembled now with the charging feet of a hundred hell-bent enemies.
  1. He charged like a bul.
  2. Wei Lee charged out of.
  3. But I was never charged.
  4. He had charged the Tesla.
  5. They charged at the sand.
  6. It is the negative charged.
  7. I was charged with assault.
  8. He charged at Uttanka again.
  9. And the cats charged again.
  10. The Tesla was being charged.
  11. The guard charged toward me.
  12. She charged down toward him.
  13. A burly teen charged me at.
  14. A daily fee will be charged.
  15. Andrew charged at the oddity.
  16. Then the three of us charged.
  17. The Denizens of Chaos charged.
  18. Your elders wont be charged.
  19. The air was charged and heavy.
  20. Balling his fist, he charged.
  21. What am I charged with, and.
  22. Eleven SWAT members charged Dr.
  23. I answered that I charged my.
  24. He was charged with the crime.
  25. They charged across the stream.
  26. An individual charged with a.
  27. They charged and charged again.
  28. We have charged Rocky James.
  29. He knew, he charged it himself.
  30. Mack and the boys were charged.
  31. Maldynado charged the next time.
  32. The wolf charged blindly at her.
  33. Egyptians charged into the sea.
  34. The other boys also charged in.
  35. The instant it hit, he charged.
  36. The hair on my neck was charged.
  37. Owen charged forward to greet.
  38. I should have charged admission.
  39. The one charged with destroying.
  40. And your valves are charged to.
  41. He lifted his spear and charged.
  42. I’m also guilty as charged.
  43. I lowered a shoulder and charged.
  44. The pack of dogs charged at them.
  45. He charged at Kwai, but the red.
  46. Gowr roared with rage and charged.
  47. The sailor and his crew charged.
  48. He should have been charged but.
  49. I should be charged with assault.
  50. This Mastiff charged me as soon.
  51. The bot-roids charged towards him.
  52. Oh, I’ll try, she charged.
  53. She never charged for the service.
  54. Then I charged out of the office.
  55. Thalia charged the second skeleton.
  56. So it bared its fangs and charged.
  57. The POWs charged outside, yelling.
  58. With a yell, Bob charged at Johnny.
  59. Phaser banks are fully charged.
  60. This time they charged with spears.
  61. She could see how charged up he was.
  62. No one was charged with his murder.
  63. The security charged to the banks.
  64. She was charged specifically with.
  65. But I never expected to be charged.
  66. The ground shook: two charged past.
  67. Bucca charged towards the boy; he.
  68. They never charged me with anything.
  69. Then Uttanka turned and charged as.
  70. With a burst of strength Ra charged.
  71. Bastard lowered his head and charged.
  72. Enzymes are positively charged ions.
  73. He was charged with a double murder.
  74. Now it leapt to its feet and charged.
  75. Guilty as charged, what of it?
  76. The air was charged with expectation.
  77. Then suddenly, Cal charged, head down.
  78. The price the girls charged was low.
  79. They have charged you with treachery.
  80. I shook off my daze and charged again.
  81. Charged then, with the blest curse of.
  82. Lov charged in, swinging his ax wildly.
  83. Below, the privates and Reno charged.
  84. I could be charged with stealing them.
  85. I didn’t realize no one was charged.
  86. He thought he was to be charged with.
  87. It’s charged place, cold and austere.
  88. Vivisection is very emotionally charged.
  89. The solar cells charged up cells that.
  90. Son was charged a tax at the gate and.
  91. Sicarius charged across the ring again.
  92. James Moran (D-Va) whose wife charged.
  93. I was charged with murder, Rochelle.
  94. There was a charged vitality about her.
  95. Lov roared as he charged into the room.
  96. She charged at the monster's left foot.
  97. Jackson's letter, which charged that Mr.
  98. A few guys shouted but she charged thru.
  99. Some kind of monster charged out at them.
  100. And pray what am I charged with?
  1. Got run up on charges.
  2. One of my charges, Roy W.
  3. So she charges the mound.
  4. I thought about the charges.
  5. Bernice charges to the box.
  6. Young guilty of all charges.
  7. You have to press charges.
  8. She stands up and charges him.
  9. Yes, I want to press charges.
  10. Taxa smiles and charges again.
  11. Tell me what your charges are.
  12. Plant the charges, as planned.
  13. I don't understand the charges.
  14. Thanks for not pressing charges.
  15. Next, the charges would be read.
  16. These are very serious charges.
  17. In fact, none of the charges you.
  18. At last the main charges were laid.
  19. There are still the other charges.
  20. I'll see you brought up on charges.
  21. She dropped the charges, Lindsay.
  22. These charges are true and serious.
  23. He is not going to press charges.
  24. He read the charges aloud, of the.
  25. He is aware of the charges and the.
  27. More than enough to justify charges.
  28. He was found innocent of all charges.
  29. Depletion Charges of Mining Companies.
  30. Okay, continue setting the charges.
  31. Hell never press charges against me.
  32. The embezzlement charges were dropped.
  33. There were a lot of charges against me.
  34. Your Store charges their credit card.
  35. Truly he feared charges of harassment.
  36. They brought him up on murder charges.
  37. Bartholemew is not pressing charges.
  38. I said I’d get the charges dropped.
  39. Marie stayed trafficking charges this.
  40. Fee and Other Income - Service Charges.
  41. Then the doctors’ charges, which we.
  42. Sciences who CHARGES ONLY FOR RESULTS:.
  43. Honey, the charges aren’t gonna stick.
  44. On what charges? asked the Russian.
  45. My charges will be waking momentarily.
  46. They spread out and began laying charges.
  47. And I don't want to reverse the charges.
  48. Mark-downs to Reduce Depreciation Charges.
  49. The penalty charges would eat them alive.
  50. It might be possible to beat the charges.
  51. Of these charges her children acquit her.
  52. But, notwithstanding this, he charges Mr.
  53. Nasty charges were hurled left and right.
  54. He did indeed know about her charges then.
  55. Therefore I plead innocent to the charges.
  56. All those charges and my criminal record.
  57. The gist of it was; the charges went away.
  58. She gets more assault charges against her.
  59. The charges are real, even if not optimal.
  60. He told me in confidence about the charges.
  61. In addition to facing felony drug charges.
  62. If charges were placed on that card, your.
  63. Is the woman going to press charges?
  64. Of course Mister Wong was pressing charges.
  65. It is understood more charges could follow.
  66. KELLY: Of course she wants to press charges.
  67. So what were the charges? Puller said.
  68. There are some very serious charges that Mr.
  69. Avoid buying gifts that have monthly charges.
  70. But wicked men bring charges against wisdom.
  71. A frequent area of abuse is deferred charges.
  72. She shrieks as he charges through the crowd.
  73. Booker left and Sheena turned to her charges.
  74. There were no charges to justify those acts.
  75. After that, I will read the formal charges.
  76. Criminal and civil charges, the whole works.
  77. Lucy accepted the charges, and then handed.
  78. Why did he drop the charges against her?
  79. Do you understand the charges against you?
  80. If the State charges you, and Doug Green.
  81. I’m pressing charges, he said to Rick.
  82. I move that the charges be dropped, Mrs.
  83. There should be no detention without charges.
  84. But Carl knew nothing of cavalry and charges.
  85. Certainly; but you will find terrible charges.
  86. He admitted his guilt to all charges without.
  87. Nautilus's spur before it charges that ship?
  88. Lucy answered and again accepted the charges.
  89. The charges against the Angel children and Ms.
  90. The first adjustment concerns special charges.
  91. She charges Scorch and they both fight with Ms.
  92. Century charges him, grabbing Kats by the shirt.
  93. Would you like to refute these charges?
  94. Knights over the jurisdiction of heresy charges.
  95. There were a lot of charges against me.
  96. That’s why I have decided to drop the charges.
  97. The charges were filed and a trial date was set.
  98. Atoms and their energies are electrical charges.
  99. A superior may be vulnerable to greater charges.
  100. That’s fine, but be aware that these charges.

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